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Just... UGH!

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I'm pretty sure this stamp speaks for itself. 
This is also applying to ALL fandoms, including the very small ones. 

Now, I may hate certain ships myself, but I won't attack anyone who likes them. To counter that, I won't yell at someone for not liking a ship I like (unless they're being jerks about it).

There is no reason to get into shipping wars.

I can understand if someone is shipping real people (unless they're joking), but when it comes to ships with fictional characters? NO. People can ship any fictional ship that they want (yes EVEN the problematic ones).  

Stamp is free to use. Just leave a comment or fave (or both).
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DestinyLovesShivaHobbyist Digital Artist

I left the Sonic fandom because it was full of toxic fans and ship wars!

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My feelings exactly. x/
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zoethekitty1906Hobbyist Digital Artist
The ojamajo doremi fandom is full of shipping wars too. like, akadore fans and kotadore fans fight over witch boy deverves doremi. and the flat 4 x ojamajos from sharp shippers are annoying with their ships. doesent hazuki already have a boyfriend? then why are ppl shipping fujio x hazuki then??
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I agree, fighting over shipping is not okay.
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tell that to the sonic fandom
or the crash Fandom 
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LadyClassicalHobbyist Digital Artist
Tread carefully in the HP fandom. That is all...
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Bonbon-Bunny-x3Hobbyist General Artist
Ugh yes. I agree so much. I remember someone attacking my friend just because the attacker didn't like that my friend didn't like my ship. It's just, ugh. Too much drama. Too much cyber-bulling. Just too much.

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MayandKirbyHobbyist General Artist


(The subject Ash Ketchem.)

Shipping Wars cause nothing but trouble.

I'm with ya Sonic. 100%

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TomboyJessie13Hobbyist General Artist
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BankPapperHobbyist Digital Artist
and I agree 
I'm in the CH fandom, and I HATE the ww2 ships that shit out of it
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RoragosArtsProfessional Artist
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Kleiner-JayProfessional Artist
if there's one thing i hate more than shipping wars, it's loudcest.
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StarEhBoyGalaxyHobbyist General Artist
I consider it annoying when people are saying "____ is the BEST Ship!" "NO!! ____ IS the BEST Ship!!" and quarrel about which ship is the best....I agree with your opinion

EDIT:I don't ship that much
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toybunny333Student General Artist
shpping wars = drama/cyberbullying 

deviantart is had soo many any fictional characters anti-stamps 
yes i can agreed with pedophilia and incest but the rest is not ok because they are fictional characters because in every shipping war had users like some prefer canons than fanons,they re homophobes/lesbophobes or simply say " this ships is e
better than "x" ship"

i can ship whatever want and people can but 
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HeccerinoHobbyist General Artist
Exactly. With ships, I'm just like "Hey, I ship this. And I respect your ship, But I don't ship it."
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SmolBeanUwUHobbyist Digital Artist
Some person said “nOOOoo miMikyu x PIkAchu is betteR!11!!1” even though the video was made in 2012 and mimikyu was released in 2016 :/
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stoned-ocean-420Student Digital Artist this...l o s s ? ?
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KissasheepHobbyist Digital Artist
yes i mutually ship both Style and Kyman
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angel-maxwell-101Hobbyist Digital Artist
yes, shipping wars are very annoying to me, so I'm using this stamp!
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Kiro-KurusuHobbyist Artist
1000 % true i mention this truth today in my journal! Thank you so much for making.
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KissasheepHobbyist Digital Artist
thats why i ship everything mutually (in my group of interests)
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RavenHeart1984Professional Traditional Artist
yes,yes they are.
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