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Before I even saw the Robots, I knew the dude in the sports stage would be AWESOME! LOOK AT HIM! He's a Robotic BaseBall with a catchers mit. Not only that, but when a practicing batter pissed him off, he threw a fastball on his head and sent him to a HOSPITAL! You dont get much Awesomer than that... well maybe one...

Edit: To the left is the original, with colored pencil; the right is recolored in MS Paint. Which is better? I pick the obvious one!

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Awesome:D You did a good job on this one ^^
Before I had seen the original picture I thought he had a baseball bat and not a normal hand.
I even made a joke about that.
[link] (made the sprite before seeing the real picture)
But a hand is better because now he can throw a ball and also pick up a bat if he wants.
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3 Strikes, and YER OUT! And I have a feeling SwordMan's Bos Battle, and PumpMan's Stage are going to rape us mercilesslessLee...
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From what I have seen the castle stage (BladeMan's Stage) look kinda dangerous with flying swords and axes and also a castle boss (yes a castle) And the fight is probably hard when he is running trying to slice you in two.
The sewer stage doesnt seem that bad tough.
Well the game looks good but the SolarMan sprite has so many things wrong in it so I cant belive it.
If you compare the picture and the sprite you see what I mean.
You see what I mean?
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I think SolarMan is fine (the Sun dial is pretty big) the one that REALLY sucks is CommandoMan, it doesnt even have the Xs

But all those make up for StrikeMans; I swear I have never seen a more Perfect change from Official art to Sprite
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Heres the problems of the SolarMan sprite.
#1: The head isnt the same kind of head like in the picture, no way, no reseblance at all.
#2: The thing on his head looks fine but if I were them I would add grey to ir. They can use four colors but they only used 2.
#3: The feet arent like in the picture. According to the sprite they are all brown bun in the picture they have that white part sticking out.
#4: The hands are really brown and white, not completely brown like in the sprite. Do you get what I mean with these things? And youre right, the StrikeMan sprite is awesome.
But they forgot the white straps on the feet and I would add some shine on the glove [link]
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The hands and feet are white, the legs are red; and his head is too small to show in a sprite; besides, if it got too complicated itd be hard to animate and fit with the background; besides, every MegaMan game needs a RM with a tiny, pouty face XD
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Tiny pouty face...
Well how about SheepMan and StrikeMan.
And btw if you looked at the sprite I made then the head fits perfectly on the body.
And the head can be a little bit bigger than in the pictures.
And btw I can easily make a sprite sheet for SolarMan that will work in the game.
And if you think that the body is too big to jump over then just make the robotmaster jump. Like NeedleMan.
And with the hands and feet, they are half white and half brown like in my edited sprite.
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Sorry, Im busy playing MegaMan 4 XD
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you've gotta be kidding me... they made a baseball themed robot. wow lol

this guy would go so well with my batman robot master XD ( yes i actually made a batman lol )
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I think DC comics will Sue you inside out XD

Still, if his stage and fight and weapon are fun; he'll be on my top 5 for SURE!

Im also gunna edit this later to compare color on MS Paint and Colored Pencils; see which one owns...
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lol i know XD

but its meant to be a joke and stuff =p
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Did you see the other 7?
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yup x3 sheepman lol...i swear XD
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Whos your FAVOITE, I stated StrikeMan, but CommandoMan and NitroMan are pretty cool too
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sheep, strike and CommandoMan =3
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It says that SheepMan was originally a herding robot, then he changed his career to static electricity absorber; the funny thing is, it says he gets bored easily; so SheepMan IS a sleepy kinda sorta XD
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