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Dark Bowser X Animation

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I've played Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, and I beat the whole game! I even defeated all the "X" bosses in Challenge mode! :D

When I saw Dark Star X, and I thought about how the original Dark Star takes Bowser's DNA to make Dark Bowser, I thought about making Dark Bowser X! If he was a real boss in Challenge Mode, he would really be THE HARDEST BOSS IN THE ENTIRE GAME!!!!! :iconyeahplz:

So anyway here you go enjoy. :)
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Bowser must have his own Gauntlet facing all his bosses

Here's my wishlist

Sea Pipe Statue X
Wiggler X
Midbus X
Dark Fawful X
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Where the hell did the X come from?
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From all battle gauntlet bosses in Bowser’s Inside Story having “X” at the end of their names
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it will be cool if he was a boss 
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First how it is you got beat bye me and two how hell?
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dark bowser x.
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Oh, fuck. We're gonna get fucked up if he was real
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I invent something call StarZtar.
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Remember the light star and dark star?
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Well I decide to give a beginning of the Light Star and the Dark Star and all the good things Mario seen in Super Mario RPG and the Paper Mario Series as well the bad stuff.
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I wish this was in Inside story >.<
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It would be epic. :]
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This gives me an idea.
Dark Bowser X Stats:
Max Heart Points: 9,999
Max Heart Points (Stomach): 1000
Power: 999
Defense: 999
Defense (Stomach): 999
Speed: 999

Dark Star Core X Stats:
Max Heart Points: 9999 (Head), 5000 (Each Eye and Leg)
Power: 999
Defense: 999 (Each body part)
Speed: 999

I'd say it's a true challenge for Bowser and the Mario Bros.
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no problem double m :3
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I think i will make Dark Star XX & Dark Bowser XX before Light Star XX.

I think it will be the HARDEST BOSS TO BEAT IN DA WORLD!!!!!

It will be on a Future M&L RPG 4 called The Mystery of Dark Star XX.

Can it be true in the future?

Do not matter myself or else you got nothing for the future.

Roblox account:robloxcool55

Super Mario Wiki account:CoolMario55

Make sure your craziness is gone. :)
by dAcool55 XD XD XD XD :D :D :D :D :P :P :P :P
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