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June 23, 2011
Wonderland by *Mr-Bluebird. The Suggester tells us: "What grabbed my attention and then stole my heart, was the choice of colours used in this artwork. I also love the black background - it gives a sense of how Wonderland keeps going on and on and is thus endless."
Featured by ChewedKandi
Suggested by ReiraKurenai
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Wonderland, last one of this series.
I wanted to do something really crazy and dream-like with this. I didn't add any background to make it look a bit more surreal.
and yes, I got really carried away with the mushrooms.
well, I hope everybody enjoyed all these journeys...I had a lot of fun doing them =)

Whimsical Journeys:
-Hundred Acre Wood
-Land of OZ
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evangeline16williams's avatar
AppleSara's avatar
Colorful and wonderful :D
ThayShad's avatar
This poster is sending me to a mad and colorful world :D 
intensesexyshawn's avatar
This is absolutely stunning and has instantly become one of my new favs.
I appreciate the originality. ..Thank you for sharing.
thesandwichlady's avatar
Looks really cool!
blueanna33's avatar
I love the mushrooms, they're like neon lights in night clubs. Its almost like Alice found Wonderland's night life.
MarioGraciotti's avatar
hahah that's some night life! would look amazing
ImOnlyLittle's avatar
ohhhhhh i love thiiiiiiissss!!!!
snowangel1993's avatar
This is lovely; especially the use of colours.
thequietunloved's avatar
I love the colors you used!
blick-a-boo's avatar
Great, I like very much the atmosphere that it gets free of this illustration.
MarioGraciotti's avatar
awesome to hear it. thanks!
Beautifulness :)
DeeAyAich's avatar
Not only do I love anything that shows a hint of other-worldly glow, I love the message! "...Follow your dreams..." Words to live by!
MarioGraciotti's avatar
I'm huge sucker for that kind of stuff too.. I think it shows =)
Thank you very much!
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