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"...a place of ruin and despair, ruled by an evil bear who smells of strawberries"
Back to my Pixar Establishments series with Sunnyside Daycare =)

let's make it simple.. Toy Story 3: beyond perfect in every way.
This was really fun to make.. I've probably never used so many colors in a single poster before. I'm quite happy with how it turned out.. I think it looks really inviting and fun (for the kids that is).

Pixar Establishments:
-Pizza Planet
-Cozy Cone
-Al's Toy Barn
-P.T.Flea's Circus
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That's a very nice poster image you've done of Sunnyside, and I was actually able to see "Toy Story 3" twice when it was in theaters. :D
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fantastic colors ! love the clouds in the corners, very clever and fun
just a great poster and great film !
MarioGraciotti's avatar
.. and a great evil stuffed bear =)

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ha yeah ! shit, I wanna see it again now :)
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É convidativo pra mim também haha. Toy Story 3 é ótimo!
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"It's nice - the door has a rainbow on it." ;P So colorful! You'd never guess that the place was ruled by an evil teddy bear, lol. Nice job!
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LOL, gotta love Rex and his innocence =)
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nice concept
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I agree with ~Gipity88's comment on the unraveling of the rainbow. This is marvelous work! I love your "Pixar Establishments" series! :aww:
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Thank you so much!
there are still more to come =)
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Dunno why, but I seem to be drawn to it...I dunno if it's the diverging's the rainbow.
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the power of the rainbow :evillaugh:
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that's so coool! I love your designs 8D
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Thank you!
happy to hear it :blowkiss:
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very welcome! It's some pretty awesome stuff. :D I love good designs.
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That daycare reminds me of my old daycare, even though that the last time I went there was 7 years ago.
MarioGraciotti's avatar
really? your daycare must have been awesome then!
JudgeChaos's avatar
yea-no. they took one of my movies and never returned it. and the older kids would go someplace while the rest of us took a nap. I just stayed up and watched movies.
MarioGraciotti's avatar
oh.. maybe not so awesome then
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