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P.T.Flea's Circus

Eighth and final entry to the series, P.T.Flea's Circus from A Bug's Life.

Pixar's most overlooked film and probably most underrated.
I always find myself enjoying it more than I thought I would whenever I watch it.

I wanted this to look circus-y (duh) but I didn't want it to scream circus.
I don't know, I'm a bit tired of the "circus look" and all those overly-detailed fonts right now. I went for a cleaner look.
It also had to fit in nicely with the rest of the series, as always.

trivia: this is the only one of the series to feature a character =)

Pixar Establishments:
-Pizza Planet
-Cozy Cone
-Al's Toy Barn
-P.T.Flea's Circus
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This poster image you've done also looks very nice, and I think "A Bug's Life" is one of the most underrated movies that Pixar has ever made, but it's still good to watch. :D
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Y'know, I like to imagine that every once in a while, the circus gang come to visit Ant Island.
MarioGraciotti's avatar
I hope they do, indeed
Acutie's avatar
This is fantastic! Definitely something that would catch my attention if I was walking down a Pixar street.
MarioGraciotti's avatar
a Pixar street would be amazing
Acutie's avatar
Glad I could inspire you.
MonkeysUndles's avatar
*hysterical laugh*
DinoLover09's avatar
nokama628's avatar
Great movie! at first I couldn't see P.T Flea
PrayerGirl1's avatar
Oh so cool!!

Ahh, no more? :( What about Up?
MarioGraciotti's avatar
yeah, Up got axed at the last minute =(
PrayerGirl1's avatar
You're welcome!!

Aww how come?
MarioGraciotti's avatar
I would have made Shady Oaks, but it plays such a small role, we don't even get to see it.
I decided not to exhaust the series and end it while it was *hopefully* still good
PrayerGirl1's avatar
Well In my opinion it would have still been "Good" I think the idea is wonderful! But actually I thought you were going to do the "Adventure club" As the next one, but whatever. These really were wonderful and such a great and original idea!
keep-me-posted's avatar
HAHAHA, "The Flaming Death" is a nice touch. I'm surprised he didn't make the font bigger, as that act seems to be his only accomplishment on the show. ;P

Also, gotta love P.T. Flea being on the poster [barely], lol. :clap:
MarioGraciotti's avatar
poor P.T., his show's a disaster, really

happy you like it :blowkiss:
Gipity88's avatar
This is so amazingly perfect. I love how P.T. Flea is in it. That's such an nice touch. <3
MarioGraciotti's avatar
Thanks, dear!
it's his show, he had to be there! =)
Somebodylost's avatar
I like how you pulled off the circus theme and the minimalist approach. :)
MarioGraciotti's avatar
Thanks! happy to hear it =)
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