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First one of a series of advertisements for imaginary lands, inspired by those old travel posters. I had a lot of fun doing this even though I stayed hours and hours just to get the colors right... damn you colors!

Whimsical Journeys:
-Hundred Acre Wood
-Land of OZ
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Who is flying this plane?
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Hi there. I just absolutely love your Wonderland and Neverland adverts. I was wondering if there was any way I can purchase these? I see back in 2012 you had answered this question but I wasn't sure if that has changed since. I would love to add these to my collection! Thanks!
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I'm dying for this poster!!! Is there any way to buy it?
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omg if i could have a poster of this on my wall, life would be perfect
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I wanna go to Neverland...
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who doesn't, right?
I would love to buy a print of this. Is that possible?
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these posters were available as prints, but eventually they sold out.. and I still haven't found another place willing to sell them
Oh well, I think it is great though. I want to get a collection of travel posters of fictional places. Yours is one of my favorites. I want to find on of Terry Pratchett's discworld too.
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thanks =) that's good to hear
I would love to buy a print of this. Is that possible?
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great job!
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I'd say all those hours paid off, the colors are really beautiful. I love the format this is on. What is the font you used for "Neverland"? The typography is wonderful as well :) Bravo!
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I'm in love with the colors so it sure paid off!!! :D
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thank you so much!
great to hear it =)
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I really like the concept (as a pilot and history enthusiast, I tend to go ga-ga over any vintage travel posters), but I feel like one very important element is missing: the children flying. I think if you retooled it to add at least one child's silhouette soaring over the pirate ship, it would be perfect!

Don't get me wrong, I love the poster, and I can certainly appreciate the time and effort that goes into making these. I'm not hating or trying to belittle your work (I'm sure there's enough trolls out there already); I'm just offering a little [certainly uneducated and ignorant] constructive criticism--for what it's worth.
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