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"This was not just a matter of chance. These strange things happen all the time."

This is the first piece of a series I just started about Paul Thomas Anderson, my favourite director.

Available as a print at Combustible Art

Paul Thomas Anderson:
-Hard Eight [link]
-Boogie Nights [link]
-Magnolia [link]
-Punch Drunk Love [link]
-There Will Be Blood [link]
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How can I buy this beautiful print? I gotta have it!

Thank you!
thistlehurt's avatar
Hi there, how can I buy this beautiful poster please? I gotta have it! Thanks, Geri
MarioGraciotti's avatar
Hey Geri, thanks for asking, but unfortunately I don't have this available as a print anymore.
I used to sell some of my posters through a website that doesn't exist anymore.
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Paul is my favorite director as well.
and Magnolia is my favorite film!
MarioGraciotti's avatar
you have good taste then =)
Advent3546's avatar
Easily his best film
MarioGraciotti's avatar
I wouldn't say "easily"
Advent3546's avatar
Probably not, i mean I love all his movies. PDL is great, There will be blood is just awesome. but this my personal favorite
MarioGraciotti's avatar
I can never decide which is my favorite
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haven't watched the movie yet, but your poster is awesome!
MarioGraciotti's avatar
thank you. you should definitely watch it then
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A terrific poster for a terrible movie ! Impressive work !
MarioGraciotti's avatar
wow.. terrible movie? you shouldn't be saying that to me, you know
Exhibit-E's avatar
Yup I know, I'm a bit harsh with this movie. The beginning of it is not that bad. The thing is, Magnolia seems to border plagiarism since you have seen Short Cuts, by Robert Altman, which is nothing else than a master piece. Have you seen it ?
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Good job!, Love this movie !
MarioGraciotti's avatar
yeah, it's one of my favs from pta
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I really like this design
Monkey-Mafia's avatar
I bloody love this movie and this is a great poster for it.
MarioGraciotti's avatar
great to hear, thanks!
parker2063's avatar
so 60's !

So Anderson !

MarioGraciotti's avatar
wow, thank you!
those are great adjectives :blowkiss:
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Nice poster, to one of my all-time favorite films! (Without all the froggy mess, too!) :)
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