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Finally the second entry to the Whimsical Journeys series!
Fantasia (or Fantastica, depending if you're more familiar with the book or the movie) from the Neverending Story.
My interpretation of the Ivory Tower was inspired the 70's-vision-of-the-future style, which I'm crazy about. And since both the book and the movie are from the 80's, I wanted to get a bit of the 80's-tackiness in there also.

Whimsical Journeys:
-Hundred Acre Wood
-Land of OZ
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Fantasia, IMHO, is not just any Disney film. It is one film that deserves a LOT more respect, such as a broadcast on Turner Classic Movies someday. Brilliant poster, btw, really reminiscent of concept art Nicholas Roeg once commissioned for a film version of Flash Gordon he attempted once and not to mention, classically, German expressionism.
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Sorry. Wrong one...
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Wonderful work!
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I LOVE your work!! I just can't stop looking at your gallery...
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oh thank you! that's really nice to hear =)
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I love the move, I wanna cry though because I cant watch it anymore because my sister broke the disc.
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lol. well, you can always buy another one or download it =)
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I went out and bought another copy yesterday. yay.
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happy to hear that! time for Bastian and Atreyu now =)
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yeah, and I found that copy if Labyrinth I was looking all over for YAY!
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yeah, watched it all day yesterday lol
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Great! I love that old sci-fi feeling about it.
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good work, very art deco
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it's the only one that's not a photo =)
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you're welcome :)
yeah, there are a lot of photos. it's not the first time it's happened with my journal features. xD it would do me good to vary it up a bit more in the future :nod:
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