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I saw a documentary about the movie on my DVD copy, and someone had suggested to Hitchcock during filming that at the end instead of Blanch winking she would leave, Hitchcock would walk down the stairs, and wink to the camera himself. At the time he didn't know it was going to be his last film, but if he had decided to do that as a last treat for his public...
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i've seen that also.
it's quite sad that he couldn't develop his next project
Tá pimpão, hein?

Brincadeira. Seus pôsters estão muito bons, especialmente a série do Furry Creature, etc.

Quando (se) eu eventualmente virar um cineasta, faça os meus!


Caio Z.

PS.: Você realmente só usa power point?
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nossa caio, nunca soube q vc tinha li seu nome e pensei, nossa parece o nick do caio! alas, realmente era

mto agradecido! q bom q vc gostou
o (glorioso) dia q vc for um cineasta e eu um artista!

eh, soh powerpoint.. e eu tenho noção de como isso eh ridiculo. to com planos de começar a mexer no illustrator ainda essa semana. eh soh a preguiça q me segura

ps: como q vc me axo?
Flávia mandou um link por MSN com umas imagens suas...
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that was EXACTLY the image I was thinking to paint in my wall. This or a Cage with a bird out of it!
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This is a really great set. You did an excellent job representing the movies in a simplistic but powerful manner.
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thank you so much
appreciate the comment
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I hope you don't mind me saying as I hope it's not outspoken to mention--this series is really strong and for such a simple theme it communicates extremely well. However, unfortunately I feel like I can't shake this feeling that this one is particularly weak and brings down the series, almost as a bump in the road. I think its the repetition of shapes seem a little copy paste. The design quality also feels a little weak in comparison to the others in the series--for instance the chandeliers center with so much clutter forms a very awkward black bar that almost goes over the entire width. I wonder if it would have been more successful had you hand drawn a lot of the details then silhouetted it?

I'm sorry if critiques weren't welcome but I just really have faith in the series from what I see. I just had to make some comment or two.
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first of all, let me say that I love you're being so honest.

hmm..I understand what you're saying about it looking copy/paste, after all it really is. This piece really stands out from the series, probably because of it's cutterness (as you said it) and it's not-so-simple design. maybe it does lose some points for this.

just out of curiosity I'd like to know if you've watched this (and the others) films. 'cause I think it makes a huge difference as to how you interpret the poster, especially with this one and with "strangers on a train".

again I thank your honesty, and I would love to know your detailed opinion on the rest of the series.
jordievszombies's avatar
Very well acquainted with the films. In fact I used to watch Strangers on a Train all the time when I was a kid with my mom. Out of all of these though, I believe your "Birds" is the best I think only because it was my favorite one to watch the most when I was a child.
Regardless, I just felt there could be some slight adjustments made to this one to make it as strong as the others. Because they all have very very rich qualities.
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oh it's great that you watched them as a kid! I wish I did
yeah, I see what you mean...I'll try to do something with it...though I don't I'll succeed, as I'm traveling tommorow.
but thanks again
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