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Cozy Cone

Third entry to my Pixar Establishments series... the warm and 50s-looking Cozy Cone from Cars.

With this one I tried to capture the feeling of staying inside a retro-looking hotel at night.. sitting in the bed just staring at the awesome wallpaper and wondering why everything seemed to be better designed in the past.. oh well..

I'm not part of the hating-Cars crowd, but it's definitely my least favorite.. still, it's a good movie, and Radiator Springs is gorgeous!

Pixar Establishments:
-Pizza Planet
-Cozy Cone
-Al's Toy Barn
-P.T.Flea's Circus
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Not my favorite movie, but cute...
CeliaMae17's avatar
-puts you on my head, building a small nest for you-
keep-me-posted's avatar
Same - I don't hate Cars, it's just not my favorite, lol. This is awesome, by the way. :]
DinoLover09's avatar
DinoCo is my fave thing about it. :D
lavoux's avatar
nice concept
Galistar07water's avatar
I love how you gave it that warm and cozy 1950's look that I could even feel it. :love: :clap:
MarioGraciotti's avatar
awesome to hear you say that!
thanks :hug:
AladdinsFan's avatar
This is awesome! It would go well with the expanded Cars Land that they're making in California Adventure. Love all your work from this series. Keep 'em coming!
MarioGraciotti's avatar
I'd LOVE to make posters for the Disney parks, so that's an awesome thing for me to hear =)
Thank you!
yamihoole's avatar
Ooo I really like this one too! It looks so retro!
MarioGraciotti's avatar
thank you! that's what I was aiming at =)
bluefootednewt's avatar
Very retro. I love the felling this evokes. ;)
MarioGraciotti's avatar
Thanks! good to hear =)
laresistance's avatar
splendid pattern and colours ! nice typography for "the hear of.." especially
the shadows underneath the typography work like a gem to create a 3D kind of neon-sign effect.
Not 100% sure about the main title font. to me it could be a bit thicker
MarioGraciotti's avatar
yeah, maybe it needs to stand out more in comparisson to the rest... you could be right
thanks! the shadows worked better than I thought they would actually.. I'm really happy with them too
laresistance's avatar
I'm no typography expert though, but no prob!
the shadows can be corny, but work like a gem here
FredTheLifeguard's avatar
i really like all of these its a very interesting idea, represented well
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