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Al's Toy Barn

Sixth entry to the series, Al's Toy Barn from Toy Story 2.

I think this is the one I've watched the most.. probably along with the Incredibles. They're the ones I have most fun watching.

I really didn't have a solid plan with this one. I had a lot of different themes in my head, but didn't know which ones to use or how to put them together.
From all of this series so far, this is probably the one that has less visual resemblence with what's in the movie.. it can be a good thing and a bad thing.. depends on your point of view.
I'm quite happy with the result though... I think it came out visually interesting... and I got to use some colors I never use =)

Pixar Establishments:
-Pizza Planet
-Cozy Cone
-Al's Toy Barn
-P.T.Flea's Circus
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Well this is nice!
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This poster image of Al's Toy Barn also looks very nice, and "Toy Story 2" would probably have to be my most favorite movie in the trilogy as well. :D
Al is a greedy toy collector and I remembered he kidnapped Woody and he brought him to the apartment. He was going to sell Woody and his gang to Konishi Toy Museum in Tokyo, Japan to make him rich but when he arrived in Japan and he realised that all the toys were just vanished.

In the ending, he was sobbing because his toy store has the lowest prices in town after his trip to Japan went completely pear-shaped. He and his business went bankrupt.
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Fantastic results dude. You added great depth to this. Your composition is second to none!
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Hey Blue- I would love prints of the series (poster size) are they available for purchase? If not, how can I convince you to do a one-off run for me?
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I'm working on it =)
I'll keep you informed
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Fantastic. Looking forward.

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Hey Blue- Any word on being able to buy prints?
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Awesome! For some reason, upon first glance, I thought it looked like a Chinese menu, lol, but now I see the letters are formed out of fences, which is cool. :]
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indeed, this is the one that wandered farthest away from the source material.
but thanks =)
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Nice use of color. Original idea executed to make it feel like you see it every day.

Good job!
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interesting thing to say.. thank you =)
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I'm saying that if it was a real toy store, this would look like a flyer someone tacked onto a community corkboard.

I would probably visit Al's Toy Barn if it existed. Like the commercial says "Everything for a buck-buck-buck and that's cheap-cheap-cheap!"
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I think that's great!
I always try to make it blend with the world their in
thanks =)
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You're welcome!
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As a graphic designer, and a die-hard Disney fan, I applaud you.
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why, thank you! that's really nice to hear :thanks:
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Oh, I love it! I love how different it is. Amazing job.
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great to hear that, thanks!
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