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Brotherly Friendship - Jason and Dewey by MarioFanProductions Brotherly Friendship - Jason and Dewey :iconmariofanproductions:MarioFanProductions 0 0
World Explorers Ep. 11
Jason was sitting Gwen who was upgrading on her gear.
She finished before taking the shooters and aiming them and firing.
"They seem to be working better." Jason said.
“Yup looks like it.” She agreed.
"Can't believe you made all this yourself." Jason said.
"It wasn't easy." Gwen said.
“I’d imagine.” Jason said.
"Yeah, with all the limited tech the tribe had." Gwen said.
"Well I'm sure we'll find something else." Jason said.
"I hope." Gwen said.
"Still can't believe those killer spiders gave you the idea for this." Jason said.
"Yeah, guess inspiration can come from anywhere. even in life or death situations." She said.
"Yeah, but your the spider I'd never squish." Jason smiled.
Gwen smiled and they both kissed.
In the other part of the plane the rest were busy at the moment.
"So where do we head next?" Ashley asked.
"If it's anywhere dangerous, please don't go there." Carlos said.
"Yeah we'll try to make sure of it." Jake said sarcastically.
Jake then went
:iconmariofanproductions:MarioFanProductions 0 0
Xensor by MarioFanProductions Xensor :iconmariofanproductions:MarioFanProductions 1 4 Organization XIII (My New Project) by MarioFanProductions Organization XIII (My New Project) :iconmariofanproductions:MarioFanProductions 6 10 Jason's Friends (Redo) by MarioFanProductions Jason's Friends (Redo) :iconmariofanproductions:MarioFanProductions 1 6
SSB: Tabuu's Revenge Profile: Jason

Full Name
: Jason Anders
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Mother: Lisa Anders 
Father: Marc Anders
Siblings: Ashley Anders (Younger sister)
Friends: Smashers (SSB), Jake Richards, Shelly Richards and Aaron Hall (Great Friends; Dark-Warrior95's OCs), Alvaro (Good Friend; alvarobmk123's OC), Kevin Smith (Good Friend; Christopher108's OC), Ethan Tidwell (Good Friend; 17Chaos's OC), Terrence Silva and Jazzra Griffin (Great Friends; Dragonprince18's OC's), Jeku Kusanagi  (
:iconmariofanproductions:MarioFanProductions 5 12
My Kingdom Hearts Adventure meme by MarioFanProductions My Kingdom Hearts Adventure meme :iconmariofanproductions:MarioFanProductions 8 28
Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL: Number Chaos Ep. 12
Quinton and Xzavier have now started their duel.
Quinton's LP: 4000
Xzavier's LP: 4000

"Alright Quinton, your move." Xzavier smirked.
"Fine then." Quinton drew his card "I summon Planet Pathfinder!"
A rover then appeared on the field. 
(ATK: 1000/DEF: 1000)

"Now I can special summon Solar Wind Jammer by cutting it's attack points in half." Quinton said.
Then a solar ship appeared on the field.
(ATK: 800->400/DEF: 2400)

"Then I activate the spell, Tannhauser Gate." Quinton said. "Now my two monsters combine their levels making both monsters level nine!" 
"I can guess what's about to happen next." Blaze said.
"You better believe it, I overlay my Pathfinder and Wind Jammer to build the Overlay Network!" Quinton said both monsters turned into energy and went into a portal as a pillar of light came out. "I Xyz Summon Number 9: Dyson Sphere!"
A huge space station appeared on the overshadow everyone.
Helga looked deep surprise along with Arnold, Gerald and
:iconmariofanproductions:MarioFanProductions 1 4
Yu-Gi-Oh! Data Duels Ep. 9
Jason was now having trouble with Chase's Twin Cyber Dragon out on the field.
"Face it Jason, you can't win against me." Chase smirked.
"I'm not done." Jason glared.
"In case you haven't noticed, I have a monster that can attack twice and your almost out of life points." Chase said. "Huh, I guess your just an idiot."
"Don't listen to him, Jay!" Jake called.
"Yeah, he's just a jerk!" Rigby said.
"Oh, go eat out of a trash bin." Chase mocked.
"What?! Let me at him!" Rigby snapped but Mordecai held him back.
"Calm down, Rigby!" Mordecai held him back.
"Oh Jason, are you always friends with freaks?" Chase mocked.
Jason glared drawing his card.
"Nothing good to help me now." Jason said. "I set a monster and set a card face down."
"Man, Jay's in trouble." Joey said.
"What can he do?" Yugi wondered as the Pharaoh was by him.
"If he trusts in the Heart of the Cards, he can win." Yami said.
Yugi nodded as they watched.
"I draw Chase said." Chase drew. "Oh If only your friends were here to see y
:iconmariofanproductions:MarioFanProductions 1 0
Which is Better - Clone Wars 2003 or 2008? by MarioFanProductions Which is Better - Clone Wars 2003 or 2008? :iconmariofanproductions:MarioFanProductions 3 4 My Top 13 Organization XIII Members by MarioFanProductions My Top 13 Organization XIII Members :iconmariofanproductions:MarioFanProductions 2 3 Top 13 Organization XIII Members meme by MarioFanProductions Top 13 Organization XIII Members meme :iconmariofanproductions:MarioFanProductions 3 0 Yuya and Lexi comfort Jason and Ashley after Lisa' by MarioFanProductions Yuya and Lexi comfort Jason and Ashley after Lisa' :iconmariofanproductions:MarioFanProductions 1 0 Jason saves Marc's life by MarioFanProductions Jason saves Marc's life :iconmariofanproductions:MarioFanProductions 2 0 Lisa dies in Jason and Ashley's arms by MarioFanProductions Lisa dies in Jason and Ashley's arms :iconmariofanproductions:MarioFanProductions 1 0 Raelyn adopts Jason and Ashley after Lisa's death by MarioFanProductions Raelyn adopts Jason and Ashley after Lisa's death :iconmariofanproductions:MarioFanProductions 2 0


Entertainers at school by dolphin96 Entertainers at school :icondolphin96:dolphin96 9 4 Ducktales - Magica De Spell 01 by theEyZmaster Ducktales - Magica De Spell 01 :icontheeyzmaster:theEyZmaster 87 9 aoi zaizen full color by chazzandalexis aoi zaizen full color :iconchazzandalexis:chazzandalexis 18 2 Goodnight, Yusaku! by ElfBean Goodnight, Yusaku! :iconelfbean:ElfBean 17 3 TechXLexi by Siamese712-FanFics TechXLexi :iconsiamese712-fanfics:Siamese712-FanFics 19 8 Fusion Chronicles Endings by CrystalKing22 Fusion Chronicles Endings :iconcrystalking22:CrystalKing22 2 1 Clone Troopers by WOLFBLADE111 Clone Troopers :iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 29 18
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: ???
Name Title: Idea open
Summary: Ethan, Jeku and the other friends doing their activities in beautiful day until, everyone separately and everything all white and landing desert ground, Ethan reunited his adopted sister Lightning and ha long red hair girl Erza Scarlet. Jeku met a faunus cat girl name Blake Belladonna from Beacon while Minoto also reunited a Miqo'te name Y'Shtola Rual from the world of Eroza. They met their old friends and met new frienda and also met the new goddess name Materia; the will of Cosmos she explain to them everything about what's going on, another god name Spiritus; the will of Chaos. So now they need to join forces to stop everything happen this world and stop something behind this!
Co-Author: Vacant Co-Author
Voice Actors & Actress:
Kirby Morrow: 
Jeku Kusanagi (mine OC)
Jason Griffin: Ethan Tidwell (:Icon17Chaos:)
???:  Luke Storm (:IconChristopher108:)
Stephanie Sheh:
:iconwajinatorful:Wajinatorful 3 23
My Decepticon Teams by ChipmunkRaccoonOz My Decepticon Teams :iconchipmunkraccoonoz:ChipmunkRaccoonOz 18 5 [MMD Cars] Gray Ghost's Fumee (NO DL) by masterchief2021 [MMD Cars] Gray Ghost's Fumee (NO DL) :iconmasterchief2021:masterchief2021 8 0 Cody's Friends by Dragonprince18 Cody's Friends :icondragonprince18:Dragonprince18 7 4 Jazzra's Friends by Dragonprince18 Jazzra's Friends :icondragonprince18:Dragonprince18 7 7 Canon Voice actor (Team TCJE) part 1 by Dragonprince18 Canon Voice actor (Team TCJE) part 1 :icondragonprince18:Dragonprince18 3 1 Canon Voice actor (The Debtors) by Dragonprince18 Canon Voice actor (The Debtors) :icondragonprince18:Dragonprince18 6 8 Jazzra Griffin fan stamp by Dragonprince18 Jazzra Griffin fan stamp :icondragonprince18:Dragonprince18 7 3
SSB: Tabuu's Revenge Profile: Jeku
Full Name: Jeku Kusanagi
Race: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Mother: Ryusei Kusanagi (Deceased)
Father: Samuru Kusanagi (Deceased)
Siblings: Mazurka Kusanagi (Older brother) & Thalia Kusanagi (Young Sister)
Friends: Jake & Shelly Richards, Aaron Hall (Great friends; Dark-Warrior95's OC), Alvaro (Great Friend, alvarobmk123's OC), Kevin Smith (Good friend; Christopher108's OC), Ethan Tidwell (Best friend; 17Chaos's OC), Terrence Silva & Jazzra Griffin (Great friends; Dragonprince18's OCs), Jason & Ashley Anders (Good friends; MarioFanProductions's OCs), Caulifla (Rival & Lover; Dragon Ball Super), Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen (Ultimate Spider-Man), Dark Magician, Juniper Lee (The Life & Times of Juniper Lee), Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbe
:iconwajinatorful:Wajinatorful 4 16


Brotherly Friendship - Jason and Dewey
In World Explorers, Jason and Dewey form a brotherly bond with eachother, when they first met and Jason mentions him finding his dad on a journey this reminded him with the issue of finding his mother and soon became willing to help him find his dad, Jason soon then was told from Dewey about his situation and he then found him and Dewey similar to eachother and soon began to form a brotherly bond with eachother with Jason acting like a big brother to Dewey but like eachother they like to take risks.
Organization XIII (My New Project)
This is my Organization XIII for my new story project based on Kingdom Hearts

I. Xensor (My OC)

II. Reaper (Overwatch)

III. Miles Dredd (Max Steel 2013)

IV. Dr. Drakken (Kim Possible)

V. Lord Shen (Kung Fu Panda)

VI. Aigami (Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Side of Dimensions)

VII. Obake (Big Hero 6: The Series)

VIII. Shredder (TMNT 2012)

IX. Black Velvet (Loonatics Unleashed)

X. Brackus (Di-Gata Defenders)

XI. Magica De Spell (Ducktales 2017)

XII. Drago (Jackie Chan Adventures)

XIII. Cinder Fall (RWBY)

Ideas open for more members.

History: ???

Meme belongs to :iconjasonpictures:
Anybody have any ideas for the final member of this?:  Organization XIII (My New Project) by MarioFanProductions
He is the leader of the Organization in my new story project.

Voice Actor: Charlie Alder (Optimatus' voice from Loonatics Unleashed)
Jason was sitting Gwen who was upgrading on her gear.

She finished before taking the shooters and aiming them and firing.

"They seem to be working better." Jason said.

“Yup looks like it.” She agreed.

"Can't believe you made all this yourself." Jason said.

"It wasn't easy." Gwen said.

“I’d imagine.” Jason said.

"Yeah, with all the limited tech the tribe had." Gwen said.

"Well I'm sure we'll find something else." Jason said.

"I hope." Gwen said.

"Still can't believe those killer spiders gave you the idea for this." Jason said.

"Yeah, guess inspiration can come from anywhere. even in life or death situations." She said.

"Yeah, but your the spider I'd never squish." Jason smiled.

Gwen smiled and they both kissed.

In the other part of the plane the rest were busy at the moment.

"So where do we head next?" Ashley asked.

"If it's anywhere dangerous, please don't go there." Carlos said.

"Yeah we'll try to make sure of it." Jake said sarcastically.

Jake then went to Lara.

"Found anything that might capture our interest?" Jake asked her.

"Working on that." She read through some things before finding something.

He looked as well.

"Found something." Lara said. "Some artifact found in Duckburg."

Scrooge, Donald and the kids came up hearing that.

"In Duckburg?" Scrooge questioned.

"I take that's your home then?" Lara asked.

"Yup, that's our home." Donald nodded.

"Well this should be fun then." Jake said.

"So I guess we head there?" Shaggy asked.

"Sounds like it." Rick said.

"Great." Dewey said.

"I'm gonna go get my bro." Ashley said.

She then went to go get her brother.

She went back to him and Gwen.

She then saw them kissing.

"Ahem." She said making them look at her.

"Uh hey sis!" Jason said quickly while Gwen returned to her work.

"Enjoying your time alone." She smirked.

They both blushed heavily while she laughed.

"Anyway we're heading off to Duckburg." Ashley told them.

"Some artifact down there?" Gwen asked.

"Yeah and also you might wanna change out of that suit." Ashley told her.

"Right." Gwen looked down at it.

"Well let you be alone to change." Jason said.

She nodded as Jason and Ashley left.

Jason noticed Ashley smirking at him.


"You know what." She answered.

"Oh buzz off." He groaned walking ahead.

She then smirked as they then made it to the group.

"Hey guys, heard we were heading to Duckburg." Jason said.

"Yup that's right." Jake said.

"Mr. McDuck, since we're stopping by Duckburg can we show Jason and the others the mansion?" Webby asked.

"Well I guess it couldn't hurt." Scrooge shrugged.

"Great, can't wait to see it." Yugi said.

"Hey Jason, how's Gwen doing on her gear?" Coco asked.

"She's doing fine, but she's hit a snag since the villagers didn't have much to work with." Jason told her.

"Maybe the mansion might have something." Lara said.

"Yeah but Jason, are you sure you wanna let Gwen do this?" Jake asked.

"Well she did tell me that she wants to help out and fight." He answered.

"Well." Jake began. "If she's serious I suppose I could lend a hand if she does need it."

"You don't need to do that Jake." Gwen said as she walked out in her normal clothes.

"Well alright, but if you change you're mind I'm good with technical stuff." He told her.

"It's fine, I don't wanna hold you guys back by doing nothing." Gwen said.

"Well we appreciate that, just try not to get hurt." Lara told her.

"And If they do hurt her, I'll make them pay." Jason said.

"Yeah that's what I'll be worried about." Lara muttered.

"This is your pilot, we have arrived at Duckburg." Launchpad said.

They all then looked over the city of Duckburg.

"Very nice." Jake said looking at it.

"Yep, this is our home town." Huey said.

They then saw Scrooge's Moneybin.

"Wow." Joey stared.

"That's my money bin." Scrooge said.

"So this is where you keep your money?" Rick asked.

"You really live up to your title of Richest Duck in the World then." Jake commented.

"So much for having a bank account then." Ron said.

"Yeah." Tristan said.

They then saw the McDuck Manor.

"And there's the mansion." Webby said.

The group all looked at it.

"Nice place you got here." Tea said.

"I agree." Coco nodded.

"Bigger than your place, Lara." Jake mentioned to her.

"Yeah I see that." She nodded.

Launchpad then landed the plane.

Everyone then walked out to the front door.

Scrooge opened it up as they all got in as they looked around.

"Whoa." The Anders kids said in awe.

"This place is so huge." Crunch said.

"Way more so on the inside." Joey looked.

Then an elderly female duck came walking in front of the group.

"Granny!" Webby smiled.

"Miss Beakley." Scrooge greeted.

"Hello Mr. McDuck." She said.

She then looked to the rest.

"More company?" She asked.

"You must be Mrs. Beakley, it's a pleasure to meet you." Lara said.

"Yeah and your granddaughter is awesome by the way." Jake added.

"I agree, I have to say you did a awesome job to teach her how to deal with any problem." Jason added.

"Well I did want her prepared." Beakley said.

"Oh you guys." Webby said blushing embarrassed.

"So why the return?" Beakley asked them.

"We had heard word of a new artifact around here so we came here." Donald said.

"And we decided to give our new friends the grand tour." Dewey said.

"Come on, follow us." Huey said moving ahead with his brothers and Webby.

"Yeah, let's go." Ashley said.

Jason, Gwen, Ashley and Carlos then followed them.

"We'll catch up after!" Jason called back.

"Alright!" Jake called.

"Let's take a look at that new artifact." Lara said.

Scrooge nodded as the rest went to find information.

Meanwhile the kids were showing The Anders and Gwen around.

Ashley then saw a room where she saw a board of pictures on it.

"What's this?" She questioned.

"Oh that's my board of where I keep my info on the McDuck family." Webby told Ashley.

"That's cool." Jason said.

"Yeah." Gwen said.

They looked at it of all the McDuck family members.

"They have a lot of relatives." Carlos said.

"No kidding." Ashley looked.

"Yeah, but I don't see the kids' parents." Jason said.

"I noticed that too." Gwen said.

They boys then heard that and became sad.

"What's wrong?" Ashley asked.

"Well it's just our folks aren't around." Huey said sadly.

"We've been living with Uncle Donald since we were younger that we didn't have them around." Dewey added.

"And we don't know what happened to them." Louie finished

Jason and Gwen then felt guilty for bringing them up.

"We didn't know." Jason said guilty. "Sorry."

"We didn't mean to make you sad." Gwen added guilty.

"Nah it's, it's alright." Huey said shrugging it off. "Let's continue on."

He, Louie and Webby walked ahead with the rest following as Dewey walked with Jason.

"Hey Jason, can I tell you something?" He asked him.

"Sure Dewey, what's up?" Jason asked.

"Well it's about how you mentioned trying to find your dad." Dewey said.

"What about it?" Jason asked.

"When you mentioned it, I thought it was similar to my situation." Dewey answered. "Truth is I've been trying to find answers on where my mom."

"Really, does Scrooge, Donald, or your brothers know about this?" Jason asked.

"Only me and Webby do." Dewey answered.

"Why haven't you told your brothers?" Jason asked.

"I'm just trying to protect them from finding out something that could upset them." Dewey told him.

"Are you sure that's such a good idea?" Jason asked.

"It's all I can do right now." Dewey said. "Can you at least keep this between us though?"

"Alright I will, but answer me this." Jason began. "What will you do if or when they find out?"

"Then I guess we'll find our mom together." Dewey said.

Jason nodded to that as they moved to keep up with the group.

"You know it's funny, you and your brothers are similar to me, Ashley and Carlos." Jason told Dewey.

"Yeah we already know Carlos and Louie are similar." Dewey chuckled.

"Yeah it seems like Ashley and Huey are the same with them being the most responsible." Jason said.

"And I guess that leaves you and me being the most alike." Dewey said.

"Yeah, being adventure hungry and taking risks." Jason said.

"Yup as well as searching for answers." Dewey added. 

"We're almost like exact clones." Jason chuckled.

"Yeah." Dewey chuckled.

The rest then saw Jason and Dewey laughing with each other.

"What's so funny?" Huey asked.

The rest then saw Jason and Dewey laughing with each other.

"What's so funny?" Huey asked.

"Oh nothing." Dewey calmed down.

"Just saying how we're kinda the same." Jason said.

"Oh." Gwen said.

"Louie and Carlos being the evil ones, Huey and Ashley being the responsible ones and me and Jason being the adventurous and risk taking ones." Dewey said.

"Sounds about right." Webby said.

"Yeah." Huey nodded.

"And we both have family members missing." Carlos said.

"Also true." Ashley nodded.

"Let's just move on." Webby said.

They nodded and then entered the garage where they saw tons of artifacts.

"Whoa check this out." Ashley looked around.

"Believe it or not, this is the garage." Webby said.

"Scrooge keeps priceless artifacts in his garage?" Carlos asked in disbelief.

"He ran out of space or just couldn't find any place for them." Dewey said as they walked in.

"Just don't touch anything." Huey said.

"He's still sore at us after last time." Louie added.

"Last time?" Jason asked as he looked at Ashley, Carlos and Gwen.

"We kinda unleashed an evil gold hunting dragon that almost ate Scrooge's fortune." Huey told the group.

They looked at them hearing that.

"And before that we released an evil ghost pirate and a headless horse spirit." Dewey added sheepishly.

"What a bunch of troublemakers." Jason chuckled.

"You and your family are one to talk." Louie said.

"He got ya there." Gwen told him.

The Anders now looked embarrassed.

"Fair point." Jason said.

Meanwhile with the Jake and the rest.

"Alright let's see where we can find this artifact." Jake said.

"Right." The rest agreed.

Jake then went through some information on his laptop to see if he could find anything.

The rest were trying to find any other information before Jake found something.

"Got it." He said.

"What you find, lad?" Scrooge asked coming over.

"It appears that this information is a key to something." Jake said.

"Sounds like our Key of Riches." Alex said.

Jake typed it in more to find out where it might be as he got an image.

It was a blue shaped square tablet with symbols on it.

"Looks interesting." Kim said.

"Yeah." Tea said.

"But you know who else would want this right?" Joey asked.

"Yeah, The Brown Spades." Lara answered glaring.

"Excuse me but who are they?" Beakley asked.

"No one good." Scrooge glared. "They're a dangerous organization."

"And they do not like Jason's father or his family very much." Evy glared.

"Especially when they tried to have Cyrille kill Jason." Jake glared as he typed in more.

"Rat runk even shot Rason." Scooby glared.

"Yeah like not cool." Shaggy glared.

Beakley looked angry hearing all of this.

"I can't believe these people." She said angrily.

"Yeah, they're the worst." Coco glared as Crash nodded growling.

"Which is why we need to find that key and other artifacts before they do." Jake said typing in to find the location.

He then found it.

"There it is, the Duckburg Museum." Jake said.

"I'll get the kids." Launchpad walked off.

"Alright." Lara said as they looked.

Meanwhile with the kids, Anders and Gwen.

"So, do you know anything we can use to help Gwen's gear?" Jason asked.

"I might have something." Webby said.

"What is it?" Gwen asked.

Webby climbed up on the shelves to grab something as they waited.

She then came back and opened the crate that had some parts.

"I'm sure there's something in here that can be useful." Webby told Gwen.

"Thank you, Webby." Gwen said.

She then grabbed some parts and started working on her gear.

They waited and looked some more before Launchpad came in.

"Hey kids, we gotta go." He said.

"We're busy." Huey told him.

"But we found the artifact." Launchpad said.

"Out of all the times to find something we need..." Jason said annoyed.

"It's that Key thing." Launchpad added.

"Gwen, how close are you to done?" Webby asked.

"Just" She finished up.

"Alright, let's go." Jason said.

They all then went to the rest.

They arrived as they were still looking up on the key in the museum.

"So are we ready?" Jake asked.

"Yeah, but I wanna try my own way of transportation." Gwen said.

"Test to see if they work?" Jake asked.

She nodded.

"Alright just be careful." Jake advised her.

"Yeah, please be careful." Jason said.

"Don't worry Jay, I'll be fine." She said before kissing him.

The rest watched with sly looks but didn't comment on it.

They all then walked outside.

"Well, see ya there." Gwen said as she put on her mask and began to wall crawl up the mansion.

They watched as she aimed and launched the webs from her shooters and then swung away.

"I hope she knows what she's doing." Jason said worried.

"Don't worry I'm sure she does." Jake said. "Now come on."

They all got in the plane and flew to the museum.

Meanwhile in the Brown Spades hideout.

In the office of it's head, he sat at his desk glaring.

"Where is the person we hired, he should be here by now." He said.

A knock was heard before the door opened.

Who came in was an elderly duck wearing a cap and kilt and had a cane.

"Flintheart Glomgold, welcome." He said.

"Thank you for having me." Glomgold said. "Though I'm curious as to why I was brought here."

"Are you familiar of the explorer named Marc Anders?" He asked.

"Of course, why do you ask?" Glomgold asked.

"He has caused my organization trouble before and now his son is doing the same." He told him.

"Why should I care about taking care of this brat?" Glomgold asked.

"Because he's working along with your nemesis Scrooge McDuck."

They then saw the female come in.

"He's working with Scrooge, fine then but only to destroy him." Glomgold said.

"Excellent." He nodded.

"And we know that there is an artifact at the museum in Duckburg." She said. "And we'll be sending some of our soldiers to help you acquire it."

A whole bunch of people in grey and red armor then came in.

"Now kill the Anders children and their friends by any means necessary." The male said.

"With pleasure." Glomgold smirked.

They all then left out for Duckburg.

Meanwhile back in Duckburg, Jason was watching Gwen swing through the city.

"Looks like it's going good." He mentioned.

"Looks like she's having fun." Ashley said.

"Yeah." Huey agreed.

"If she can make more of them, she can sell them for a fortune." Carlos said

"That wouldn't do good." Jake mentioned. "Not all people would want them for good purposes."

"Yeah, I guess your right." Carlos said.

She then swung and clung to the plane.

She climbed up it and inside.

"Well the wall crawl gloves and web shooters work." Gwen said.

"Gwen, that was so cool!" Dewey said.

"Totally awesome!" Webby agreed.

"I'm so lucky have fallen in love with a girl like you." Jason said.

Gwen blushed giggling at that.

Jason then blushed scratching his head.

"Save it for getting a room you two." Jake said. "We got work."

The two then nodded and sat next to eachother.

They all prepared heading for the museum.

They then landed out the museum.

"Before we go in, how are we gonna get this artifact in and out?" Jason asked.

"That's gonna be the difficult part." Jake said. 

"It's not like we can just go in and take it." Lara said.

"Even I can't get it." Scrooge said.

“Well we need to think of something or the Brown Spades will get it.” Kim said.

"Sneak in again?" Joey requested.

“Looks like.” Jake said.

"Oh joy, I just love breaking the law." Jason groaned.

“I hate it too, but those guys will get it first.” Jake said.

They all then waited until closing time where Gwen scaled the walls of the museum.

She looked in see the halls empty and keeping eyes open for guards. She signaled the rest telling them it was clear.

They all then ran inside.

She then jumped down to the rest.

"We're clear." She told them.

They then walked until they found the artifact.

"There it is." Donald said.

They walked to the cast as they looked at it.

"I wonder what's so special about this block?" Jonathan wondered.

"I guess we'll find out." Webby said.

Coco typed on her computer deactivating the alarms and looping the cameras.

"Alright good to go." Coco said to them.

Jake nodded while he worked to open the case.

Jake then grabbed it.

"Alright let's go." Yugi said.

They began to make their way out.

They then ran into Glomgold with his henchmen pointing their guns at them.

"Leaving so soon." He smirked.

"Glomgold!" Scrooge glared.

"You know him?" Jake asked.

"He's Scrooge's sworn enemy." Donald glared.

"This can go two ways McDuck." Glomgold smirked. "Either I take the artifact by force and then they all kill you or you hand it over compliantly and you still die."

"Gee, what a great selection of choices." Rick glared sarcastically.

Jason then noticed the spade logo on the soldiers.

"Your working with the Brown Spades." He glared.

"That's right." Glomgold smirked. "Now what's it gonna be?"

"We're gonna die either way!" Lara glared.

"So I think we'll choose option three." Jake pulled a grenade out pulling the pin. "Catch!"

One of the soldiers caught it as they all looked worried.

"DOWN!!!" Glomgold shouted as they got down.

The group ran, but didn't hear an explosion as Glomgold looked before glaring.

"A fake?! Get them!" He snapped.

The soldiers then ran after them shooting their guns.

"Well good fake out, but do you have a plan B?" Lara asked Jake.

"I have an idea." Gwen shot her webs.

They webbed the path keeping them from getting through.

"Nice work spidey." Carlos said. "Can I call you that?"

"I think someone else is using it, but I doubt they'll mind." She said.

"Come on." Jake said as they were near an exit.

Soldiers then got in their way.

Jake and Lara were gonna shot them but Gwen beat them to it by webbing them.

"Nice one." Jake said.

"Now let's go!" Huey said.

They then got to the ship and ran in.

"Now let's go!" Huey said.

They then got to the plane and ran in.

The Soldiers came out and fired their guns at the plane.

They took off fast while the shots hit the hull of it as they held on.

Glomgold glared as a soldier got out a rocket launcher.

He aimed and fired at them.

The rocket launcher then hit the plane's engine.

They all felt the shake and the plane starting to lose power.

“Oh crap!” Jake shouted.

"We're going down!" Evy shouted.

"Hold on!" Lara shouted.

They all then held on as the plane was heading down into the water.

Launchpad tried pulling it up as it skid on the water.

"Well that's just great." Shaggy groaned.

“We’re not dead.” Crunch groaned. “Right?”

"Well I don't see any wings on our backs and rings on our head, so were not." Jason said.

“Unless we’re in the other place.” Ron said.

“Nope I doubt it.” Jake said. “Course we’re stuck now.”

"With no way to contact for help." Kim added.

“And those guys likely going to catch up.” Tristan said.

"Well how do we get out of this mess?" Louie asked.

“Working on it.” Jake said on his computer.

Coco got out her laptop on help Jake.

“And the idea for you is what?” Lara asked him.

“Connecting to my home lab.” Jake said as he managed it. “Got it.”

"What could possibly help from there?" Jonathan asked.

“Allow me to show.” Jake said. “Jill.”

“I read you sir.” A female voice said.

"Whoa, an artificial intelligence." Coco said amazed.

"Yup, she's my assistant." Jake said.

"When were you going to tell us about this?" Jason asked.

“I didn’t think we’d need her, but right now we do.” Jake said before looking to Jill. “Jill I’m gonna need some assistance now.”

“What can I do sir?” She asked him.

"The engine was shot and destroyed." Jake told her.

"I will see what I can do." Jill told him.

"Alright, we'll keep an eye out for any ships." Webby said.

They watched from the windows to keep an eye open for any Brown Spades.

They kept looking until Rick saw something.

"Got something." He said.

They looked seeing what he saw.

He then looked through them to see a pirate ship.

"Pirates." He said.

"Pirates?!" Shaggy and Scooby questioned in shock.

"Well what else do you see?" Jason asked.

Jake looked to see a flag with a skull wearing a straw hat.

"Well it's a different flag than I'm used to. The skull has a straw hat on it." Jake said.

"Who cares what flag it is there still pirates!" Shaggy shivered.

"Reah." Scooby nodded shivering.

"Hmm." Jake said putting away the scope. "I know I've seen that flag though."

"It rings a bell to you?" Ashley asked.

"Yeah, I swear I've seen that flag before but I can't put my finger on it." Jake said.

"Well maybe worry on it later." Lara reminded him.

"It's coming closer." Rick said.

"Alright everyone, be prepared for anything." Jake told the group.

They all nodded getting ready.

On the ship we see a black haired boy wearing a straw hat sitting on the front of the ship.

He looked before seeing the plane in the water.

"Hey guys, look!" He pointed

The others on the ship came out to see it as well.

"Weird." The long nosed boy said. "What's a plane doing in the water?"

"Looks like someone must've crashed." The green haired man said.

"Don't think so." The blonde man saw the damaged engine. "Looks like it got shot down."

"I wonder if anyone's in there?" The orange haired girl wondered.

"Let's go see." The little reindeer said.

The ship sailed closer to the plane.

"What's going on here?" A black haired woman asked coming to the group.

"We found a damaged plane just floating here." The straw hat boy said.

She looked at it.

"Course now how do we get inside?" The blonde man asked.

The pirates the looked around to find an entrance as the group looked out the window.

"Are they gonna kill us?" Louie asked.

"I don't know." Jake said as he looked at them.

The pirates then saw a door to the plane.

The straw hat, green haired man and blonde haired man then jumped down to the door.

They managed to knock it open as the rest followed after them.

Jake then told them the plan.

"Are you sure?" Ron asked.

"Do we have any better ideas?" Jonathan asked him.

They all then carried out the plan.

The pirates were looking around the plane to find anything.

"Looks like no one's here." The reindeer said.

"Maybe rescue crew came?" The blonde man suggested.

Gwen was crawling on the ceiling above them.

"Welp guess there's nothing here." The green haired man said.

"Yeah, let's get out of here." the orange haired girl said.

They turned to walk as the long nosed boy felt something as he turned behind him looking around quickly.

"Hey Usopp! Keep up!" The blonde man called to him.

"Oh coming." He said walking ahead.

As he did Gwen hung down from the webs seeing them go off.

"But Sanji, I should tell you I felt something." Usopp said.

"Probably just the wind." He said.

"Well maybe." Usopp said looking back.

"Or maybe it's just your imagination." Sanji added in.

"Well maybe." Usopp said looking back.

"Or maybe it's just your imagination." Sanji added in.

"Yeah, this plane looks empty." The reindeer said.

"You're right Chopper, let's go." Sanji said.

They walked off back to the door while Usopp still felt like something was following them.

"Alright, they're leaving." Gwen said.

"Good." Jake said.

Everyone then saw them walking away.

"Looks like we're in the clear." Lara said.

Everyone then smiled until Carlos then sneezed.

That then caught the Pirates attention.

"You hear that?" The swordsman questioned.

"I did." The little reindeer said.

Everyone then glared at Carlos who looked nervous.

"Nice going, Sneezy." Huey glared.

"Now those pirates are gonna kill us." Louie glared.

"I knew it, someone is watching us." Usopp said.

"Well let's lure them out." The straw hat said as his arm stretched back.

The group looked at seeing his hand stretching out so far.

"What...the...hell." Jason watched.

"Guys, are you seeing this?" Jake asked.

"I'm trying to believe it." Rick said.

"Gum-Gum Pistol!" He shot his arm forward.

He then punched his hands constantly.

"My plane!" Scrooge yelled.

"Okay hiding over!" Jake yelled.

Everyone then got out of hiding.

"Okay Gwen, the jig is up." Jason called.

She then jumped down from the ceiling behind the pirates.

"Alright." She said.

Usopp yelped seeing her as he clung to the swordsman.

"Get off of me!" He yelled.

"Okay we have a lot of questions and I'm not sure on many of the answers." Jake said.

"Out of all the weird and unnatural things we've seen..." Scrooge said.

"Seeing what he did is the strangest." Crunch finished.

"Like how did he do that?" Shaggy asked.

"I'm a rubber person." Luffy pulled his mouth and let go.

They all stared in shock as Lara remembered something.

"Hey Jake haven't we heard of things like this?" she asked.

Jake realized. "Oh right, maybe he ate one of those Devil Fruit things we've read about."

"Devil what?" Launchpad asked.

“Devil Fruit. Mysterious fruit that grant the person who ate it some kind of ability.” Jake explained.

“Each one is different. Like one can create fire or tsunamis.” Lara added.

"Whoa." The kids said.

"And I guess that this guy ate one that makes him rubber?" Joey asked.

“Yup the Gum-Gum Fruit.” He smirked.

"And I ate the Human Human fruit." The reindeer said.

“Nothing surprises me anymore.” Jake looked at him.

"Aw, isn't he just the cutest little reindeer."Ashley said in awe.

Joey then felt a tap on his shoulder as he saw a hand behind him.

"YAAHH!" He yelped falling down before it vanished.

"I too ate a Devil Fruit." The black haired woman said. "The Flower-Flower Fruit."

"So cool!" Webby said excited.

“Yeah cool.” Joey panted.

"We noticed your plane was stranded." Sanji said.

"Yeah and sorry for hiding, we kinda assumed you were gonna kill us." Jason said.

“Yeah we’re on edge.” Jake said.

"From what?" The orange haired girl asked.

“A group called the Brown Spades.” Lara said.

"A no good group of people who are trying to kill us." Donald said.

The pirates looked confused and couldn't understand the duck.

“I didn’t catch that.” The swordsman said.

“He said they’re a no good group of people who are trying to kill us.” Jake said.

"Oh." He said.

"Anyway, who are you guys?" Gwen asked.

"I'm Monkey D. Luffy, I'm gonna be king of the pirates." He grinned.

"King of the pirates?" Dewey questioned.

"It's an actual thing that began with Gol D. Roger." Jake answered.

"Neat." Alex said.

"The name's Roronoa Zoro." Zoro said.

"Sanji." He nodded.

"I'm Usopp." He said.

"Hi there, I'm Nami." She said.

"I'm Tony-Tony Chopper." He smiled.

"You can just call him Chopper." Nami said.

"And I'm Nico Robin." Robin said.

"Nice to meet you guys."

The group then introduced themselves to them.

"Nice to meet you." Chopper smiled.

"Likewise." Lara said.

"So, what made you crash?" Nico asked.

"Brown Spades." Jason answered.

"They wanted this thing we got." Jake showed the artifact.

"What is that?" Nami asked.

"Not sure but it may lead to treasure." Jake answered.

"Really?" She questioned.

"Most likely." Jason nodded.

"But the guys after us want it also for other purposes." Kim said.

"Evil purposes." Evy added.

"Yeah." Kim said.

"Guys we like shouldn't be telling pirates this." Shaggy said.

"Yeah, rey might use it for rere own purposes." Scooby said.

"Would you two calm down." Tea told them. "We'd be dead already."

"She's got a point." Tristan said.

"Anyway hopefully we can get out soon." Jake said looking to his laptop. "Jill what's the word on the engine?" 

"It will take until tomorrow morning to fix." She said.

"Tomorrow?!" Jake questioned.

"We don't have til tomorrow!" Scrooge added.

"I'm sorry, but that's how long it'll take." Jill said.

Jake sighed at hearing that.

"What do we do then?" Coco asked them.

They all then looked around until Luffy's stomach growled.

"I'm hungry, let's eat." He said.

Most of his crew groaned to that.

"How can you think about food at a time like this?" Nami asked annoyed.

"It's about the only thing he does think about." Zoro groaned annoyed.

The group then looked confused.

"What is this guy's deal?" Louie wondered.

"I don't know." Lara said.

"Well why don't we see if these people are also hungry." Chopper said.

"We really aren't going anywhere." Crunch mentioned to his group.

"So if your hungry, I guess I can make something." Sanji said.

"How about those ducks, they look delicious!" Luffy said.

The kids hid behind Donald as Nami bashed Luffy over the head.

"NOT THEM, YOU IDIOT!" Nami yelled.

"Yeah he once tried to eat me too." Chopper told the ducks.

"How do ya live with him?" Donald questioned.

"It's tough." Sanji said. "But don't worry, I won't cook you. 

The kids sighed in relief.

"Thank you." Louie sighed in relief.

"Unless if we need back up food." Sanji said.

Nami then bashed his head.

"DON'T YOU START EITHER!!!" She snapped.

"Sorry." He groaned in pain.

"Cook them, I kill you, got it?" Zoro glared.

"Sure, sure Mosshead." Sanji groaned.

Zoro just groaned.

"Let's just go." Nami said annoyed.

The group walked as the kids looked scared.

"Don't worry, kids." Nami said to them. "Either of them try anything I'll deal with them both."

"Thank you." Huey said.

They all walked as they got on their ship.

"Cool ship." Jason said.

"Thanks, she was given to us by a friend of mine." Usopp said.

"It's unlike any pirate ship I've seen." Dewey said.

"I'll say." Huey looked around.

"I guess these guys aren't the typical everyday pirates." Rick said.

"Guess not." Evy said.

"I'll get to cooking." Sanji said.

He then walked away to the kitchen.

The rest looked around the ship while he was cooking.

"Your ship looks like she's been through a lot lately." Jake noticed the clamps and other minor damages.

"You have no idea." Luffy grinned.

"Yeah she's carried us through a lot of adventures." Usopp said.

"So has our plane." Launchpad looked at the plane.

"Aye though the rocket launcher was a first." Scrooge said.

"The Brown Spades will do anything to kill me and all of you." Jason said. 

"Don't worry Jay, we'll find a way though this." Gwen said.

"Yeah we're not going to let them get anyone." Jake said.

Jason then felt sad about what's been happening.

"I'm gonna go." Jason said walking away.

"Jay?" Dewey questioned.

Everyone then looked at him as Gwen watched worried.

"Poor guy." Coco said worried.

"He must really think that all of this is happening because of him." Carlos said.

"But it's not his fault." Ashley said.

"Maybe I should go talk to him." Gwen said.

"Yeah you should." Lara nodded.

Gwen nodded and went after him.

Meanwhile Jason then found an empty room and sat on the bed.

He sighed before Gwen came in.

"Jason, you alright?" Gwen asked.

"Go away." He said.

"Jay." She said.

"I SAID GO AWAY!" He yelled.

Gwen simply jumped back but still didn't leave.

"No." She told him.

Gwen then came in and sat on the bed near Jason.

"Why don't you listen?" Jason groaned annoyed.

"Because I'm as stubborn as you." Gwen told him. 

Jason merely groaned.

"Look Jason, I know what's troubling you." She said.

He didn't respond.

"And nothing that's happened is on you." Gwen told him.

"All of this is because of me and if I'm around you guys, you'll be dead because of me." Jason said.

"That's why I became a spider, to help you stop these creeps." Gwen said.


"Jake and Lara, along with Rick and Scrooge and Kim can also take care of us and themselves." Gwen told him.

"Yeah but I feel like they won't be enough to stop them." Jason said.

Gwen then saw that he was still sad and then she had an idea and smirked.

"Oh Jason." She said.

"What?" Jason asked looking at her.

She pushed him down on the bed.

"Hey! Gwen?!" He looked at her.

Gwen then got on top of Jason.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Something to make you feel better." Gwen smirked.

She then lowered down and kissed him.

He looked in shock before kissing back.

They both kissed as Jason put his hands around Gwen's back.

She moved hers and reached under his shirt.

"What are you doing?" Jason asked seeing this.

"My attempt of making you feel better." Gwen told him.

She was moving her hands under his shirt.

"W-Wait is this going where I'm thinking?" He questioned.

She then removed his jacket and shirt.

Jason then blushed as Gwen blushed too.

"Oh my." She breathed.

Jason realized what she was doing and decided to go along with it.

"Alright Gwen, your turn." He said.

"Alright then." She lifted hers over her head.

Jason blushed seeing this.

"This making you feel better?" She asked.

"Y-Yeah a bit." He nodded.

They decided to kiss more.

Jason then moved her hands down from her back to backside.

She yelped in his mouth smirking a bit.

He then rubbed it making her moan while kissing.

Back with the rest they were out on the deck still.

"Think Gwen snapped him out of it?" Lara questioned.

"I hope." Jake said.

"Me too." Rick said.

"Looks like all the stress from adventuring has finally gotten to him." Webby said.

"And this Brown Spades issue isn't helping things." Aku-Aku said.

"Gwen is his girlfriend, so she might help soothe him." Huey said.

"Yeah you're right." Jake said.

"Hey Sanji, is food done yet?" Luffy asked.

"Just about!" Sanji called.

"Let's hope Gwen is done, or else their food is gonna get cold." Dewey said.

Meanwhile back with Jason and Gwen.

They both panted heavily.

"Whoa...that was..." Gwen said.

"...Amazing." Jason finished.

"Totally." She smiled.

Jason the looked worried.

"I hope no consequences happen because of this." Jason said.

"Well if it does we'll try to deal with it." Gwen said. 

"That's a relief." Jason said. 

"Do you feel better now?" Gwen asked.

"Yeah, thank you very much Gwen." Jason said.

"Anytime." Gwen told him.

"And as a thank you gift..." Jason said and then kissed her on the lips.

She smiled. "Ever feel like this again I'll be sure to help more."

"Well let's go, the others are probably worried." Jason said,

They nodded and went back to the others.

The others saw them come back.

"Feeling better now?" Lara asked him.

"Yeah, thanks to her." Jason smiled looking at Gwen.

"Glad to see you better Jay." Dewey said.

"Yeah we were getting worried." Ashley said.

"I understand why your worried, but promise me you'll be careful when we're around those creeps?" Jason asked.

"Don't worry, we'll be fine." Jake said.

"You've seen we're not exactly helpless." Lara held up her gun.

"It's the kids I'm worried about." Jason said.

"We know, but we're trying to protect them also." Jake told him.

"Sure Webby can fight but she might get herself killed." Jason said.

"We know." Jake said.

"But let's not dwell on that, let's eat." Sanji said coming in with food.

"Also we should tell you Luffy has a really big stomach." Usopp told the group.

"Well so do me and Scoob." Shaggy said.

"Reah." He nodded.

"Well we'll see who's got the bigger one." Jake said.

Sanji then delivered the plates.

"Alright, I hope the guests enjoy." He said.

They all began to eat as the group was enjoying it.

"Whoa, not bad." Jason said.

"I agree." Ashley nodded.

"Awesome man." Jake thumbed up.

"I must say lad, you did great." Scrooge said.

"None of this is duck, is it?" Donald asked.

"Nope I'm sure I'd be killed if it were." Sanji said.

Donald sighed in relief.

"Yeah you would be dead." Zoro said.

They then looked seeing Luffy, Scooby and Shaggy eating a lot.

"Oh you weren't kidding." Lara said to Usopp.

"Neither were those two." Jake said.

"Yeah, Luffy's stomach is bottomless." Usopp said.

"Yeesh I'm surprised you have anything on this ship in that case." Rick said.

"Do you guys put locks on your fridge or something?" Jake asked.

"Oh yeah." Sanji pointed to the fridge.

They all saw it had locks on it.

"Oh my." Huey said.

"Well that's one way to do it I guess." Kim mentioned.

"I suggest you eat before Luffy eats it all." Nami said.

"Noted." Lara said eating.

Everyone then ate their food and were tired.

"Well let's get some rest, we're gonna need it." Jason said.

"Yeah." Jake said.

They all went to find somewhere to sleep.

Jason then saw Gwen made herself a web bed and laid on it.

"Hey Gwen, mind if I join?" Jason asked.

"Of course." Gwen said.

Jason then got on to the web bed.

"Looks like I'm the fly in your web." Jason said.

She snorted shaking her head at that.

"So peaceful out here." Jason said.

"Yeah it is." Gwen agreed.

They then leaned on each other.

Meanwhile the others were settling in.

"Well we should be out of here by tomorrow." Jake said.

"But what about the pirates?" Scrooge asked.

“They probably have their own adventures to continue on.” Jake said. “Luffy did say they were looking for the One Piece.”

"True, let's talk about it tomorrow." Lara said.

Everyone then nodded and went to sleep, where they get rest for their next adventure.

End of Ep. 11
World Explorers Ep. 11
Eleventh episode by me and :icondark-warrior95:

Jake Richards belongs to :icondark-warrior95:

Jason, Ashley and Carlos Anders belongs to me.

We do not own these characters.
Jason's Friends (Redo)
This is a redo of Jason's friends meme

Leone Alasen (My OC)
Brianna Jackson (My OC)
Terrence Silva (:icondragonprince18:'s OC)
Jazzra Griffin (:icondragonprince18:'s OC)
Cody Griffin (:icondragonprince18:'s OC)
Jake Richards (:icondark-warrior95:'s OC)
Yuya Sakaki (Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V) - Childhood Friend
Zuzu Boyle (Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V)
Gong Strong (Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V)
Ace Bunny (Loonatics Unleashed)
Lexi Bunny (Loonatics Unleashed) - Childhood Friend
Danger Duck (Loonatics Unleashed)
Tech E. Coyote (Loonatics Unleashed)
Rev Runner (Loonatics Unleashed)
Slam Tasmanian (Loonatics Unleashed)
Gwen Stacy (Ultimate Spider-Man) - Girlfriend
Adele (:iconjigglypuffqueen9000:'s OC)

Meme by :icondragonprince18:
With my Kingdom Hearts story idea based on this:  My Kingdom Hearts Adventure meme by MarioFanProductions I decided to have my own Organization XIII.

I. Unnamed OC

II. ???

III. ???

IV. ???

V. ???

VI. Aigami (Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Side of Dimensions)

VII. ???

VIII. ???

IX. ???

X. ???

XI. ???

XII. Drago (Jackie Chan Adventures)

XIII. ???

Ideas open
My Kingdom Hearts Adventure meme
A story project I had after watching some Kingdom Hearts, it's still a work in progress but if you have any ideas or want your OC's in it let me know.

Homeworld: New York
Mascot World: Seaside Island
Starter World: CN City

Story Worlds:

1.Xiaolin Temple
Hero: Raimundo Pedrosa
Villain: Chase Young

2.Dragon Realms
Hero: Spyro
Villain: Ripto

3.Grand Line
Hero: Monkey D. Luffy
Villain: Buggy

Hero: Anakin Skywalker
Villain: Count Dooku

5. Heartland Ciyu
Hero: Yuma Tsukumo
Villain: Dr. Faker

6. Kanto Region
Hero: Ash Ketchum
Villain: Giovanni

7. Fire Nation
Hero: Aang
Villain: Ozai

8. Jumanji
Hero: Alan Parrish
Villain: Van Pelt

Princess Worlds:

1.Jump City
Hero: Robin
Villain: Slade

2.Mushroom Kingdom
Hero: Mario
Villain: Bowser

Hero: Rick O'Connell
Villain: Imhotep

4. Hyrule
Hero: Link
Villain: Ganondorf

5. Far Far Away
Hero: Shrek
Villain: Prince Charming

6. Amity Park
Hero: Danny Fenton/Phantom
Villain: Vlad Plasmius

Lost and Returned World/Final Princess World: Salem's Domain
Hero: ???
Villain: Salem

Final World: Pitch's Lair

Chosen Hero: Jason Anders
Partners: Yuya Sakaki (Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V), Lexi Bunny (Loonatics Unleashed), Tails and Knuckles (Sonic the Hedghog)
Transportation: Tornado
Mascot: Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Disney Role Characters: Shadow, Rouge, Amy, Cream and Big
Final Fantasy Role Characters: Dexter, Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Johhny Bravo, Courage and Jack, Mandark and Mojo Jojo
Seven Princesses: Starfire (Teen Titans), Peach (Super Mario), Evelyn Carnahan (The Mummy), Zelda (The Legend of Zelda), Princess Fiona (Shrek), Sam Manson (Danny Phantom) and Gwen Stacy (Ultimate Spider-Man)
Council of Villains: Salem, Dr. Eggman, Slade, Ripto, Bowser, Ganondorf and Vlad Plasmius
Evil Creatures: Grimm (RWBY)
Final Villain: Pitch (Rise of the Guardians)

Meme by :icontvngames:
Jason Anders (SBB: Tabuu's Revenge) by MarioFanProductions

Full Name
: Jason Anders

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Mother: Lisa Anders 

Father: Marc Anders

Siblings: Ashley Anders (Younger sister)

Friends: Smashers (SSB), Jake Richards, Shelly Richards and Aaron Hall (Great Friends; Dark-Warrior95's OCs), Alvaro (Good Friend; alvarobmk123's OC), Kevin Smith (Good Friend; Christopher108's OC), Ethan Tidwell (Good Friend; 17Chaos's OC), Terrence Silva and Jazzra Griffin (Great Friends; Dragonprince18's OC's), Jeku Kusanagi  (Good Friend; Wajinatorful's OC), Dark Magician Girl (Yu-Gi-Oh!), Juniper Lee (The Life And Times Of Juniper Lee), Katara (Avatar the Last Airbender), Marlon (Pokemon), Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen (Girlfriend; Ultimate Spider-Man), Caulifla (Dragon Ball Super), Crash, Coco, Crunch and Aku-Aku (Crash Bandicoot), Krystal (Star Fox), Knuckles, Tails, Amy (Sonic the Hedgehog), Chris Thorndyke (Sonic X), Wild Force Rangers (Power Rangers Wild Force), Falcon, Ryoma, Wang-Tang, Rouge, Ayame, Gunrock, Galuda and Apollus (Power Stone), Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho), Gon (Hunter X Hunter), Haru and Elie (Rave Master), Seth, Mel, Erik, Kara, Adam and Rion (Di-Gata Defenders), Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Erza and Wendy (Fairy Tail), Straw Hats (One Piece), Moana and Maui (Moana), Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, Sai and Kakashi Hakate (Naruto/Naruto Shippuden) 

Rivals: N/A

Villains: Sebastian and Leon Young (Dark-Warrior95's OC), Bowser, Bowser Jr., Koopalings, Wario, Waluigi (Super Mario Bros.),Ganondorf (Legend of Zelda), King Dedede (Kirby), Wolf O'Donnell (Star Fox), King K. Rool
(Donkey Kong Country), Ridley (Metroid), Dr. Eggman (Sonic the Hedgehog), Black Shadow (F-Zero), Liquid Snake (Metal Gear Solid), Dr. Cortex and Uka-Uka (Crash Bandicoot), Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII), Retinax, Mandilok and Nayzor (Power Rangers Wild Force), Saint Beasts (Yu Yu Hakusho), Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter), Hades and Zancrow (Fairy Tail), Arlong, Buggy the Clown, Alvida (One Piece), Sieghart (Rave Master), Malco and Flinch (Di-Gata Defenders), Jalsen and Alisen Darkmore (Archenemy; My OC's),  Valgas, Kraken, Octo, Pus (Power Stone), Madara Uchiha, Orochimaru, Kabuto Yakushi, Akatsuki & Kaguya Ōtsutsuki (Naruto/Naruto Shippuden)

Ultimate Boss: Tabuu (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

Personalities: Friendly, Calm, Caring, Cool, 

: New York City

Occupation: Duelist, Fighter

Fighting Style: Street fighting, Martial Arts

Powers: None

History: Jason was living his normal duelist life hanging out with his sister, until suddenly he got an invitation from SSB and met up with his friends and got on a plane that flew into Dork City and later arrived in a city called Dork City where they saw tons of other fighters, soon they signed up for the tournament and soon bumped into a girl named Gwen Stacy who also was participating in the tournament they were soon getting to know eachother and soon became friends and later seeing Gwen practicing for the tournament he soon began to form a crush for her, then he with his friends saw that Tabuu had returned with the other villains and now it's up to them to stop the villains 

Teen Voice: Jesse McCartney (Roxas' voice from Kingdom Hearts)
SSB: Tabuu's Revenge Profile: Jason
This is for :icondark-warrior95: 's Story- Super Smash Bros. Tabuu's Revenge
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With my Kingdom Hearts story idea based on this:  My Kingdom Hearts Adventure meme by MarioFanProductions I decided to have my own Organization XIII.

I. Unnamed OC

II. ???

III. ???

IV. ???

V. ???

VI. Aigami (Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Side of Dimensions)

VII. ???

VIII. ???

IX. ???

X. ???

XI. ???

XII. Drago (Jackie Chan Adventures)

XIII. ???

Ideas open


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