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I keep getting Quiet Hiccups per day or per 2 Days. I don't know what's going on with me. I get multiple cases in one day.
Idea Requests are open for Rage Birds Toons (RBT S8) and Rage Birds Comics (Roger Version) (RBC RV)

I need new ideas for Rage Birds Toons Season 8 Episodes 12 and 13 (Future Season)

Rage Birds Toons Season 8:
Episode 12 - : 
Episode 13 - : 

I also need new ideas for Rage Birds Comics (Roger Version) Episodes 11 - 17 and 20 (Future Episodes)
Episode 11 - : 
Episode 12 - : 
Episode 13 - : 
Episode 14 - : 
Episode 15 - : 
Episode 16 - : 
Episode 17 - : 
Episode 20 - : 

If you have an idea, put it in the comments below.
Three days ago I started to look up some zodiac signs and I found a website that show what spirit animal I am, its called Primal Astrology. My Spirit Animal is a Komodo Dragon. I'll put the link of the website I found if you want to know what your spirit animal is.

I got one request from someone and I will work on it if I have time. If you want to request me to draw something, do a Roleplay, or story and put it in the comments below. But please don't make me do requests that are too complicated or the request will be denied (For drawings only). I could be from anything, including my characters (Drawing or Roleplay). But remember, if you sent me the same request like you did last time, it will be denied.

Here are some examples of things I can do to draw of any request: Tickling, Comics, Sickness, Illness, Hiccups, or other.

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Today is December 23, my birthday.
December 23 is my birthday
Yesterday I came back from school, I had a fever of 101.1 degrees, chills, runny nose, stuffy nose, coughing, and sore throat. My mom says that I need 24 hours without fever, so I not in school today.
After 5 years and 10 months, November 3, 2017, I got the hiccups when I was playing a game on my computer. They went away after 5 minutes after I held my breath.

5 years and 10 months I had no hiccups

I need your choice on when should I work on How Mary (Me) became the Evil Dictator of Volcano Island Movie. You want me to work on it after Rage Birds Toons Season 5 or Rage Birds Toons Season 6? Put it in the comments below.
Requests for RBT Episodes for Season 8 are OPEN, if you have an idea, then put it in the COMMENTS BELOW. It can be anything, Examples: Jealousy, Sickness, Hiccups, or many others. 

Remember to INCLUDE what is the episode about.

You MAY type or write a script about it.

Rage Birds Toons Season 8 Episodes:

Episode 1 - The Director’s Past: The Rage Birds went back in time to check out the Director’s past, because of her bad attitude.

Episode 2 - Farewell Roger’s Mother: Roger’s Mother Dies of a mysterious disease, and makes Roger feel gloomy.

Episode 3 - The Revival of King David: After a talk with the Director, The Director uses her wand to revive King David that she has killed.

Episode 4 - Roger is gloomy: Roger can't stop thinking about his mother’s death and he doesn't make experiments.

Episode 5 - : 

Idea By: 

Script (Optional): 

Episode 6 - : 

Idea By: 

Script (Optional): 

Episode 7 - : 

Idea By: 

Script (Optional): 

Episode 8 - : 

Idea By: 

Script (Optional): 

Episode 9 - : 

Idea By: 

Script (Optional): 

Episode 10 - : 

Idea By: 

Script (Optional): 

Episode 11 - : 

Idea By: 

Script (Optional): 

Episode 12 - : 

Idea By: 

Script (Optional): 

Episode 13 - : 

Idea By: 

Script (Optional): 
Rage Birds Toons Season 5 Episode 3: 

Rage Birds Toons Season 5 Episode 2a:…

Rage Birds Toons Season 5 Episode 2b:…

Rage Birds Toons Season 5 Episode 1a:…

Rage Birds Toons Season 5 Episode 1b:…

Rage Birds Character/Oc Requests for Rage Birds Toons (RBT) Season 5

If you have a Google Account, then type your character/Oc information in this Google Spreadsheets if you want your character to be in the series:…. BUT PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THE TWO CHARACTER NAMES OR THEIR INFORMATION AND THE TITLES OF EACH INFORMATION THAT ARE ALREADY THERE!!! JUST TYPE IT BELOW THOSE THREE ROWS!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

If you don't have a Google Account, then type your character/Oc information in the comment section below if you want your character to be in the series.

Here is the Base:

All About your Character:
(Name of your Character ____)
Type (Hero or Villain):
Owner of this character:
Appearance (Only the owner of this can fill this out): 
Best Friends: 
Birthdate (Optional):

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Rage Birds Toons Season 4 (Tales) Episodes Playlist:…
I have school now, so the Requests for Rage Birds Comics are closed. I'm sorry.
August 8, 2016. Today is my anniversary of Mario1998 (Me) about the day I've joined Devaintart.

Happy :happy: 

Playing: A Koopa's Revenge 2 Gamer 

Typing: AB and RB School Season 2 Episode 1b Last Weeks of Summer Vacation (Extended Episode) Roleplay Day With Andrea Day :bademoticon: :must...finish..story: 

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Hey, you can ask me to make a comic about the Rage Birds, (You can ask me to put your oc in it if you like) it could be about hiccups, sicknesses, or anything. Just comment in the comments below.

Roger: I'm going to experiment your eating, Director.

Director (Me): Why?

Roger: Because I want to know why you didn't get the hiccups and Josh did when you challenged him.

Director (Me): Okay.

Roger: Are you hungry?

Director (Me): Yes.

Ruby: Here’s a big bowl of salad.

Roger: *Sets up the timer.*

Roger (Looks at the Director): Start eating now, Director.

Director (Me) eats my salad too fast.

Roger (Shocked): Director, slow down or you’ll get the hiccups.

5 minutes later,

Director (Finished her salad): DONE!!!!

Roger: *Stops the timer.*

Roger (Reads the timer and was surprised): 5 MINUTES!!!!! That is fast.

Roger (Looks at the Director): Any Hiccups?

Director (Me): No.

3 hours later,

Roger (Looks at the Director again): Any Hiccups?

Director (Me): No.

5 hours later,

Roger (Looks at the Director one last time): Any Hiccups?

Director (Me): No.

Roger (Surprised again): How’s that even possible?

Director (Me): I don’t know, I only do that when I’m starving.

Roger: But I thought you get the hiccups by eating too fast. Everyone does.

Director (Me): Well, not me. Only when I eat Peruvian Onions.

Roger: Oh.