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Village girl

Her name is Stefania. She is 7 year old. She have 2 older brothers. She goes to school at the nearest monastery, because the village that she lives in doesn't have a school. She was playing with sand as you can see while I met her and took some photos. Stefania was one of the youngest inhabitants in the village.
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awww shes so adorable!!!!!
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Perfect shot. :-)
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I luvd this pic, ur very talented, beautiful girl too
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She is very beautiful and it's a wonderful photo. Good job :).
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So cute! But it must be hard for her to live there.
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well probably when you don't know what's out there in the city, you will be satisfied with what you got!
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I doubt that she won't learn what's in the city... actually it's unfair and a bit cruel... when a person has no choice or a very poor choice.
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well, yeah. Probably. I saw that you are from Russia. Nice. I love your russian language. I have a friend that talks russian. I listen to distemper (russian ska-punk)!

And I wanted to tell ya that I think that there is so much unfair things around. An example is me. I live in Macedonia. if I want to travel out of my country I need visa. And the visas are hard to get, very hard. If you don't have relatives or friends in the country that you are going, that your chances of getting visa is below 50%. Secondly, I am a student. I want to travel for fuck sake! I can't! I want to go to Moskow, St Petersburg, I want to go to a concert of my favorite band, Rise Against, but I can't! Damn! Never mind, I want to tell ya that there are much unfair things around! I don't want to start with Africa... I want all to be right, but it can't be!

Thanks again for comments, and favs! :hug:
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I know... :D living in Russia I was in Moscow only once (because of a contest not just relaxing) and I never was in St.Petersburg. I'm not even talking about going somewhere else. You know a low qualifying job is payed 5 times more in Europe than high qualifying job in my region. But I hope you'll get a visa and visit capitals of Russia (I mean life and economical situation in Moscow and St.Petersburg differs a lot from regions).
mario19's avatar
yeah, I know about that :(! I know that Russia is quite poor country except for the big cities! Never mind, I hope we succeed in financial part of our lifes, and travel around the world. I would definitely want to see Russia, and maybe take a train from Ural to Alaska!
AngieVX's avatar
Yeah! I hope about the same too! And a train from Ural to Alaska would be great! It would cross the ocean and go through mountains!!! Exciting!
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Tuka moze da go slusas Martin za HC obrabotka. E, jas sum saturirano-kontrastno navlecen... :D

Dobar portret!
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Ne e moj stil, zemi ja probaj obrabotija, digni ja negde i daj da vidam :)!
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Mislev Martin da ja sredi... Samo se nadovrzav na segata na ''voodoo hug'' za boite. :-)
Konkretno ovde, mislam deka obrabotkata vo 'negov stil, bi mozelo da i dade poseben smek na fotkava.
mario19's avatar
hehe moze da ja obraboti, ali 99% deka kje ja "usere" za moj vkus :)! Mene mi se dopagjaat 1 od 100 od negovi asalni obrabotki. Mozda taa 1 kje bide tokmu ovaa, ne znam :)!
Stariot's avatar
Isprobaj go!
BobRock99's avatar
no name village a :) ..ti od najtze pocna ..ubav portret
mario19's avatar
manastirec e ova :)!
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she is so natural =)
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