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Winter Has Arrived! (Happy Birthday, Tonypilot!) by Mario-McFly Winter Has Arrived! (Happy Birthday, Tonypilot!) :iconmario-mcfly:Mario-McFly 4 2 Happy Children's Day From The CMC!! (Nov. 20/2018) by Mario-McFly Happy Children's Day From The CMC!! (Nov. 20/2018) :iconmario-mcfly:Mario-McFly 7 4 The Power Of Three Shall Set You Free! by Mario-McFly The Power Of Three Shall Set You Free! :iconmario-mcfly:Mario-McFly 12 1 Happy World Smile Day 2018!!! by Mario-McFly Happy World Smile Day 2018!!! :iconmario-mcfly:Mario-McFly 12 1 The Next Pony Holiday is WHAAAATTTT?!?! by Mario-McFly The Next Pony Holiday is WHAAAATTTT?!?! :iconmario-mcfly:Mario-McFly 1 2 Sunset and Pikachu by Mario-McFly Sunset and Pikachu :iconmario-mcfly:Mario-McFly 7 0 Sunset Shimmer Day Cuddle With A Pikachu by Mario-McFly Sunset Shimmer Day Cuddle With A Pikachu :iconmario-mcfly:Mario-McFly 14 3 Equestria Girls In Real Life by Mario-McFly Equestria Girls In Real Life :iconmario-mcfly:Mario-McFly 8 2 Sunset Shimmer Day Wallpaper by Mario-McFly Sunset Shimmer Day Wallpaper :iconmario-mcfly:Mario-McFly 12 2 Late Again, Naturally by Mario-McFly Late Again, Naturally :iconmario-mcfly:Mario-McFly 4 7 Kiss From A Flurry by Mario-McFly Kiss From A Flurry :iconmario-mcfly:Mario-McFly 4 2 Worried About The Future of Bronies by Mario-McFly Worried About The Future of Bronies :iconmario-mcfly:Mario-McFly 2 5 The CMC Feel My Pain by Mario-McFly The CMC Feel My Pain :iconmario-mcfly:Mario-McFly 8 5 Twilight Velvet's Comfort by Mario-McFly Twilight Velvet's Comfort :iconmario-mcfly:Mario-McFly 3 0 Toriel's Comfort by Mario-McFly Toriel's Comfort :iconmario-mcfly:Mario-McFly 2 0 Sad Again by Mario-McFly Sad Again :iconmario-mcfly:Mario-McFly 3 12


Zords Before Time by liu-psypher Zords Before Time :iconliu-psypher:liu-psypher 179 35 MMD Princess Saphir update DL by ToddynhoIce MMD Princess Saphir update DL :icontoddynhoice:ToddynhoIce 11 2 Tda Alice by WaruiKashu Tda Alice :iconwaruikashu:WaruiKashu 3 0 Game Night- FINAL by PixelKitties Game Night- FINAL :iconpixelkitties:PixelKitties 593 36 Mmd TDA Snow White by WaruiKashu Mmd TDA Snow White :iconwaruikashu:WaruiKashu 5 0 As the world falls down by BrogarArts As the world falls down :iconbrogararts:BrogarArts 55 7 Group photo [Gift] by PKM-150 Group photo [Gift] :iconpkm-150:PKM-150 767 173 GalaCon 2018 - Around Equestria in 80 days by RockingScorpion GalaCon 2018 - Around Equestria in 80 days :iconrockingscorpion:RockingScorpion 28 3 .:TDA Cinderella:. by WaruiKashu .:TDA Cinderella:. :iconwaruikashu:WaruiKashu 13 6 Sleeping Bloom by thediscorded Sleeping Bloom :iconthediscorded:thediscorded 933 68 Elements of Harmony [Laughter gatling]!! by franschesco Elements of Harmony [Laughter gatling]!! :iconfranschesco:franschesco 731 50 OC: Train pony, Lilly Bell by Bronytrainman OC: Train pony, Lilly Bell :iconbronytrainman:Bronytrainman 36 53 Lilly Bell (Commission) by BefishProductions Lilly Bell (Commission) :iconbefishproductions:BefishProductions 40 7 The Cheese Sandwich Album by Blackrhinoranger The Cheese Sandwich Album :iconblackrhinoranger:Blackrhinoranger 43 19 Natural History Tour by ModeratelyDeviant Natural History Tour :iconmoderatelydeviant:ModeratelyDeviant 7,775 908 Somnambula's Surprise Gift by Tonypilot Somnambula's Surprise Gift :icontonypilot:Tonypilot 11 29


Winter Has Arrived! (Happy Birthday, Tonypilot!)
(Original Title: Winter Is Coming.....) #585 Deerling - Winter
Winter has arrived, and the Christmas season is upon us once again!Deerling (Winter)Christmas- Deerling
#585 Deerling - Winter
Here, we have the season-changing Pokémon Deerling in its winter form standing on a snowy hill looking back at the sun rising over a snow-covered forest. I thought of this after the first proper snowfall here in my home state of Utah on Dec. 2nd.
Deerling (Winter)
I've been dying to make a picture with this Pokémon ever since I learned about its ability to change its form when the seasons change. Whoever thought of this Pokémon's ability must've put a lot of thought and creativity into it. Kudos to that person, whoever he/she may be!
Christmas- Deerling
I wanted to use a wintry MMD stage for the background but all the snow-covered stages I have didn't have enough trees and/or didn't look good when I added the Snow Cover effect (or didn't look good enough). I then decided to just use a wintry background picture instead. It's not what I wanted, but it will do. I even compensated for the sunrise by adjusting its shadow accordingly. I wanted the self shadow on, but it made Deerling glow very brightly for some reason, so I excluded the self shadow.
#585 Deerling - Winter
I'd like to dedicate this picture to my friend Tonypilot because today is his birthday and I forgot all about it due to all the sadness I've been feeling since my local pony con ended, lagging on MLP, and not being able to participate in the Christmas special he's working on. With that being said, Happy Birthday, Tonypilot!!!
fella Gift (Party)Blower fella (Party):iconpinkiepiecakeplz:Pinkie Pie Smile Icon 2:iconderpyhurrahplz:
Have a fun and safe winter, everybody!
Snowflake 2 Icon - F2U!Snowflake 3 Icon - F2U!Snowflake Icon - F2U!Winter Mandala
Deerling (Winter) - Valforwing

Background image courtesy of Google Images and the image's respective site

Deerling - Nintendo and Game Freak, Inc.
Happy Children's Day From The CMC!! (Nov. 20/2018)
Today is Children's Day, and it's the Cutie "Marked" Crusaders' time to shine!! Apple Bloom EmoteSweetie Belle EmoteScootaloo EmoteApplebloom and scootaloo (brohoof) #2 plzChibi Apple Bloom IconChibi Sweetie Belle IconChibi Scootaloo Icon

Here, we have the Cutie "Marked" Crusaders smiling for the camera in front of their clubhouse, complete with a banner. :thumbsup::peace: I thought of this and made it in less than 15 minutes on Monday the 18th of November. wink grin
Applebloom and scootaloo (brohoof) plz
As with World Smile Day, due to real-life complications (mostly depression), there was no way that I could make a big group picture for the day (not even with just fillies and colts). :no: I did that type of picture for Starlight Glimmer Day and it's too late, and as with World Smile Day, I chose not to do it. :sigh: So, I came with this picture to hopefully soften the blow of being late for the holiday. * I also did it because Thanksgiving is coming up and it's not gonna be good for me (like last year). :tears:
c.m.c EqG (sleeping) plz
I don't remember where I got the background from to be perfectly honest. I don't remember if I got it off of DeviantArt (like all the other backgrounds I have) or Google Images. I must've got it before I decided to make a habit of taking down the name of the artist who drew the background (so I can credit them). I wish there was a more updated picture of the clubhouse's exterior, but hardly anything about it has changed over the years/seasons, so, yeah.
MLP Apple Bloom (Cute Smile) PlzMLP Sweetie Belle (Giggle) PlzMLP Scootaloo (Squee0 PlzBabs Seed
Note: If anyone knows where this background came from or who made it, please let me know.

So, here's to the Cutie "Marked" Crusaders and children around the world! Happy Children's Day, everybody!!! Apple Bloom EmoteScootaloo EmoteSweetie Belle EmoteBabs Seed Emote
Chibi Apple Bloom IconChibi Sweetie Belle IconChibi Scootaloo Icon
The Cutie "Marked" Crusaders - Sparkiss-Pony, KP-ShadowSquirrel, AeridicCore, and ttasattasa/Blank Flank

Cutie Mark Crusaders Clubhouse Exterior - (creator unknown)

Ponies, background's basis - Hasbro
The Power Of Three Shall Set You Free!
The day of the Halloween season is upon us again, and I bring to you a picture straight out of the back burner! Oh yeah It's also Magic Day, Trixie's time and day to shine for the year! Emotipony TrixieTrixieFlag of Trixie Lulamoon
Here, we have Trixie, Twilight, and Starlight doing the chant from "Charmed" to defeat an unseen foe. Who or what the unseen foe is I'll leave it up to you decide. wink I started working on this just last week.
-F2U- The Great And Powerful Trixie Avatar
I had an idea like this in my head for a long time, but I never started it. I thought of this idea after I made the picture of Meiko dressed as a witch doing "Expecto Patronum" spell from the Harry Potter series. The original idea had 3 of the Vocaloid girls dressed as witches doing the "Charmed" chant against an unseen foe.
Trixie vengeance
The reason why Trixie is in the center and not Twilight is because Halloween has been designated as Magic Day and Trixie is designated to it, as opposed to Twilight (although Twilight has Friendship Day, so it's all good). After finding out that Trixie is designated to Magic Day/Halloween, I changed the characters from Vocaloid girls as witches to the 3 main magic ponies (excluding Rarity, no offense).
Trixie icon
I really wanted Trixie to have her cape on for this mini-comic, but there's no separate slider for it. Both her cape and hat operate on the same slider. I removed the hat via MME, but when I added Object Luminous to her horn, her horn wouldn't light up due to the hat tied with the cape on the slider. Sadly, I had to remove the cape so I could light her horn up. :sigh:
:icontrixieshockedplzTrixie if you say so
I used the same stage that I used for the picture of Meiko as a witch doing the Harry Potter spell. That stage has been on my mind for this picture since I thought of it.
Well, that's about it. Happy Magic Day to the Trixie fans, and Happy Halloween/Nightmare Night, everypony!! Flag of Trixie LulamoonChibi Trixie Lulamoon Icon

The Great and Powerful Trixie - ttasa
Princess Twilight Sparkle - Sparkiss-Pony, KP-ShadowSquirrel, ttasa
Starlight Glimmer (Season 6) - Sparkiss-Pony, KP-ShadowSquirrel, ttasa, Mrjimmy7, AeridicCore, and JDash42

Slender Forest - Wampa842

Ponies - Hasbro
Slender Forest - whoever made the "SlenderMan" game
Happy World Smile Day 2018!!!
Today is World Smile Day, and Pinkie Pie is here to cheer!! Crying With Laughter Emoji iOS VerFlag Of Pinkie Pie.Pinkie Pie Bouncing GifCheering Pinkie Pie

Here, we have Pinkie Pie wishing you a Happy World Smile Day, complete with a banner and raining confetti! :thumbsup::peace: I thought of this and made it in less than half an hour on the 29th of September. wink grin

What with the holiday coming up, I knew there was no way I could make a big group picture with Pinkie and her friends. :no: I did that type of picture for Starlight Glimmer Day and it's too late, so I chose not to do it for World Smile Day. :sigh: So, I came up with this simple idea instead.

I started off with the banner and background. I kept the text and colors in tune with Pinkie's colors. By the time I put the text in the banner, there was extra space on both sides, so I put Pinkie's Cutie Mark there to fill them in. I hope the colors aren't too bright for you, I really do. I even attempted to add effects on Pinkie to make her appear not too bright but still on color, if you know what I mean.

I Hate Being Lonely :Emoticon: Unfortunately, this was the only picture I could make and post on time for World Smile Day. :SadNod: - NaNoEmo I had 2 other pictures featuring Baby Doll and 2 different human Pinkie Pies (not EqG human), but they are not finished. (:sniffle: I'm sorry, HealerCharm!! :crying) I didn't finish them because my family issues have gotten much, much worse than before. TearsTears Because of said issues, I'm too sad to finish said pictures and too sad to catch up with MLP episodes, and the finale is next Saturday (as of 9/7/2018). :tears: I have to de-stress myself in order to be happy enough to catch up with the ponies, but it will take forever, and the season will be over by then! :crying: rvmpCrying:cry:Cry It's bad enough I didn't get to watch Rainbow Rocks on Sunset Shimmer Day, and now, not even Pinkie's "Smile Song" will cheer me up! Cry emoteEmotes - Kappa Cries
Crying Spyro Emote 50x50:iconpinkamenacryingplz:Oh my goodness...Yoshi CryingRainbow Dash (cry) plz
I'm sorry, I can't go on about this sadness, even though I'm extremely sad. :SadNod: - NaNoEmoSad Nod But I don't want to rain on anypony else's parade, so I will end it right here. Besides, that's not what picture descriptions are for.
MLP Indigo Zap (Worried) PlzSGLH cryingVenus Icon [3/8] - Sad :(
Just enjoy the holiday as long as you can and want, and try not to worry about me. ok sign f2uSign Emoji-05 (Ok or money) Keep calm, smile on, and Happy World Smile Day, everypony. :peace:ok sign f2u
:PinkyPiela:Chibi Pinkie Pie Icon*Free Icon/Emote* Pinkie Paw PusheenMystery Skulls Ghost Headbob Pony: Pinkie PieCheering Pinkie Piepinky pie party canon emoticonFlag Of Pinkie Pie.
Pinkie Pie - ttasa

Falling Confetti Effect - Guumi-chan

Pinkie Pie, Cutie Mark - Hasbro
Sad Again by Mario-McFly
As some of you may or may not know, 2018 has not been treating me very well, if my recent picture was any indication. Silent cry

I had a horrible 33th birthday, it was the worst birthday ever. :tears: That day pushed my overwhelming sadness over the edge. :tears:

The one thing I can hope to turn this horrible year around is going to Crystal Mountain Pony Con, Utah's only answer to all the well-known brony cons. :thumbsup: It's not as big, but it is, as they say, the next best thing. :D

But sadly, I don't have enough money to go to the con. Sad fayse. I did my taxes this year (and on my birthday, I might add :angry) and afterwards, I found out I'm not getting much on my tax return this year. Silent cry I was hoping for my tax return to help me go to the con, but that hope was dashed after finding out how much I'm getting. :tears:

2 of my brony friends suggested I should start a fundraiser to solve this problem. Worried I wasn't so sure, because I think that fundraisers are a type of e-begging, people hate e-begging, and they guilt trip people. :worries: (I apologize in advance if that last statement offended anyone, that's just my belief on fundraisers.) My friends insisted that a fundraiser would help me, so I started a GoFundMe (fundraiser), even though I still worry about it. :worries:

Here's the link to the GoFundMe to learn more info:

The dates for the Pony Con are on the picture in the link. As of now (June 10th), I have 2 months and 20 days to try to raise money to go to Crystal Mountain Pony Con. If I don't raise enough, then I can kiss meeting Nicole Oliver (Princess Celestia/Cheerilee) and Peter New (Big Mac) good-bye. sad I would say more here, but I think the link will tell you the rest of what you need to know. Please help spread the word, I implore you.

Thank you so much for your time and attention, it means the world of Equestria to me.


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Hello buddy.
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Tears Hey. MSN Emoticon - :'(
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what's the matter?
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Hey are you ok?
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No, I'm not feeling okay. :SadNod: - NaNoEmo:imsorry:cry orange

The year is halfway gone, and it's been so horrible to me. Tears I had the worst birthday ever (I turned 33 this year). :tears: Revamp My back and legs are killing me because my family is working me like a slave, and they think I'm faking the pain! :tears: As if that's not enough, their constant teasing has got much, much worse than before! :cry: To add even more insult to injury, they think I'm so obsessed with ponies, they think that's all I watch, talk, and think about!! Tears It's not true at all!! :crying: rvmp

I was lagging on the MLP episodes for a while, but I managed to catch up on July 13th. Happy Cry Then a week later, DHX ended the hiatus, much to my dismay. :tears: Not only that, they aired another Equestria Girls special the day after the 4th of July! :cries v.2 I'm sad about that because I haven't finished Forgotten Friendship yet! IMing: Cry I was watching it with a friend, but I was interrupted by my dad and had to stop in the middle! Tears But now I can't finish it because my friend is too busy to do it! :tears: I don't want to finish it alone! Fappy Cry

Anyway, that pretty much sums up how I'm feeling right now. Tears I'm sorry for wasting your time. :SadNod: - NaNoEmo:imsorry::cry:
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No it's ok I'm sorry that you work so hard
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Hey. :tears:Silent cryCry a Puddle:cry:
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Aww, don't be sad. Cute Foxy and Bonnie Chat Icon I Know That Feel Caterpie Emote Comforting Fennekin There there (It'll be okay) 
Mario-McFly Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2018
:tears: My birthday was horrible, the worst one ever! Rainbow Dash (cry) plz

:tears: I got no presents (not even one), my family made me do chores (I didn't want to work at all), my dad wouldn't give me my money (it's a long story), I never got to save up for a Super Nintendo Classic console (let alone buy it!), all of my birthday plans required money and I had none, I never got to go the brony meetup for the new episode the following Saturday due to no money, and worst of all, my dad rubbed "the worst birthday ever" in my face the ENTIRE week!!!
Cry emote
I was not looking forward to my birthday this year because I knew it was gonna bad. :tears: I'm serious, I tried my hardest to look on the positive side, but deep down, there was none. :cry: No amount of pony pictures could cheer me up. :tears: Of all the times my family had to be low on money, why did it have to be NOW?! Why, why, why?!?!
:crying: rvmp
On top of all that, I was forced to have to do my taxes on my birthday, which I didn't want to do! :cries v.2 After completing them, I found out that I'm not getting back the same amount as the tax return last year! [Cat Emote] Crying As a result, I'm not gonna be able to go to my local pony con this year! :crying: rvmp I was gonna make it better than last year! :crying: rvmp Oh, why?!
Cry emote
It's official, this year is gonna be more horrible than last year, no matter what I do!! I'm serious, I tried everything, but nothing works, nothing works!! :crying: rvmp It started off bad, and my horrible birthday just pushed it over the edge, and there's no way back!! :crying: rvmp
MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Cry SadRainbow Dash (cry) plzPinkie pie,rarity and fluttershy (cry) plzMLP Applejack (Sad) Plz
(That's a long story, too. :tears:)
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