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[MMD DL] TDA + WYKP Qipao Amy

1/12/2020 Update: The model download has been reopened.

12/31/2019 Update: In respect of TDA's rules, the model download is now closed.

Here's my original character, Amy, wearing a nice qipao dress. I did have to work on the dress rigging even further, especially for the breast area, as it has physics. And unique to this model is a bow, which is attached to Amy's hairclip.

Needless to say, Amy sure looks lovely in a qipao, and having a kind personality helps as well.

With that said, a download link for the model is now available, but be sure to read the following before downloading...

Model Features

This model has the following features...
  1. 249 bones are present, but only 114 of them have major usage.
  2. 73 morphs, with three of them being controlled by a single morph.
  3. 5 eye iris options.
  4. Removable shoes.
  5. Magic bones for the fingers and thumbs.
  6. Nearly flawless physics for the hair and breast area.

Basically, the exact same morphs from Amy's default outfit model are used for her qipao model. However, unlike the default dress, the qipao can't be removed. Also, while the qipao's skirt area lacks physics, some bones have been added onto the front and back areas of the skirt so that you can move them around; this can help to avoid any leg clipping.


HarukaSakurai: TDA WYKP Style Miku and Luka Bases
MilkaElRinka: [MMD] TDA China Dress
Destiny7865 & Xoriu: [MMD DL] Ponytail Hair
aHaru: Miku Hairclips
Y0K0NI: MMD- Hair Bow
MaiMami: [MMD] Simple Bow Heels

The base model is copyright TDA, WYKP, and Crypton Future Media Inc..


  1. Please follow TDA's and WYKP's original rules (readmes are included).
  2. Editing is permitted.
  3. Always credit the original model owners when using the model.
  4. Do not use this model for R-18 materials.
  5. Please do not redistribute this model.
  6. HarukaSakurai's rules also apply to this model.
On an additional note, if you use this model, be sure to show me your work.
© 2017 - 2021 Mario-and-Sonic-Guy
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buenisimo el diceño <3

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What rule was she disrespecting for you to take her down?

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It had something to do with TDA's rules. You can refer to my journal entries if you want to know what happened.

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Oh, ok. Sorry if this was a bit personal. I might check out the journal entries later because I was just curious. She looks so well made, and as someone who makes TDA style models as well, I was going to be sure I wasn't breaking any rules as well.

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Thank you so much for sharing her with us

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Hi there. Can I ask you something? Am I allowed to use the texture of the dress for my model? MMD Model Oc- Chinesse Scarlett

The format of the texture (TGA) for some reason doesn't allow me to edit it and I could only change the colors in the pmx, but it looks a little opaque all in red and black.

If I If I have your permission to use it I promise to credit you for the texture, if not... well thank you anyway 
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The dress source is in the deviation below, and as far as I know, editing the dress textures is permitted.

[MMD] TDA China Dress by MilkaElRinka

In regards to how to edit the textures, you need to use an image editing program that can read .tga files. They include GIMP 2 and Adobe Photoshop (preferably CS4).
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wow! is so sexy

thanks a lot
Excellent work! Thank you for sharing your models!
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Good ! thanks
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