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My Bio
Hello there visitors, my full alias is Mario & Sonic Guy, and here are some details about myself.

I have been highly affiliated with Nintendo consoles for a large number of years. In fact, my account name comes from the fact that I grew up playing various Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog games.

My gaming interests include 2D platformers, racing (most notably, Mario Kart), 3D platformers, and even certain fighting games (such as Super Smash Bros.). However, I don't do very well with M-rated games, so I limit myself to games that are rated E, E10+, and T.

In terms of my online history, I'm a member of the Super Mario Wiki, SmashBoards, and even GameBanana. I was also a member of Miiverse, but now, that service has been discontinued.

In 2015, I developed a new hobby, by playing around with XPS models and MMD models. My time with XNALara died off rather quickly (long before I even joined DeviantArt), however, as I couldn't really get into it. Fortunately, my time with MikuMikuDance only grew stronger, and I even learned to edit MMD models during the process. In fact, it's my experiences with MMD models that eventually brought me over to DeviantArt.

With that said, a lot of my deviations involve the use of MikuMikuDance. I also have a gallery that contains a portion of my old work from Miiverse, along with a few collages that contain drawings that I've liked.

As for my Favorites, they're mostly video game related, or MikuMikuDance related.

I hope that you all enjoy my work, and enjoy your time here.
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Ever since I've purchased Super Mario Maker 2, I've been quite occupied with that game. I've even created my own courses, but have yet to share them at DeviantArt. For those who have a copy of Super Mario Maker 2, and are interested in my work, you can refer to the following data. Recent Update 7/3/2020: Bowser's Fiery Showdown Course Maker ID YL4-0ST-9FF Courses Super Bell Adventure Course ID: 3N2-7XN-JRG Style: Super Mario 3D WorldMain Area Theme: GroundSub-Area Theme: GroundPrimary Feature: Super Bells Clear Condition?: No Ant Trooper City Course ID: RBJ-FHT-D2HStyle: Super Mario 3D WorldMain Area Theme: UndergroundSub-Area Theme: U
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With DeviantArt now updated to Eclipse forever, I've gradually been trying to get used to the changes. However, the change has resulted in me seeing a lot of toxic deviations that want the old DeviantArt back. The complaints are pretty much pointless and futile, seeing as no website can remain unchanged forever. DeviantArt was inevitably going to change at some point, and all that we can really do is adapt to the changes, or leave. For me, I'm still here and adapting to Eclipse. In other words, I currently have no plans of leaving DeviantArt, so I'll continue to submit new deviations from time to time, and keep everyone up to date on my Super Mario Maker 2 courses list. If for any reason I do decide to depart, I'll still keep my stuff around for those who want to see it. With that said, best wishes to those who are trying to adapt to Eclipse.
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Before the new year, I closed all of my model downloads. This was due to a conversation that I had with a user named Nevbix, who mentioned to me that TDA base models can't be distributed. However, after closing the downloads, I was later involved with some conversations that made me think over everything that I did. Rozen-Butterfly, ald140876, Shiori-Chan04, and even HarukaSakurai, have all cleared things up for me in that the no base model distribution rule is not something that I should trouble myself with; apparently, TDA really hasn't been enforcing that rule, and even to this day, new TDA model edits do continue to pop up from time to t
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glad your alive and well

Hello, I liked your gallery. Watched. :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

regards :airborne:

well i didn't expect you to share my fan art to the owner, and it wasn't planned as a gift, i'd just simply drawed amy for fun, so it doesn't bother me in the owner see my fan art or not, i don't do this kind of things, because i don't want to bother people, i don't force anyone to love what i do, in he doesn't pay attention of my fan art, i feel ok, because nobody forces you to like what i do, i'd just simply drawed her for fun

Isn't there an option to disable sharing for your deviations? This is definitely an unexpected ordeal, but I won't complain about it.