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TUTORIAL - Winter Soldier's metal arm

I hope this tutorial help those that are trying to cosplay the Winter Soldier =)
Basically you will need the following materials:
+2 simples EVA foam sheets(any color)
+Ironing machine or EVA heat gun
+Super glue(super bonder)
+EVA Glue
+White glue (Cascorez) to use for papel maché
+Scissor/Duct tape/ PVC tape
+Metallic Spay paint
+Red paint for the star
Ans the most important of all: + A LOT of patience

Pictures of my Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes cosplay:…
Please like my Facebook Cosplay page:…

Wanna go crazy about Captain America: The winter soldier together? Follow me on Tumblr. Winter Soldier and Stucky it's pretty much all I post now, plus fat birds and feminists texts.
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Dude where did u buy the rest of the costume from after making the arm?
Quick question, how to you mold the cardbored becasue pic #1 to pic #2 i didnt get it, plz help!
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Thank you, thank you so much you sweet sweet soul
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You're welcome!
Let me know it you ever try this out ;)
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Hi! I was wondering, how did you get the arm itself to stay on? Did you use a strap of some sort? Thank you!
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Yes, I used a strap that it's hidden under my armpit. But the whole thing was pretty tight, so it was mostly to keep it in the same place, you know?
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My hero, I love you!
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Thank you! I hope it's useful =)
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It's very useful, I searchend through the whole Internet to find such a cool explanation! >O<
This is brilliant.  I stumbled across it while pondering how difficult the arm would be to make.  I think I may try this, but without the fingers.  I'll be wearing it to work and need to be able to type.

I've been messing around with paper mache a lot this summer, and I have a suggestion that might make it at least a little easier.  Once you have the cardboard base that's all boxy looking, don't go straight to the paper mache.  Instead, build up the rounded shape with crumpled paper and masking tape, then paper mache over that once you've got the shape the way you want it.  It's so much less frustrating, and takes a lot less layers.
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Kind of curious now, what is your job?
(wish my boss would let me cosplay to work)
I was looking for a tutorial and actually this seems like the most helpful one :D I am going to try it and I want to say thank you! thank you :D !
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Also... Love the finger idea. I am currently using silver body paint. It's a bit messy. 8belles
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I just cosplayed this character, using your site for inspiration.  I approached the arm a different way, although I am studying yours to trouble shoot my design.  I made a mold of my arm by taping plastic bags with a combo of duct and masking tape (About 7 layers). I slipped that off and reinforced with more duct tape.  Then I did the pattern like you did, cutting out my craft foam (EVA?) and glueing it to the duct tape. My pieces didn't match up either, but still turned out ok. I spray painted, like you and I added in a bit of black wash in the spaces between for depth. I did have to add a duct tape gusset at the wrist so I could get my hand in/out. 

I also built in a hinge in the elbow of duct tape/foam, so I could bend about a 45 degree angle. Some of the foam warped when I did that and popped off.  I think I either didn't use the right adhesive or it too flexed of an area for that design. I am thinking I need a wire/metal reinforcement. 

Also, my arm kept slipping off. I'm a woman, so I am thinking of some way to make a harness of some sort. 

And I have a did you make a pattern for the leather jacket? I have a athletic shirt I wear under a MOLLE vest and I was thinking about adding the Bucky straps across the chest in pleather. I cannot sew. :-) Did you measure yourself and wing it or did you use a pattern?

Thanks for the help. I appreciate it. 8belles
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Happy to know my tutorial was helpful in any way =)
You are not the first one to mention the plastic bags + tape...maybe I'll try that for my Female! Bucky version. (Yep...EVA=craft foam).
If you use craft foam in the elbow, even with a powerful glue, I think it will start to torn apart...or at least the ink will get crappy. Even in the movie they used a silver textile....i'm not sure how else you could do it.

About the leather jacket I think that's a great idea. I sew mine by hand (I'm not good at sewing as well). It wasn't dificult, but the final result is not that great. Probably using a vest for a start will give you a better solution.

Hi there! I am currently using this tutorial to make the bucky arm right now. It is absolutely fantastic! I actually dont have a question about the arm but actually the jacket. I was wondering if you made the jacket or purchased it. Because im currently making the cosplay and im not completely sure what I should do about the jacket. If I should buy it or make it myself. It would be greatly appreciated if you let me know. Thank you and have a great day!
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Hellooo im glad to know it's being helpful :) dont forget to send me a picture once it's done, ok? About the jacket I sew it myself, it was pretty easy. I made sure to use a rough leather to have a more masculine effect.
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Hi! So I'm going to attempt to make my arm based off of this tutorial very soon because wow yours looks amazing! I was wondering, firstly, how did you transfer the marks on the arm onto the foam. Secondly, I have a long silver glove that I've been planning on attaching my arm pieces to so I can put the whole thing on like a glove and have the joints you think that could work for this tutorial? 

Sorry if my questions are confusing!! I know English isn't your first language. :3
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Hellooo im sorry for the delay...i used a very thin paper, but it was pretty difficult. It wasnt EXACTLY how I drew it, it turned out quite different.
About the glove, good idea! Just be careful not to make everything too tight :)
And please send me pictures once it's done!
best tutorial i've found! i'm currently using it to build mine but i have two questions -- 
1. how do you get the arm on?
2. how tight did you make it initially to your arm? the initial cardboard i mean
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YAY, I'm so happy to hear that!! =D

1. Do you mean how do you wear it? Attach two straps of textile in the inside of the shoulder and strap it around your chest. (Is that clear...? Sorry, it's hard to explain things in another language).
2. I'm pretty skiny, so I try to do it not so tight....but that didn't go too well and the lower arm end up really tight xD I'd say it's pretty up to you.

Don't forget to send me pictures! =D
yes that all helps a lot thank you <3
and i will! so far i have the base but hopefully ill get to the paper macheing sometime this week/weekend!
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It's a pain...good luck!! 
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I know nothing about the fandow here... But I'm very curious and totally enjoyed reading your tuto ^^.
Including the part about your nightwear hehehe~
I'm amazed by your skills <3 Especially using recycled materials. Wow !
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