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Smash meeting follow up

This is a continuation on my previous drawing with Megaman's very first battle ib Smash bros series where he ended up to face Princess Peach at first.

Peach finding Megaman adorable and can't help to hug him and show the others this cutie that have joined to with them Smash (Atleast showing the other ladies of Smash). Megaman have no idea what to do in a situation like this.

Art is made by me.
Princess Peach and Super Smash bros series belongs to Nintendo.
Megaman belongs to Capcom.
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The look on Mega Man’s face, though :rofl:
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Peach better be glad that Roll wasn't invited into the game otherwise Peach would have her butt kicked.
Fatefulbrawl's avatar
Megaman here attracting the ladies, time to slay some other types of foes!;) (Wink) 
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Fatefulbrawl's avatar
It was a figure of speech. Meaning he gets all the girls.
Marindashy's avatar
Aha, true. He have money and girls.
DeleteVirusCatchPKMN's avatar
His sides look so ticklish..... xD
The9Lord's avatar
Mega Man: uuuuhhhh thanks i guess, can you please put me down and start the battle?
Peach: NOPE :meow:
Mega Man: i gonna be stuck here forever D:
Marindashy's avatar
Peach should get a Super Fighting Robot so she don't get kidnapped as much. Megaman is too cute though.
The9Lord's avatar
ye, i hate when Megaman looks adorable, i can't handle to much cuteness and Megaman is a very hard example D:
and about Peach i think is a good idea
Marindashy's avatar
Too cute for being built to do what he does.
Robot Megatoads in Peach's castle.
The9Lord's avatar
lol, robot megatoads XD
Princesstekki's avatar
Peach must be really strong. :giggle:
Marindashy's avatar
Yeah, she can lift people up when taking a grab in Smash. Robots, no problem ;)
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This is so adorable! Great work!🤖👑💖💖
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You're welcome.
eyancy010's avatar
Run Mega man Run
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*Peach uses grab, he probably meets her booty soon*
BloodfangTheGreen's avatar
Peach is all like DO WANT
Rock is all like DO NOT WANT
Marindashy's avatar
More cute characters in the roster for Peach to hug
kandykrystalapple's avatar
He only has dr light to blame...making him so adorable!

This is so cute! I love his confused face. It's like shouldn't we be fighting?
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