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Creature from another world

Octopus week: Mimic octopus by MarinaPterus, visual art


Rare moth collection: Agrema Mittrei by MarinaPterus, visual art


Blabberyap bird by MarinaPterus, visual art


Map of Tarakanistan republic by MarinaPterus, visual art

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Roaches in the country

:bulletblue: WELCOME TO MY PAGE! :bulletblue:

:bulletblue:NAME: Marina "Marinapterus" (Real name - Eyweena)

:bulletblue: NATIONALITY: Russian (Actually - Aldebaranian :jarkinajar:)

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:bulletblue: LANGUAGES:

Russian language level NATIVE
British English language level INTERMEDIATE
Northern Martian dialect lever Beginner
German language level RANDOM WORDS
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:bulletblue: ABOUT ME:

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They are my friends
I love Animals
Every species is intelligent in their own way
No more arguments about this


I'm an owl lover
Stamp: I Love Owl
animated 'I love owls' stamp
I love Owls Stamp
I love Barn Owls
I love British Barn Owls
I love Australian Masked Owls
I love Red Owls
I love Ashy-faced Owls
I love Snowy Owls
I love Eurasian Eagle-Owls
I love Screech Owls
I love Northern Hawk-Owls
I love Short-eared Owls
I love Ural Owls
[C.07] Kingdom-Owls Group Icon for FataleFantasy
Owl Totem Stamp
Stamp - Owl

Other birds

Emperor Penguin Stamp
Funny Bird Stamp
I love Harpy Eagles
I love American Kestrels
I love Grey Go-away-birds
I love Palm Cockatoos
I love Potoos
-heart-Kakapo stamp
Save the Kakapo
Respect for Birds Stamp


I'm a chameleon lover
I love Chameleons
I love Madagascar Day Geckos
I love Gold Dust Day Geckos
I love Tokay Geckos
I love Frill-necked Lizards
I love Thorny Devils
I love Tuatara
I love Iguanas
I love Plumed Basilisks
I love Turtles
I love Water Turtles
I love Loggerhead Sea Turtles


I'm a frog lover
Kero Kero
I love Fire Salamanders
axolotl stamp

Dinosaurs and other extinct creatures

Microraptor stamp (1)
Anchiornis stapm
Darwinopterus stamp
Dinos had feathers.
Feathered Dinosaurs
Extinction Stamp
I love Microraptor
I love Archaeopteryx
I love Pteranodon
Evolution Stamp
Birds Stamp
I love Woolly Mammoths
I love Quaggas


I'm a moth lover
I Love Moths Stamp
I love Moths
I love Luna Moths
I love Hummingbird Moths
I love Rosy Maple Moths
flutter (starlight) stamp
[f2u] moth stamp
mantis lover STAMP
I love Trilobite Beetles
I love Dragonflies


Cute octopus stamp
I'm an octopus lover
Octopus Stamp
I love Octopi
I love Octopuses
I love Giant Pacific Octopuses
I love Mimic Octopuses
Cute Octopus STAMP
I love Cuttlefish
Hypno cuttlefish stamp
Cuttlefish Stamp
I love Nautiluses
I love Snails
{ Snail Mail }
Snail mail stamp
nudibranchs Stamp
I love Sea Slugs
I love Flatworms


I love Foxes
Stamp - I love foxes
I love Marble Foxes
I love Cross Foxes
I love Platinum Foxes
[C.35] I love Sapphire Foxes for Wolfgirl072
I love Silver Foxes
I love Fennec Foxes
I love Arctic Foxes
I love Island Foxes


I'm a bat lover
I love Bats
I love Honduran White Bats
I love Fruit Bats


I love Calicos
I love Tortoiseshells
I love Khao Manee
I love Thais

Other animals

F2U! Aye-Aye Stamp
I love Echidnas
I love Velvet Worms
I love Crabs
I love Hermit Crabs
I love Red Pandas
Iberian Lynx Stamp
I love Leafy Seadragons


Science Fiction
Alice stamp
Future stamp (1)
[C.84] I love Reading for HannahSealy
Vintage Book - Stamp
stamp - don't judge a book...
D i n o t o p i a
S K Y B A X rider
Towel Day
Hitchhiker stamp
Hitchhicker's Guide...


I Respect All Art Stamp Revamp
Stamp: Adobe CS2
Stamp - Tablet User
Stamp - Pencil+Paper User
Traditional User STAMP
Using Imagination
Look my art stamp
I'm Famous Stamp
Writers Block Stamp
Brain Image
Musical Saw


[Stamp] Science
I Support Science
Science Rules Stamp
Computer I
Physics Stamp
Zoology stamp
Evolution Stamp
Palaeontology Stamp
Earth Science Stamp
Aperture Science Stamp
Orwellian stamp
I Love Stars- stamp
Extraterrestrial Life Stamp
Stargazer Stamp
Zero-G stamp

Favourite Visual Artist
Evgeniy Migunov, Alvia Alcedo, Yanadhyana, Chill13, Ivan Shishkin
Favourite Movies
"Guest from the Future"
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
"Tummy Dummies" (AKA "Мелочь Пуzzатая")
Favourite Books
A lot (in most sci-fi and books about animals)
Favourite Writers
Michio Kaku, Arzt Folker, Igor Akimushkin, Herbert Wells, Tovarishy (или не товарищи :) ) and other
Favourite Games
Walking on the ceiling : )
Favourite Gaming Platform
Calculator, TV remote
Tools of the Trade
Pens, colored and graphite pencils, IntuosPro, camera, felting needles, 3D-pen, my imagination :)

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History of my OCs (+ some refs!)

oc userbox


Sholley - cobra

Draw this again - Sholley the snake

Anya - dragonologist

Draw this again - Anya the dragonologist

"Fall in love" on turtles and frogs

Tartilla, Natashka and Shine - three little turtles, best friends

Draw this again: turtles tea party

Tswetkovy - frogs family

Frog family - draw this again

Ribbito - frog, farmer and scientist

Draw this again - Ribbito

Kryugla - frog witch

Draw this again - Kryugla


Interested in butterflies and moths

Nithley Sheel - a silkmoth fairy

Old OC: Nithley Sheel

Drongo Awu - Atlas moth fairy

Calandea Poncurl - Rosy maple moth fairy

Miss Longwing - longwing butterfly fairy, teacher

2016 - 2017

Started to write my first book "Furry Wings"

Luna - the Lunar moth, main character of "Furry Wings"

Luna reference sheet

"Discovered" anthro\furry art

Chaamee - chameleon artist

Old OC Chaamee

Xithrey - golden axolotl, mayan princess

Old OC Xithrey

Joes - snowy owl, arctic explorer

Draw this again: Joes the snowy owl


Interested is dinosaurs

Trudonych - sapient troodon from Nibiru, time-traveler

Trudonych and his pets


Started to write my second book "Owlets from the Future, or adventures of Aleyna and Meevakulkha"

Aleyna Sipukhova - barn owl, first main character

Aleyna reference sheet

Marina Medvezshutina - barred owl, second main character

Marina reference sheet

Meevakulkha Eiochibena - some species of Martian owl, third (and most interesting) main character

Meevakulkha reference sheet

(also her humanized version)

Meevakulha - humanized (reference sheet)


Though about "roaches in our mind"

My roaches - dozen of funny, irrepressible creatures

Roaches height chart - Main Twelve

Women`s Council of Tarakanograd - six (actually - seven) pretty roach girls

Roaches height chart - Women`s Council

*(More than forty OCs?! Really?! O_o)*