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Doom and Duke Nukem 3d tribute

I did this mockup thinking of Duke Nukem 3d, also Doom. I love both games. Is for the PixelJoint weekly challenge.

I used 20 colors. I hope you like it.
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Hail to the king baby!
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ahah nice work mate
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Oh my, his pants are down. :o
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fuckin awesome! = )
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Yeah awesome! Nice work on it, Duke and Doom rule. Great work.
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Wow! This is, quite simply, the coolest thing I've seen this week :)
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Dude, this is amazing.
Duke: "Damn, now I know where that saying comes from: 'Caught with your pants down."    
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En mi opinión, le faltan un par de colores a esa paleta. Demasiado limitada para mi gusto :/
MarinaNT's avatar
Era para un desafío semanal de Pixel Joint, en el cual solo permitían 20 colores como máximo :(
TxusMetal4ever's avatar
Nada que reprochar entonces. Bueno, quizás el verde hubiese quedado mejor un poco más amarillento :P
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It's time to chew ass and kick bubblegunm and I am all out of....wait, messed that up!
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ke buen trabajo! el tema! los colores, la iluminacion, los pixeless!!! :+fav:
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hail to the king, baby ;)
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Wow, best idea ever!! Amazing.
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Awesome, love the pic!
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Its bad...ASS
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Oh sweet lord Jesus, this is amazing!

Man, I plan to make a 2.5D game some day (I've tried) previously, and this piece both inspires (Because it looks so good) and makes me shameful of my own ability (Because it looks so good)

Basically, it's amazing. 'Nuff said. :D
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Oh, wow, thank you :O I didn't know it was that good to some people

Actually, when I look at it, I think I need to improve
Littlenorwegians's avatar
Wabba-wah? Too self critical. :D

Of course I realize the artist will always see the flaw, but take it from me, this is VERY good.
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I am glad you like it :)
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