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Clocktower plaza complete


This is the largest scene I ever made. I took too many hours to finish it, that's the reason that I am having few issues trying to edit the video to show the "making of" of this scene. Once I have it, I will upload it on my youtube channel.

There's only the most basic animations done. The hardest animations will be for later. Right now, we are focus on finishing the demo of the game (Octopus City Blues) estimated for the end of January. That means that we will made the specify things we need for it. We dont want to delay the demo release anymore.

For the testers who paid the average of 15$ or more, you can try 3 alphas that we already post on our private forum. Those alphas aren't playable even if you can interact with few objects or characters, but you can try if everything work well in your computer.

You can still preorder the game over here:…

For testers, the CEO will verify your email once you register in the forum so, try to register with the same email of your paypal account.

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I love this atmosphere, this surreal appearance, the motion (even thought might be just basic animation), and finally the way how it has been pixeled. It seems to be a very interesting world to be discovered. I am looking forward the next published work of your's!
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Cada vez que lo veo fascino con la escena <.<