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I really like your work! I love how Hermione is raising her hand x3
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Damn, he looks hot in this one :D I love your drawing style!
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I love this drawing!
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your style is awesome! :love:
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Omg, what kind of potion did Snape take? Not saying that Alan Rickman was ugly because he wasn't. but if Lily would of seen this Snape, I think James wouldn't stand a chance.
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Wow, Snape looks so handsome... And the light in this one is really amazing ♥
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Love all the detail, and Hermione has her hand up at every question :3 love that little touch
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Finally a Snape really suiting the age he has in the books. Although he's too handsome. Not that I'd complain about it... XD
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Amazing! So fascinating to Snape look so young, as is true to the books. So beautifully-composed, I love the style.
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This is the best picture I've seen of Snape yet - it's so hard to think of him as a thiry year-old in the first book once you've seen Rickman's wonderful performance, but this captures it perfectly!! Young and imposing! So much love!!
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I like the way you draw Severus Snape. It's a beautiful illustration !
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Ваш Северус превосходен! Можно влюбиться с первого взгляда С:
Все Ваши работы потрясающе восхитительны, спасибо Вам за них))
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oh my... Snape marry me pls or at least marry Harry :heart:
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Шикарнейшая работа!
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Wonderful work!  I love Harry Potter! :iconmusicnotesplz::iconsingingbirdplz::iconpianohappyplz::iconsingingbirdplz::iconmusicnotesplz:
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Epic! Severus is so handsome, jessus! <3
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I really like how young Snape looks! And the nice colours in the children's heads!
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Ваш Снейп - просто нечто великолепное! 
Не совсем канон, но блин... это даже неважно.
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Спасибо) Снейпу канон не писан)
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Молодой, не копия Рикмана, Снейп  это класс.

Восхитительный арт, как, впрочем, и всегда =)
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