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As promised, here's the WIP + Download the brush I used to paint this image: [link]


It was 3 days + 15 hours of work, so I had to sum ​​up the process a bit.

1) It's the beginning of everything. The sketch. I used a photo reference / inspiration, adding some points for my composition.
2) Here I began to determine the areas of light and shade and some small details. It's an important part, where I can have a broader view of the result I want to achieve.
3) In the third part I decided to detail the glasses, and a few more points in the image, such as the eyes (the most annoying part of painting), and lips.
4) I threw a base color in the skin to start modeling my painting. I started detailing the features of the mouth and eyes, hands and nails. The hair began to be made ​​with a base color, dark brown, leaving a few loose ends to create movement. This piece was done with a hard brush normal, with pen pressure turned to give me more control. I love to paint scars, bruises and blood. It was here that I decided to do a "critique" and a "protest" against violence to women. So, I started hurting the poor girl. Here is a tutorial explaining how I made these details: [link]
5) I punched him and broke his glasses.
6) A few more bruises and added the tattoo, making a play of light, shadow and blur to give me a little more realism. I drew a tear. Punch in the face must hurt.
7) I added the police line, inspiring me in a costume worn by Lady Gaga. I added a texture to make him more "wrinkled and worn," and played around with the lights and shadows too.
8) Reflections in glasses with one click using the soft brush, nothing more, and adds a texture to the skin, using this technique: [link]
9) And there you have it. Over some aesthetic details, and my painting was finished.

Here is the brush that I used to make skin:

Like I said, I tested all my limits. I wanted to make a painting that was as realistic as possible, and I'm happy with the result. I hope this "tutorial" is useful and you can do a lot of art.
Any questions, do not hesitate to talk to me.

* Please share if, let the credits.
* Your feedback is important. Leave your comment!
and sorry for my english. =P
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Não consegui abrir link nenhum, todos com erro. POOXAAA T_T