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No. 6 - Trust me

By marinachan
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Happy No. 6 day, March 2015! I’ve always wanted to do one of these parodies, but I didn’t know Durarara!! and I felt weird parodying something I don’t know. Then my friend got me into drrr and well… Behold my mystery project! And yep this was all done with pencils on paper. The sheet is about 215 cm/7 feet long. 

Top to bottom!

Nezumi with Hamlet, Shion with Tsukiyo, Safu, Karan with Cravat, Inukashi, Rikiga, Lili, Shion (the baby), Getsuyaku, Youmin, Karan (West Block), Rico, Fennec/Mayor, Man in Lab Coat, Elyurias!Safu.

Referenced the manga a lot, hohum. Also, Safu twice because A) SAFUUU and B) I’m not gonna draw that bee/wasp thing are you kidding me.

View a progress post on tumblr here.

No. 6 © Atsuko Asano, Hinoki Kino
Durarara!! poses referenced, © studio Brain's Base

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This got completely buried in my inbox and that is why I haven't commented on it... until now!

Yikes. This is SOME effort, ahaha~. It takes a lot of discipline not to give up on an enterprise like this, that, or a lot of love for the series.
I know the poses are copied but you still did a great job on them: my fav will always be Rikiga's pose. They all came out perfectly tho'~

I hope you hanged this on your wall, because this deserves to be displayed!
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Aww, don't worry about it and thanks for coming back to comment after all!! (oh man I'm hardly on DA, I'm super behind on all your work ;;; OTL)

Love for the series definitely helps yes XD 'damn it I want to stop but I ALSO STILL WANT TO DRAW X'. But thanks so much! Rikiga's pose was tons of fun to do too~

ahhahaha it's too long to fit on my wall to be honest, hohum.