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Arawn, King of Annwn



Arawn, king of Annwn and leader of the Wild Hunt. He appears to be fond of gray so I limited to coloring of his shirt to gray, white and red. I did not found specific description about the color of the hair though so I decided on blond. I made his eyes green. According to the legend he is accompanied by his hounds which ride through the skies in autumn, winter, and early spring. The hounds are associated with death, as they have red ears, and their hair is white which is associated with the supernatural (hence the torque and the tattoo). Also swans seem to be associated with the wild hunt. They represent a link between the Otherworld and the world of mortals. The background is made in autumn colors.

Brushes:                                       …………… :iconfrozenstocks:…………………


References:…… :iconsenshistock:… :iconcobweb-stock:



clouds done in Apophysis following the tutorial here… then painte d over it using as reference this picture…



Tuts:…… (followed this tutorial for the hair and ended up painting 2 layers of single hairs with 1 px hard brush on top of my initial hair for the final effect for two days. Thank God for the tablet.)…

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I can see you put a lot of effort into your works.
I really admire you for that ^^

My only concern is that you're trying too hard to be "perfect".

This might sound really stupid xD lol
I mean.. every single nerve from your leaves is on there o.O' The satin blouse is really well rendered.. But then the hair is kind of too much info. It's like what Salokorai told you bellow me. It feels repetitive.

I think you could benefit a lot from "molding" your work. Starting with the roughest base you can possibly think of and add new detail layers on top of that.
Try to find your focus point in the picture.. and render that out like what you did here but then only in that area.. not the whole piece :)

Because everything in here is rendered so much, my focus is lost and too many parts are screaming for my attention. It also loses it's flare and becomes stiff.
Having a loose area in your work makes it so your eyes have a little bit of rest and it's much easier to look at and understand at first glance.

Right now the story you're using for this piece, isn't readable in the piece itself. It's really a shame because I know it has potential. Try adding storytelling elements in your composition. Like you can have those hounds interact with him or flying there in the moonlight sky.. sucking you into the world that's being portrayed.

It's a great example of what can happen when you loose the overall "whole" because you've been too focused on the smaller details.

Of course this is my personal opinion as to what makes something interesting for me.

I'm quite surprised you actually asked for my help on a comment I made almost a year ago :D I guess it shows how much you value these critiques.
I tried my best to write this for you. Hopefully it's useful :)