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J. Depp Characters

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EDITED: You can found the second drawing here ^^ ->[link]

Awww, aren´t they cute? :love: Wich one would you choose? XD
I know there are a lot of characters Johnny Depp has interpreted, but I will try to do some more because it was very funny XD
IMPORTANT: If there is any mistake (my poor english...), PLEASE, tell me te correct word and I will solve it. And if you think I must add something more in the descriptions, tell me ;)

Las descripciones en español serían las siguientes:

:bulletpurple: WILLY WONKA :bulletpurple:

Pelicula: Charlie y la fabrica de chocolate
Profesion: Chocolatero
Le gusta: Chocolate y dulces
Cualidades positivas:
+ Rico
+ Inteligente
+ Tiene toneladas de chocolate!
+ Tiene un ascensor volador de cristal
Cualidades no tan positivas
+ Un poco raro
+ Viste ropa hortera
+ Tiene un horrible corte de pelo estilo Edad Media

:bulletgreen: MORT RAINEY :bulletgreen:

Pelicula: La ventana secreta
Pofesion: Escritor
Le gusta: Las mazorcas de maiz y los "Doritos"
Cualidades positivas:
+...err... tiene un sombrero muy mono ^^;
Cualidades no tan positivas:
+ Asesino
+ Doble personalidad
+ Nunca se peina
+ Nunca limpia su casa
+ Duerme 16h al dia

:bulletred: JACK SPARROW :bulletred:

Pelicula: Piratas del Caribe
Profesion: Pirata
Le gusta El ron y la "Perla Negra"
Cualidades positivas:
+ Espadachin
+ Inteligente
+ Tiene conocimientos en maquillar
+ Dueño de un barco (aunque necesite velas nuevas)
Cualidades no tan positivas
+ Un poco raro
+ Mujeriego
+ Mentiroso
+ Ladrón
+ Mal aliento

:bulletblue: ICHABOD CRANE :bulletblue:

Pelicula: La leyenda de Sleepy Hollow
Profesion: Policia
Le gusta: Seguro que las arañas no!
Cualidades positivas:
+ Hombre justo
+ Inteligente
+ Conocimiento en hacer autopsias
+ Cicatrices muy monas en las manos XD
Cualidades no tan positivas:
+ Miedoso
+ Se desmaya con frecuencia
+ Un poco cobarde
+ Hijo de una bruja
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wacichiuHobbyist Digital Artist
Willy    : *Pretending* so..what was Willy wonka like?
Charlie: *not knowing he's talking to Willy* well,I thought he'd be a great guy,but turns out he was not that good...
Willy    : ......
Charlie: and,he has...really strange hair-
Willy    : *shows his face behind the newspaper* I DO NOT!!!
Charlie: :l
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TheCowardlyDinosaurHobbyist General Artist
izatheuniteduniversa's avatar
izatheuniteduniversaHobbyist Artist
WILLY ! .... is good
BrooklynrageSaywhat's avatar
I think being the son of witch to be a good quality.
Kaviix's avatar
KaviixStudent General Artist
i saw all of them and loved it *-*
CedShadowborn's avatar
CedShadowbornHobbyist Writer
Ichabod Crane isn't a police officer. In the book Sleepy Hollow, he was a teacher specializing in science and history. However, I think in Tim Burton's version, he was more of a detective who used old scientific methods to solve supernatural crimes. ;)
InnocentLittleWolf's avatar
InnocentLittleWolfHobbyist General Artist
Awesome. so very, very awesome.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
alekissbelu's avatar
alekissbeluStudent Digital Artist
ichabod es muuuy tiernooo : 3 yo tambien le tengo miedo a las arañas xD
DanaToony's avatar
DanaToonyStudent General Artist
hehehe doritoooos! lol
I love Willy's ridiculous hair cut is I dunnow cute? hehehe
you forget tha Jack is a drunk man :3
Niiara00's avatar
Muy bueno!!! xDDDDDD
Sam-ST's avatar
Mort rainey es el mejor xd ( te falto poner "se asusta de las ardillas")
tambien me gusta Ichabod crane '-'
playwonka's avatar
playwonkaHobbyist Filmographer
yo seguro que me quedo con willy wonka
aprilfear's avatar
aprilfearStudent Writer
Jack! I like how he plays by his own rules, plus, who doesn't want a guy that's being chased by the law! Just one thing, where the heck did you get the idea that Jack Sparrow is intelligent?!
TheCowardlyDinosaur's avatar
TheCowardlyDinosaurHobbyist General Artist
He uses trickery to get his way, that takes skill, and smarts.
Renee-Niels's avatar
Renee-NielsHobbyist Traditional Artist
What about Roux from 'Chocolat?'
JasperHolmes's avatar
I love them!! You are really talented!!!!1
Buru-neko-chan's avatar
Can i take them all?? *--* i can hold them i swear!! *--*
LittleHatCat's avatar
LittleHatCatStudent General Artist
._________. :[ :( .......WONKA HAVE LOVELY HAIRCUT AND LOVELY CLOTHES!!!! >///< :heart: :heart: :heart: O___O hehe...hehhehehe Sorry :D I just love him so much <xD :heart:
music-islife-forme's avatar
I think being a little odd is a good quality. ^_^ But thats just me. :) In my fantasy world I would pick Jack. But being realistic I'll have Ichabod. :)
TheBeautifulFear's avatar
TheBeautifulFearStudent General Artist
Ah, I love this so much!! Wonderful job! ;)
GreenScholar9's avatar
And who ever said being the son of a witch is a bad thing... T^T
BlueKnightMar's avatar
La cualidades positivas de Mort me mataron, jajajaja XD
SamFan101's avatar
SamFan101Hobbyist General Artist
My fave, by far, is ichabod. he is the cutest thing ever.
sbi4tch's avatar
Ichabooooooooooooooood <3
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