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House Lannister

By marimoreno
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I did some GOT houses XP 

Thanks so much to Jacob Klein for showing these at! :D :D <3

Hope you enjoy n__n

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So, to summarize, you based on:

-Starks: Jungle Book/Balto.

-Lannisters: Lion King.

-Baratheon: Bambi.

-Targaryen:... Legend of Spyro?

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Needs a bunch of cubs frolicking around:  one angry boy, one ditzy girl, one starry-eyed boy.
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this is brilliant
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Someone is selling this on shirts idk if you know
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Uuuggghhhh!! CURSE YOU!  Would you mind sharing a link to this person/website? Thanks, I really appreciate the notification. 
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Oh my... I laughed really hard at Tyrion's face :D I think this is my favorite just for him. If you had to make Bronn, wich animal would he be?
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A special image that has a common type of interest as being one with the family.
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Hahahah, this is sooo like Lion King, brings back good old memories.
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they are soooo nice and well done :happybounce:
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Thanks so much! :D
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Love it. So fitting.
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I love tyrion's face 
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It does kind of have that Lion King vibe. Maybe it's the style. But in a good way.
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Woooow! This is perfect! brilliant idea! You catch the expressions! =D
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I'm impressed with how well you've captured the likenesses of the actors with so few lines.
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Exactly my thoughts! Well done!
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I notice that three cubs are missing.  I guess you've seen season four thru six.  :D
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wow they all look like the actual characters.
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