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Warframe: Kuva Lich sketchdump

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Published: December 8, 2019
I'd pay 10 bucks for a NoClip docu on the dev hell the Kuva Lich system must have gone through.

Separate images on Twitter/Pixiv/Tumblr/Discord because dA doesn't have multiupload.
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Just so frustrated that these updates drop right around the same time my computer commited seppuku, have had to use the mobile app to try (in vain) to curb the Warframe withdrawl.
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"what are gonna do, stab me?"
"yes, actually."
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OmegaArts13Hobbyist General Artist
Fun thing. I had on my first Lich 2 marks right but third were miss.
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Sooo, did you befriend your first lich?
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Nah I killed him because he had a Kohm and the Kohm was the gun I wanted the most out of this system, so I thought I'd take that chance. I've killed like two dozens Liches since and my first one is still the coolest looking one and the one with the best gun/gun stats. So I can't say I regret Vanquishing him, but Converting would have been a good choice as well. I figured I'd get cool-looking Liches more frequently than a gun I'd really want haha.
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UabetAntuHobbyist Traditional Artist

I'm mostly enjoying the Liches, but… y'ever have one of those runs when you go through ca. 14 relics and still not get the one requiem mod you need. I'm having one of those right now.

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OmegaArts13Hobbyist General Artist
At first I did not understand the first one, but now I got it... As they like to Break you Bane Style... Hah!

...Think it hurts when they do that to Rhino in full armor?
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*smashes Iron Skin Rhino over the knee again and again*
"Hold on... this might... take a while..."
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lilravo17Student General Artist
Thank you for pointing that one out I didn't see it at first xD
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Changed it by not allowing you to "suffer me now" 

Though a little ahead,does anyone think Cephalon Cy is a little too similar to Abathur from StarCraft?
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I wish he was more similar to Abathur.
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Perhaps throwing him near Jordas would have that effect however Im not risking it.Might result in Stukov's Cuiser design but nope.As long as he builds the ship and allows for bigger guns later on im happy.
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Well yeah, it's obvious they didn't copy it from the Mordor games. ;-P
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