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Warframe: Friend Ship

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Published: May 2, 2020
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UabetAntuHobbyist Traditional Artist

That's strangely heartwarming. I like it.

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Pet living spaceship.

Also, I still don't understand the purpose of those missions.
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As I understand the Condrix were like remote eyeballs for the Murexes to scout out Earth. The plan was to send the Murex so many cursed images that it would freak out and run away (some LD dialogue even suggests the players are mindfucking it into permanent insanity).

To replace the real data with garbage data, the ground teams would beat up the Condrix, steal its security codes to convincingly dress up the garbage data, and then the space team would directly inject them back into the Murex.

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Bruh what if we were injecting gay furry porn into murex brains.

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Well, the purpose of the ground team was to harvest the security codes of the Condrixes that were acting as scouts so that little duck could manufacture kill codes, which were effectively Trojan Horse viruses.

The Railjack team would then use those codes to basically ghost hack the Murexes and lobotomize them.

They were likely not very sentient afterwards.

Naia, being partially Sentient, must've felt sorry for the Murexes. I mean, getting slowly lobotomized and losing your mind can't feel good.
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Awwww, this is strangely precious =3 Honestly, there are times where I wanna just side with the Sentients and wipe out these infuriating "allies" I keep getting stuck with in the space squads
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OmegaArts13Hobbyist General Artist
Sentient Allegiance keeps on growing. : 3

Meanwhile, Erra: "What you mean we lost one Murex to the Tenno?!"
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I just know he's going to take out his frustration on Ballas on this.
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OmegaArts13Hobbyist General Artist
And the bad news?
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