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Pokemon: Yamask Heist p1

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By MarikBentusi   |   Watch
Published: April 16, 2020
I wanted to do a simple Gardevoir pic to cool off between Gwenpool comics, but I couldn't think of anything, so I guess I'll use those times to slowly chip away at a short story instead :d
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s0119530Student Interface Designer

why is he taking yamask mask do he even know it represent they human face when they die?

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jesse0319Professional General Artist
ggvfbdhnvj,a QAQ
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The only way I can see this still being a good comic is turning it into a bondage punishment thing for hurting my baby mask bois. They don't deserve to have their last reminder of their past stolen.
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Why does he want DEAD PEOPLE FACES

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its ok to steal faces if they gold, you herd emm kids go steal

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Oh, I just wanted to make the motivation clear in case the comic didn't manage to convey it, morality would another story!
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Oh frick u right sorry *jumps out window and leaves mask and dumb comment behind*

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I like her character, but stealing the masks that are the only reminder of something's former humanity? Not cool, that's just plain bad.
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GeshtroHobbyist General Artist
thanks. I wanted to like your character.
Now I hate her.

For those that don't know Yamask, it states that the mask it carries is the face it once had when it was human.
So they're literally stealing the last reminder of they're previous lives.
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Why they bully the precious ghosts?
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Hey Marik, hope you're well and avoiding Corona-chan. As I've probably mentioned before, I think your art style is really cool (especially the Joe Anderson stuff, cuz that's how I found you). I'd no doubt appreciate your art even more if I understood any of these comics, but I don't - I have almost zero familiarity with the subject matter. Hey-ho...
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Hey hey! Thanks for checking in! Yeah that's the downside to fanart, if you're unfamiliar with the subject matter it can be hard to decipher. Kinda like if someone who had never heard of Joseph Anderson were to stumble across my stream fanart album!
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That is some definite Chaotic Evil energy there

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TheHoodedWolf22Hobbyist Digital Artist
They're stealing their masks! That's how they'll remember their lives before they died.
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FishthemudkipStudent Traditional Artist

Very nice marik!

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