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Sultry Belle

I'm gonna celebrate my return to Deviant Art with one of my recent favorites. I'm a fan of anthropomorphism, especially when ponies are involved.

Sweetie Belle is my favorite Cutie Mark Crusader. It is pretty much a dead lock that she's gonna be a singer (BEAUTIFUL voice, by the way), and I think she's gonna be quite the heartthrob when she grows up. Sing, baby baby baby, sing.
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She's taken, buddy.
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And who says Rarity's the one everybody wants?  Sweetie Belle's got her own, how shall I say, attractions?
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So you like Michelle Creber's singing voice, huh~? You'd never guess that voice also played Apple Bloom~
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She has incredible range, huh?
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Wow o.o that is a nice bathing suit.
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You have all of my loves.
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Impressive hairstyle.
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anthropomorphism with ponies are some of the best ponies
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What does "Sultry" mean?
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Sexy and other stuff
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I meant exact definition, I kinda figured that
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It means she wants the D.
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Well I kinda figured that but by definition?
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  1. (of a person, esp. a woman) Attractive in a way that suggests a passionate nature.
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This is what puberty does to a happy young girl with a bright future. It's gorgeous, eh?
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Yes, she is. I like the way her stomach is defined here. Really beautiful. <3
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Собираетесь ли вы закончить это? и когда вы должны купить вам другой?
(Translation:Are you Going to Finish that? and when you do shall i buy you another?)
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She was definitely celebrity material!!!  Just hope it won't go to her head too much!!!
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No way ! Jailbait, I tell ya. *trots away*
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I just love that expression. It pretty much screams "I'm so better than you, you don't even know."
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