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XBOX 360 Theme for Windows 7

XBOX 360 Theme for Windows 7 ..

Tutorial for installing is on NFS World Theme for Windows 7 and NFSMW Theme for Windows 7 in my gallery,check it !!

Credits goes to:
dutchlimits - [link] - Start Orbs

Everything else is packed by me !

Rate and Favourite if you want ;)

Enjoy !
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WinkeyCtrlR's avatar
ooo, Nice desktop layout.
revAndrewAnarchy's avatar
Can't believe that this is the only xbox 360 theme for windows 7 on DA. Amazing work. I downloaded and installed this theme a few hours ago absolutely love it. Changed the color of the taskbar and installed a different set of menu buttons to fit my style a bit more but its great.

P.S. you mentioned a final version with rocket dock icons, icons for computer and so on. Have you released that yet? I feel that that is really all that this theme is missing other than an xbox boot screen and a gamertag app to view your gamer tag or friends gamer tags on your desk top.
dogg64i's avatar
NO. No its the only
i was going to release it until my HDD crashed,then it all gone to hell.. Maybe i'll make it one day,i'll let ya all know ;)
Hey man this theme is awesome :D 5 stars for it :) but i have one question can you make xbox 360 start up screen please... the one like the xbox 360 boot up :D then we will have ultimate xbox for windows :D
i'll se what i can do ;)
SoNiC4000's avatar
Oh~ Nice, ben waiting for something of this caliber, though it's on default w7 visual style still i like it ^^
Yes i saw that there are no themes for windows 7 about XBOX 360 so i made one.. Now the final version is coming with RocketDock icons,Changed Icons of My Computer and etc. and btw. thank you for your comment ... If you have any problems just send me a message :)
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