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Shading styles

This was a quick experiment with ONE palette. Some time ago I've read a discussion about stealing palettes. My opinion was, that it's not right but that a palette doesn't make the style of the shading (or the doll). People who try to copy someone else's style often steal their palettes 'cause they expect the same result like the other doller's style then...

Well...I decided to try it. Ok, palette is my own, but I used 3 different kinds of shading, and the palette looks quite different then!

Comments are fine, CC is not useful here; it was a quick thing with a too dark fold in the middle :P
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ooo, i really like the one in the middle, I don't know why ^_^
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I always thought it was dumb to say "don't steal my palettes" or "give me credit" because, seriously, anyone can come up with those colors. That's just a computer program thing. It's not the hard part.

Anyway, all three of your shading styles is beautiful!
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Thank you for the comment :)

About the palettes I wouldn't agree 100%. Choosing a palette is hard - because you need to get the perfect green or red which you imagine. And there are millions of colors - and to pick exactly these colors (like the palette above) by just looking at them, is nearly impossible. You of course can have a palette that 'looks' the same, but has different hexcodes.
That's why dollers tend to ask for a link or don't allow stealing palettes.
(Though the same palette doesn't make the same shading - as explained above ;) )
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You're welcome. I've always been a fan of your dolls, so I'm glad I found you on DA. :D

I know that finding the right palette is challenging, but what I don't get is how uptight the artist gets about their particular palette. Nobody's going to stop you from using the same set of colored pencils or markers, so why freak out over a palette? The drawing is what sets you apart. I recently recolored an old doll using the old crappy palette that I put together myself back when I made the doll, and the doll is about a hundred times better now because I can actually draw now, as opposed to 10+ years ago. (It's still not that great because the outfit is pretty lame and the hair is ridiculous, but there is a noticeable difference, just by changing the shading and the proportions.)

Compared to a base or a finished doll, a palette is nothing. A hundred pixelists could make a base from the same reference or inspiration, and each base would have its own flair, personality, and level of technique behind it. A hundred different pixelists could doll on each base, and not one doll would be confused as having come from the same artists as the other dolls. A palette, though? If you set a reference image for a palette, a hundred artists could replicate it pretty closely. You'd probably even get some of the same hexcodes. And there would be no way to really distinguish a style or level of technique between a hundred artists. All the palettes would look the same. 

A base could be considered art by itself, and a doll definitely would. Bit a palette is nothing on its own. Arguably, they're aesthetically pleasing therefore could constitute art, but only in the same way as a beautifully crafted paintbrush could be considered art. Nobody cares about who made the paintbrush the artist used, except maybe another artist -- so yes, the tools we use are important. MS Paint is vastly different from Photoshop in terms of what you ca do with it. And a carefully put together palette can make a huge difference the quality of the finished product. I just don't see it as so vital that people should consider someone else using the same palette as "theft". 

Then again, I've never been that precious about my work. I'm not really that concerned about frankenbasing, and I don't really mind if people recolor my dolls as long as they do so for their own use. But I also have a tendency to look back at old dolls and realize how awful they are, so I figure even my best doll is going to look bad enough in a few years that I'll want to redo it, so it's hard to get too attached to my own pixels, let alone my palettes. 

Some doll artists are better than me, though, and are far more thoughtful and talented in putting their pixels together, so I suppose I can understand a sense of over-protectiveness in those cases. But it's still a turn-off when I see people setting strict limits on their palette usage. 
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it's always interesting to see someone elses' shading styles. I like the one on the middle the best. It's also pretty cool how a simple change in style changes the entire outcome.
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thats awsome! I'm horrible at shading,so I'll study this see if I can get a clue! You're very good at shading :)
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This lovely tutorial helped me to create this [link] !
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Amazing techniques! Thank you!
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To be honest, I've never figured out how someone could steal a palette and then be OK with the end result. I HAVE to make my own colors or I'm not satisfied with how my doll looks. Of course, I'm not the best doller out there... ^^;
Anyway, this is an awesome little thing you did, seeing different shading styles is always cool for me. :D
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I don't use any pallettes, but I also think that colors cant be copyrighted XD I don't care about anyone who use any of my colors >_> would be kinda awkward to me,

But I like how you show that the same colors don't make the same result :D
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You've illustrated perfectly my thoughts exactly!

Stealing someone else's palette doesn't necessarily mean that your doll will come out looking as pretty. Not to mention that palette-stealing is just wrong, anyway.
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Mm completely different effect. I mean these variants produce various impressions being on the complete doll, and even now without anything around.
Thank you for sharing)
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Ah! i enjoued this! its quite helpful!
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Thank you so much for posting this! :+fav:
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I'm always interested to see how dollers/pixelartists shade, anyway, but this was an interesting experiment.

I'd never seen the use in providing free palettes for other artists to use until I started poking around COLOURlovers and used a couple for forum skins (and having said that, I'm still nervous about using them even though we're allowed to with proper credit, just because it feels weird using work done by someone else when, as artists, we're meant to develop our own sense of how colours work together, and presently feel I'd never use such a resource on a doll).

I totally agree about it being wrong to copy palettes that aren't provided for such a purpose, though. Every artist creates a palette that's unique, even when working with the same colour(s) (the exception being palette contests where the intent is to use the same palette, obviously).

What I find most interesting, though, is the different shading techniques you've used and how each has essentially created a different material for the dress. I'd never really thought about shading techniques before, I guess.

Thanks for posting this. :aww:
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