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.:Stygians:. Disney 1920 Style Elijah
.:C:. For NitroGoblin
.:Stygian:. Prompt 1 - Top 10 Elijah's Kingdom
Hello, have you ever thought about what are the top 10 of my Kingdom? No? Yes? Either way I will tell you all, just take in mind this is my own point of view, but you are free to tell which is your top 10 of my Kingdom. Without further ado, let's begin! Top 10: The Ocean As far as I know, the ocean has been there always and when I came it was all dirty and poisonous! After I clean it, I was able to swim on it again and even more creatures came to live on it. Is a great place to stay, especially in a summer night! Top 9: The Caves I have just two caves, but these are interesting to visit. One of them are filled with crystals of different col
.:Stygians:. Side Quest 2 - Galleria of Starfruit
    As Elijah was still at Treatropolis investigating every part of it, he saw at the top of a cliff a building different from others. This was in some sort of maintenance and some parts were able to recovered and reconstruct part of it with buttressers marbled structures. It was an observatory, Elijah climbed up and arrived to the place that from closer look still seemed deteriorated through time. The star shaped windows that once were there and the ceiling roof with a night sky painted alike. The room emanated a feeling of loneliness and with the walls that once had paintings around were now destroyed and giving a sad emotion.    Elijah w
.:C:. For InkedTime
.:C:. Planning...
.:Stygians:. Main Quest Part 3 - Return
    Brave came back to the Nightmare where he belonged, Elijah wasn't there yet. Great, time to rest a bit, he would wait for his return. Sit down in the sand and realised he still has his thoughts and mind, he can think again like a being. "Why?" he asked to himself, though the answer didn't came, he was still confused. He remember her clearly, all her hatred towards the Stygians, her evil side. He couldn't thought of hurting a friend, specially not the one that saved him or at least gave him a home too. He thought for a while that maybe this decision will bring consequences, but he didn't cared at all. They will fight together, one day, of
.:Stygians:. Main Quest Part 3 -- END
    Elijah was tired, after realising that he came back to his normal self and appearance and saved most people as possible, he ran to the station and managed to caught the train on time. However, what he experienced was something he wish he won't experience again, he saw a war and many buildings coming down, destroying and a bright light coming from above. He wished he didn't come at all, he had to follow orders only and what he saw there was something he never wish to anyone be ally or foe. He just wanted to go back home, he wanted to rest.    He looked at Her Majesty's direction, she seemed worried and sad. It was his first time that he
.:G:. Sorted Sketches

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My arm feels tense! :'3 and no idea whyyyy!! like, i've been so relaxed with the job and stuff, but my arm hurts a lot now! Even more than when I draw :/ so idk! Could it be because I haven't drawn much? xD does that exists? ahaha
That moment when you realised is 9pm already and you haven't finished drawing your character for today's deadline :'3 please I need to stop procrastinating BUT i had to xD my brain is tiredddd

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KatieSapphire|Student Digital Artist
Bibi V2 Thx by KatieSapphire  
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MariiCreations93|Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome! :D
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thanks for the llama =3
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MariiCreations93|Hobbyist General Artist
you're welcome!
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MelodyLynngrace|Hobbyist General Artist
Hey babe! What are the emergency commissions for?
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MariiCreations93|Hobbyist General Artist
Mostly help my parents to pay some bills, right now only my mother has a job and both my dad and I are jobless, we need money to finish the house from the inside. There are several things in game, but mostly help my mom and don't feel too fatigued because she's too tired to keep 2 jobs and both of us with nothing :/ my dad is the one that should bring stability to the family but yeh, is all turned over ^^' so I want to help them and see if I can pay some classes too.
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Nice gallery

Have a bunny
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