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Post-Apocalyptic creatures
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Name: Marii | Gender: F | Age: 24 | Sign: Scorpio

I am a Christian, don't be afraid to talk with me I don't bite. I like video games, anime, I like to read and I would love to make animation in the future.

I finished my Graphic Design career and now working with a friend in the same field. I'm pretty happy with it. I am planning to study Animation & 3D Modeling with Publicity and in the future Literature. I want to be able to open an Editorial to help writers fulfill their dreams too!

I like role playing too so if you ever want to role play with me you can ask leaving a comment or just look at my "role play" status in one of my Featured Deviation boxes.

Thank you and have a nice view in my gallery.
If you happen to like my art and want to see more I invite you to watch me, it's free after all :D and you can get a 10% off in all my commissions hehe

I speak Spanish and English.

Put this on your
---██--- DeviantArt page
█████ if you're
---██--- not embarrassed
---██--- to tell
---██--- others that
---██--- you're a Christian!

3DS Friend Code: 2509-4963-3106
Before adding me send yours in a NOTE please!
I play Super Smash Bros & Pokemon Ultra Moon

I'm proud of

:iconadopts-ofall-kinds: :icontwaifoxes: :iconryntasia-fantasy: :iconkamishiba-agency: :iconmumeiru-temple: :iconshourinokobi-temple: :icontaums-den: :iconspring-thing-fling: :iconhaiblums: :iconstygian-shade:

Important Journals to take in count
DeviantsOkay, this journal is personal though I want to get clear some stuff. Over here I will put the deviants I consider my idols, besties, and icon masters.
Idols: People I highly admire either from art, literature, photography, editions, etc... and the way they make art is lovely, awesome, stunning and worth the look! People I have been watching for so long (2 years xD) and recent people that their works has been an inspiration for me.
Icon Masters: People that have made an icon either a commission or a free icon they want to share with the community and I liked it very much! Even a base icon is helpful to create your own :) so that section would be crediting the deviants I use their icons for my page. Why masters? Because I like that name xD and because are the few ones I have loved for too long! <3 and probably commish them in the future ;)
Besties: People that during my time on deviantart has been nice, kind, and talkative with me. Has been knowing me, they even add me on Facebook, S
Commissions OPEN [Points and PayPal]Finally decided to open these.
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Art Trades HERE
Kamishiba AT HERE
Pixel Commissions HERE
Commissions Points and PayPal: YOU'RE HERE
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Terms of Service/Use
Please, read this before asking for a commission (s).
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Payment Methods:
PayPalPointseShop CardsCore Membership (The equivalence will follow the same as the prices in here)
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Do's and Don't's
+Humans/Humanoids/Anthros+Closed Species/Animals/Open Species+Reptiles/Dragons+Couples+Ponies/Horses+Fantasy Creatures+Fan Art-NSFW-Gore-Yuri
Free Gifts to Kamishibas and CS/OS Owners [18/50]Edit 2018: YES, these are still open. Untill all slots have been occupied I'll start again with them or doing my between works. Is Free art xD come and get yours before is too late! Just be sure to not be rude, any rude and negativity behavior will not be allowed and you will be flaggued as spam and block by me. You have been warned! So if you want, leave your references :D and follow rules :P
:new: Closed Species and Semi-Open Species allowed only.
:new: Now every gift will bring an speed-paint. Sorry for those that would not have one D: but remember, you can still get some slots for other Kamishibas you own or any other closed species/open species.
Hello my dears! I will open free gifts to owners who has "Kamishibas" They are a Closed Species by Mad-Izoku 
All you have to do is send me the reference and I will draw either a full body or a headshot with simple background digitally :) take in mind that I need time to make all of

The Tomb of the Dark Mummy -- IMPORTANT, READ PLZLast Last Update (for real):
As some of you may know, this was like... my first story submitted in DA and yes, you can still find it and read it xD and then found out that it has A LOT of plot holes and grammar errors (take in mind this was around 2014-2015 when I started to learn more about writing in english or writing in general and from time to time I started to realized that I had a lot of errors even so. Even today I still have a lot to learn. Anyway. The idea of this update is because I'm re-doing it in spanish to have a better script and then draw the comic. This is like the start of a big project alongside with Max/Angie story...
Also, if you can read in spanish you can find the story updating every Tuesdays and Thursdays in Layton Amino en Español (Spanish amino for Layton). In there you'll find the story updated and better written too, there is until chapter 9 and take in mind next chapters will not be like these linked below. Again, you're free to read this one, but be
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You can start blaming Amino for being so influencer on me. For real, I have had NEVER used dividers on journals and for the first time EVER in my history's dA I'm using them...
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What is this journal about?
Ah, that's easy. Art Trades!
The titl
Youtube Videos Updates - New Speed PaintI will be updating this journal when I submit a new video into my channel :D
I am basically starting with the channel so your support will be very appreciated!!
English Content/Contenido en Ingles.

Pokemon Challenge: [link]
Let's Play Dragon Warrior Monsters PART1: [link]
Dual Destinies PART 1 (1/3) [link]
Free Motion Remix Dance: [link]
Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded Ep 1: [link] 
Kingdom Hearts Re:coded EP 2: stopped
Kingdom Hearts Re:coded EP 3: --
Kingdom Hearts Re:coded EP 4: --
Going to retake this game once I'm done with Pokemon Platinum
Aegis' Performance - Prompt video: 

I am Joining the Taum Mama Challenge: HardcoreThis is a tracker for the Taum Mama Challenge. 
1. Monochrome [image link/thumb]
2. Cross hatch [image link/thumb]
3. Anime style [image link/thumb]
4. Painted style [image link/thumb]
5. Water Color style [image link/thumb]
6. Dynamic Lighting [image link/thumb]
7. Background [image link/thumb]
8. Pixel art [image link/thumb]
9. Full body artwork [image link/thumb]
10. Detailed Head shot [image link/thumb]
11. Reference sheet [image link/thumb]
12. A Style Sheet [image link/thumb]
13. Full Illustration theme: Love [image link/thumb]
14. Full Illustration theme: Home [image link/thumb]
15. Half body Illustration: Powerful [image link/thumb]
16. Half body Illustration: Charm [image link/thumb]
17. Artistic freedom [image link/thumb]
18. Head shot icon [image link/thumb]
19. Full body icon [image link/thumb]
20. Scenery [image link/thumb]
21. Internet meme [image link/thumb]
22. Collab with a friend [image link/thumb]
23. Artistic freedom [image link/thumb]
24. Create what you think
OC's Interviews and Items - TrackerIn here I will keep track of the interviews so far. Some of them, or the old ones to be precise I might update with a new version.
Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2] 
In no order in specific.
          OC Quiz/Interview PL Group by MariiCreations93 OC Interviews - Max's and Aegis' Editions by MariiCreations93 Ten Characters Meme thing by MariiCreations93 8 OC Facts - Zam by MariiCreations93
Items Inventory
Inventario de Dan - ZooTown [Tracker] by MariiCreations93 Elijah's Tracker Log - Level 2 [MOVED] by MariiCreations93 My Kamishiba Tracker by MariiCreations93
This Journal will be updated once a new interview releases!
These are my characters, please do not steal or take as your own!
Caddy Wtf 


Forever abandoned + Useless Vent
Not going to finish this... it is some sort of vent/rant whatever you want to call it. I just needed to get my feelings out and right now I feel this way and probably will feel this way till 2018 ends because i don't feel like anything is worth it to fight for it anymore... friendship, goals, love interest, career, food, nothing... is just feels empty and no hope... i'm done, i'm tired to keep fighting with people over nothing when at the end my opinion or my words are never counted...

I don't have the strength or the will to get a knife and cut myself... but now is just worthless everything... whatever goes the megacon it will go however they want to... I'm just an useless human and life less person that only serves to other two people that thinks they protect me. They will lose me in another way, maybe not suicide but I think they already lost my sanity and self person. All day I have had an expression without expression it self... I have cried? Of course... I just wanted to be someone and has someone to count on in real life... no... they removed that from me too. 

I've tried to get a job to make life easier for them... is just useless now and worthless, I don't care anymore if we ended up without light or internet or whatever life has to offer, i don't care about what happen to me anymore or what happens to others... talk about double moral, i'm just done... i'm tired to fight for the same thing and yet don't get in count.

My age is a joke... my deicisions are a joke, MY LIFE IS A FUCKING JOKE!

*Listening to life is beautiful of daichi miura* NO, IS NOT! IS HORRIBLE, IS WORTHLESS, IS THE WORST THING EVER CREATED!! is not...
.:Stream:. Offline
Stream Days: Thursdays & Fridays

Working on:

Bullet; Green Commissions CLOSED!Bullet; Green 
:bulletgreen: Art Trades Open!:bulletgreen:

Finally the stream picture is done!! <3
This was a pending personal art since 2014... or 2015? anyway, is late ok!
I'll keep this in Featured so it will be easy to find and to update when I make stream or not!
No more journals people!

See ya!!
Please do not steal!
I make commissions for these kind of things if interested!
Max belongs to Me.
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