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My Bio

Name: Marii | Gender: F | Age: 29 | Sign: Scorpio

I am a Christian, don't be afraid to talk with me I don't bite. I like video games, anime, I like to read and I would love to make animation in the future.

I finished my Graphic Design career and now have a temporal work at a Foundation of Children with Cancer. I am planning to study Animation & 3D Modeling and in the future Literature. I want to be able to open an Editorial to help writers fulfill their dreams too!

I only role play with close friends.

Thank you and have a nice view in my gallery.

I speak Spanish and English.

Learning Japanese with Duolingo

Put this on your

---██--- DeviantArt page

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---██--- you're a Christian!

3DS Friend Code: 2509-4963-3106

Nintendo Switch Friend Code: SW-0067-6497-3119

Before adding me to switch or 3DS send me a message.

Games currently online: Monster Hunter Rise/Stories 2, Fall Guys, Paladins.

Mario Kart Tour FC: 9386-8242-1129 (coming back)

Fire Emblem Heroes FC: 3739-5180-81 (so-so)

Lord of Heroes FC: NGPZ-M648-XK7W-C84L (1,333hrs... these speaks for itself) [HeroLegion alliance]

Pokemon GO FC: 3910-7359-5823 (Inactive)

Dragalia Lost FC: 3224-7517-165 (inactive)

Pocket Camp FC: 3637-6193-579 (inactive)

Kingdom Hearts xCross FC: ded game, dark road releases on 26th.

Shin Megami Tensei Dx2 FC: L4D7-48KY-BGP3 (inactive)

Tales of Crestoria FC: 492-649-581 (inactive)

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius FC: 648-943-001 (so-so)

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: War of the Visions FC: (rare visits)

Obey Me FC: (inactive)

Project Sekai FC: 46379022141198339 (so-so)

Pokémon Unite ID: 7KLPAHP (rankings/casual play) (inactive)

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cleaning heichou -pagedoll-

Favourite Visual Artist
Zillabean, Mad-Izoku, Fucal, Isi-Daddy, Tsaoshin, Ry-Spirit, etc.
Favourite Movies
Currently rewatching: Shrek saga, Kung Fu Panda saga, How to train your dragon saga
Favourite TV Shows
Currently watching: NnT and Persona 5
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Currently listening: JonasBros, Hillsong, LiSA, FLOW, Imagine Dragons, Gaming and Anime OST
Favourite Books
Currently Reading: Sherlock Holmes Adventures
Favourite Games
Currently Playing: Animal Crossing NH, Elder Scrolls Blades, Asphalt 9 Legends, Megaman Zero/XZ, Pokémon Sword
Favourite Gaming Platform
Currently Using: Nintendo Switch and Macbook Pro
Tools of the Trade
Clip Studio Paint & Wacom Intuos Painter
Sloooow process, I'm starting with closed species art. So, if there are some pieces in here and suddenly disappears from your faves, is because of that.
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Mmm... I guess storaging stuff will do the job for now. Instead of deleting everything. I don't want to delete stuff here after 10 years of work on this, whether it was for beginner to improvement :'3
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I might move completely from DA... I really tried to give them another chance, I tried to adapt to the new system either being layout or what not, even fragments, I tried... I really did since I kept uploading some finished pieces into here. But... it has been so long, I'm not "growing", there are not really interests at all from watchers (most of them probably are gone by now) and the few ones are just like me, jumping through there and now, checking this place for compromise more than love... I understand big accounts have it easier, have it better, but as a small one... is demotivating, faves are great, but no one comments anymore, not even to say "hi". I have around 2,530 fragments, can't give to my friends anymore (the ones i gave before this year) because new rules: you can only gift 1 diamond to the same deviant per year, great... *sarcasm* I understand this place requires a web hosting that is paid. Good, I have been wanting to get core using paypal and even that option is
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Hiya! Do you take free art requests by any chance?


No. But I do have art commissions.

Happy Birthday! :)

Thank you!! Is on the 14th, but thanks for the early wishes!! <3


Which one Do you prefer in WarioWare could be Young Cricket, Kat or Ashley

Hi. I'm not much into warioware games, sorry.

Chaotic or X-Men Evolution ?