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Man, what a wild ride... first my Annual Training then BronyCon and now trying to work on this insane schedule that literally kidnapped me from my arts >.< Let alone, finally getting Adobe Illustrator and begging my buddies to teach me to use it until I get better at it ;D

Things that happened since I returned home from BronyCon has been hectic as shit. My boyfriend and I were busy straightening our apartment after the move; I was also extremely exhausted from the wild fucking trips; which literally made me bed bound for a few weeks. I didn't even want to get up for work >_<

Oh guess what! Remember from my previous entry that I mentioned my tablet being busted? Well.... after calling the Wacom customer service to use my warranty to get my Intuos 5 tablet exchanged (I learned that I was mistaken about my warranty. It didn't expire after all!), they first had me go through step by step process to see if the tablet is defective; when they suggested I exchange cord (which I did), guess what... the tablet is working like new again!!! XD As it turned out, it wasn't the tablet that fucked up; it was actually the connection cables that broke and need replacement. So yup, my tablet is fine!

My HP scanner/printer, however, DID bust *growls* I was getting ready to scan my next comic page to work on it and the damn thing keeps shutting off. What was worse, the warranty did in fact expire, so I had to order a replacement scanner under my own dime. I can't complain though; HP had me pay less than half price and HP gave me a 3 year warranty for cheap. I had to ship the broken printer back to the company though, which I didn't mind at all.

So other than that, the next thing that's standing in my way of arts is my crazy work schedule, returning to the gym, and my upcoming reserves weekend drill *sighs* Once that is over I'll be able to return to my arts (yay!)

Tis the season of awesome holidays!!!! I don't know about you guys, but I'm really looking forward to Halloween! :D
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Hey everyone! I know this is late, but I've been strapped to how things have been going about for the past week x_x Driving 6 hours from Baltimore to my home state was insane, and if that's not crazy enough... I had to head straight back to work the following day >_< But anyways, I'm back now!

BronyCon was amazing! I love the energy and the positive environment, I met some awesome bronies, and reunited with some good ol brony friends. Meeting some of my inspiring artists was amazing and one of my favorite times is meeting Andrea Libman (the lady who played Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy) and M.A. Larson. My cosplaying as Pinkie Pie was a huge plus XD If nopony has attended, I strongly encourage you to go to the next upcoming BronyCon, which will be July 8th through the 10th until further notice.

I do have some bad news... I will have to put my comic pages and my future arts on hold for now; right before I left for BronyCon, my Intuos 5 tablet has busted :'( I tried to fix it, but I'm not having any luck with it. I even checked for warranties but sadly, the warranty has passed so I'm pretty much out of luck from doing digital arts until I get a new tablet. *sighs* So... for now until I get a new tablet (which I should get it hopefully before the end of the month), I won't be able to submit anything. I WILL however keep doing my journal updates ;D

I'll keep everyone posted. Good night!
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Yay!!! I returned home from Virginia (where I did my reserves training), and I just started to work on page 3 of my comic! I'm not sure how soon I will have it submitted; this one contains many frames and more variety of colors in comparison to my last few submissions, so only time will tell. I can't promise that I'll have the page up before I leave, but I do guarantee that it will be up this month.

More great news, BronyCon 2015 is just around the corner, and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone in person! I can't believe how quickly time flew, and I had the tickets ordered 5 months ago XD

See you guys around!!!
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Hey guys! I'm just dropping here for a brief moment XD My Annual Training will be over soon so once I get back home, I'll continue to do more arts, plus pick up where I left off from my current comic project. I can't promise a new submission, but I will try.

You guys take it easy and I hope you enjoy your summer. If anyone here is attending BronyCon, I hope to see you around!!!

Remember: I'll be going as Pinkie Pie, and my sweetie will be going as Cheese Sandwhich. We'll also be using our pen names when we attend XD

That's all folks!!
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Woohoo!!! My boyfriend's and my moving from our old apartment to our new one is finally over!! All of our possessions are here, and we just finished cleaning and turned our old keys in. Fuck, that was draining... x_x

Also, our cable and internet service got transferred, along with our electricity XD

Anyways, I want to give you guys a heads up... not only was I unable to upload my art due to my moving; starting tomorrow I won't be able to upload any art until mid-August. Tomorrow, I'll be leaving for the Navy Reserves Annual Training; I might get internet access once I get to my duty station to give journal updates but as far as art updates, that will be impossible. Once my Annual Training is finished, my boyfriend and I will be driving to Baltimore to head to BronyCon, and to drive back home, so that's going to keep me busy as well.

Once I return to my home state, I'll be able to continue my future arts. I'll keep you posted!

You guys enjoy your weekend, and if you're going to BronyCon this year, have fun and be safe!!!
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Welp, many great things happened today. My new lease is signed, and I now got the keys to my new place. My boyfriend and I will finish packing tonight, and we'll be heading to our new place first thing tomorow! Although we will be going back to clean up our old place, but once that's taken care of, we will be fully settled. We're going to stay busy for the next few days x_x

Here's some more splendid news: Hasbro announced via Twitter that My Little Pony season 6 will be coming this year! Woohoo!!! Here's the link to it incase you didn't get to see it yet XD…
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Hey everyone! First off Happy belated Independence Day! I hope you all had a fun holiday and stayed safe with the fireworks!

I was going to do the journal update before I upload anything, but it was really late last night and I wanted to upload my pictures asap.

Ugh... it has been awhile. Not only with how busy things got, it's also because I decided to put my art life in the backseat after Thanksgiving. No worries it's not because I no longer want to do art. It's because I developed major weight problems throughout my ACL surgery recovery. I was on bed rest and I wasn't eating right, which made my weight climb to a staggering 170 pounds. It may not seem a lot, but that's my heaviest, and it's because I'm out of weight standards for the Navy (I'm 5'5" and the heaviest I can weigh is 160) I felt sick and very unhealthy. After the doctor cleared me, I signed up for a gym and I've been using my time for the gym since... and honestly, I'm glad I did! As of now before the time I signed up for the gym, I lost nearly 40 pounds! XD Oh and the best part, my boyfriend and I will be going to BronyCon this year!!! ^_^ I'll be going as Pinkie Pie and my boyfriend will be going as Cheese Sandwich XD 

Also, I'm no longer a night shift security guard at my new job... I now do accounting clerk, which is an awesome position! I jumped from night shifts to day, I get the weekends off and my pay rate has bumped ;D My co-workers are also very nice and fun to talk to, the the manager who offered me the position is very sweet and she's fair to everyone.

Last but not least, my boyfriend and I will be moving to a new place in a couple of days. The location is better and the apartment is cheaper than the one we're staying now.

I'm currently working on the second page of my comic, but I can't promise that I will have it completed before the move. I'm still not fully done packing yet, and we need to get this place cleaned up and ready for the new tenants to move in.

That's it for now folks. Take care and enjoy the nice weather!
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First off, I want to mention Happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope you guys had an awesome day :)

Secondly, things have come about from my last journal update. My boyfriend, myself, and my new room mates are fully settled into our new apartment. We're at a decent location, and a lot of great places we like to go to are close by. Most importantly, my apartment is closer to my job, and I won't have to worry about taking certain highways that were more prone to rush hour traffic to work. However it doesn't stop the snow from falling; I'll need to be careful with my commute whenever we get the snow days.

And if you haven't seen snow yet, I would be greatful if I were you. Snow isn't something you will want to live though.

So far not only did I manage to find the time to be more active to my arts, I'm finally getting around to work on my NLT comic ^_^ I'm very excited about it!

I've always wanted to do a comic based on a MLP fanfiction for awhile. I honestly was going to do a comic for the grimdark Cupcakes, but the project was already in the works by an awesome artist Pinkanon So I searched for other fanfictions to work on, until I spotted my boyfriend SanityLost's NLT fanfiction. I'll admit I did feel weird about it at first, due to the story containing clop material... then I thought screw it, and  decided to sketch up the pages.

I'll be honest and say that this comic won't be the only art project I have in store. I have two other fanfics that I will want to illustrate (I have permission to do one of them. I just need to ask permission for the other one), plus I want to make a gift art for a friend of mine. Speakng of which, I'm honestly thinking about redoing her alicorn OC picture... I do love the colors, the background and the shade; I'm just unhappy with the size of the picture >.< I haven't decided to redo it yet.

So far, that's my short update. Sleep is catching up to me, so I better wrap this up. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving ^_^

Oh, and if you didn't play Five Nights at Freddy's parts 1 and 2, I freaking dare you to. The games are fun and scary ;)
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Here's what's been going on for the past month.

I finished my Annual Training, and I started my physical therapy to work on getting my knee to function normally. It's a bit painful though... I have to work on stretching my graft, and to strengthen my muscles, but the bright side, the therapy is working out very well and I'm able to walk better. I still have a ways to go to run, though. Incase you don't know what happened, I tore my ACL, and had to have surgery. Anyways, as much as my desire to do more arts are on the rise, but due to the fact I need to move to a new location, I have to put everything on hold for now. But no worries, I do have some good news. I found a nice apartment which has a lot of great amenities and a great view of Lake Erie. And my boyfriend who has a steady income will be moving with me, which will be making our finances a lot easier. The best part, it's closer to my job which will save me a shit ton of gas money. We're currently working on getting our things packed, and we're hoping to have everything moved by the weekend.

When will I have new art submitted? Only time will tell. Maybe as soon as we get everything unpacked and settled in, I'll start working on my arts again. I'll keep you guys posted.
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I was planning to post more art, but something terrible happened which placed my arts to a temporary halt. I've been stressed lately due to the money situation and it just got worse... I have to move to a different place soon. I don't know how the fuck I can find a place when everywhere I know costs an arm and a leg, plus I have no one to turn to. This is just awful. Wish me luck everyone.
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Ugh... what a day... or more like what a year... but I did had a rough day today, so this can sum it up.

I know I have been away for nearly a year and haven't given any updates, not even journal updates and for that I am sorry. Not only has real life taken a toll on me, I've had the worst case of artist blocks which sadly held up my desire to draw and make any updates for DA. To keep everything in a nutshell, here's what happened.

I moved from my shit hole house of hell, and moved to a duplex house with my room mates in August. My life became less stress and I felt free from living with that heartless wicked bitch.

Working night shifts while keeping my mind occupied with bills have been my daily routine.

During Halloween Fest of 2013, my room mates and I went to Michigan for the weekend to go to the awesome festival. It was freezing, but it was well worth it.

I bought an Intuos5 drawing tablet. It's a very nice tablet, which makes doing digital arts much easier. However the tablet I REALLY want is a Cintiq, but that can wait ;D

Remember my fanarts for the fanfiction Nights Like This by SanityLost? Well... in early November, the author who wrote it moved to my house and we've been living together since. We're also seeing each other and I'm hoping this will last :)

Survived the January winter storm from hell called the Polar Vortex. My God the winter was awful... -15 degree weather with -40 degree wind chills, along with winds blowing at 30mph... driving through the snow was freaking insane.

In February, I applied at a new place, and got the job. It's another night shift job, but the pay is better, the job is more fun and the management is awesome.

Remember the young brony Michael Morones who attempted suicide due to the shameless bullying from his peers for being a fan of the show? In mid-March, my boyfriend and I flew to North Carolina and paid a visit to Michael and the Morones family, and the family are wonderful. Seeing Michael laying on the hospital bed was very heartbreaking. Michael is a very handsome child and it's such a shame how such cruelty and discrimination can push a wonderful boy that far :( I cried after seeing Michael in that state. I tried so hard not to break down but I couldn't hold it in. What helped me smile, is that his family are there for him, and Michael has been showered with support and I can't be more than thankful to the community for the love and support they gave little Michael. My boyfriend and I gave Michael Morones our own set of goodies, along with more presents from our friends. The visit was wonderful and if I ever get the opportunity to visit again, I will be more than happy to see them again :)

Days after my boyfriend and I returned to Ohio from the visit, I had my job orientation. Everything went well at first until I tore my ACL. It wasn't a partial tear, it was a complete freaking tear! >.< However there's good news... I'm getting worker's comp, and they're covering my medical care and lost time. What's even better, I got my ACL reconstruction surgery on May 22nd. It sucks to be on bedrest, but I'm recovering well and I can walk better without my knee brace; I still need my crutches though. Incase you don't know what an ACL is, it's Anterior cruciate ligament; it's an important ligament that keeps your knee stable and not wobble around when you walk (which is PAINFUL) and whenever you do intense workouts, if you're not careful enough you can easily have the ligament torn and you'll need surgery. Females are higher risk for tears than males.

In the beginning of June, we went back to Michigan for my cousin's wedding ceremony. I was the bridesmaid and despite my pain from surgery, I still managed to walk down the aisle without falling. But I had the groomsman walking me down, so that worked out XD

So as of now, I'm currently Annual Training for the Navy Reserves. Due to my current condition, the Navy is having me to office work. I can't workout nor do heavy lifting.

So that's pretty much my year in a nutshell :) Lord knows when I will return to work, but I hope it will be soon... I miss my job and my co workers!

You guys have a wonderful 4th of July and don't get too crazy with the fireworks XD
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I have a lot going on... I'll explain later after I get off work tomorrow. Until then, good night everyone! I hope you have your fireworks ready for the holiday XD

*closes her coffin door and drifts back to sleep*
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Hey every pony! I'm currently in Akron for my Naval Reserves drilling. As soon as I got back, I stumbled across this amazing clip, giving us a sneak peak for the upcoming My Little Pony season we've been waiting for! Right now, they're just storyboards and it's not animated yet, but this was a very enjoyable watch. If the clip was this awesome with just the storyboards, I bet the episode will be badass when it airs. And Pinkie Pie... God, I love her ^_^

Here's the clip. Enjoy!!!…
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Welp, just returned home from watching the movie, and I gotta tell you... the movie turned out a LOT better than I thought it was going to be. The animation was amazing, the actors reprised their roles which is a HUGE plus, the writing was great, and last but not least the music and the songs were badass.

If you haven't seen the movie yet, I can't stress enough how much I recommend you see the movie. I remember when it was first introduced, people misjudged it and there were skeptics (I was one of them) that weren't sure if the movie will turn out any good. Welp, coming from someone who just saw it, the movie was great, and it exceeded my expectations. You won't regret it watching it... THAT I guarantee it ;)

I better get some sleep. Got work tonight! Gaahhhh >_<
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The movie is now in theaters. I will be seeing it today and when I come back, I'll give my review. I promise my review will be completely spoiler free ;) Off to the theaters I go!!!
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After watching this second trailer, I'm really looking forward to see the movie! Here's the link to the trailer. Enjoy! :)…
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Good news! My recovery is going smooth! Even though my body (mainly my head and my back) still feels weird from the spinal tap procedure and the medicine the doctors prescribed me, but the plus side, is that I'm not in as much pain anymore(yeah, there's still a bit but it's tolerable, so it's not too bad), and I can walk better now XD Everything should get better by the weekend! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Oh, and guess what! Remember my previous entries about working on a comic based on the MLP fanfiction I like? The comic is based on the fanfiction Nights Like This by SanityLost (I'm sure you've seen some of my fanart for the story, plus two pilot comic pages in my gallery ^_^). So far, I've been sketching the pages for nearly a month and right now, I have over 60 pages sketched (yikes!!! x_x), and I still have more of the story left to be done! XDD!!! Gah, Lord knows how many pages are gonna be made... and how interesting it will be when I get to the.... *ahem* scene... (to read the story, here's the link…)... it is an erotica fanfic after all XD!

Welp, that's my update for now. I just got back from my night shift, and I'm getting sleepy... x_x See you guys around!
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....after getting out of the hospital and taking the medicine my docs prescribed me, I will really have to take a little break from my arts for awhile. No worries, I still have a lot of ideas and plans ahead. I just need to take a small hiatus until I make a big recovery. I'm dealing with a lot of side effects of my meds, which I hope will go away soon. Wish me luck!
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...crazy weekend I had. As soon as I got off work on Friday morning, I went straight to the ER, because my optic neuritis attack just keeps getting worse. Incase you don't know what ON is, it's an inflammtion of the optic nerve... people that go through the attack will deal with having a foggy or cloudy vision, plus going through colorblindness. As much as it sucks, the attack isn't permanant; it will go away in time, or faster when the docs give you a steroid treatment. First they sent me to omphthomology, and then they sent me to a neurologists. Next, they gave me a pregnancy test, an MRI, chest xray, and the craziest test of all... the lumar puncture x_x they basically withdrew some fluid from my spinal cord to test and see if I have MS (multiple sclerosis). ON, unfortunately is one of the early indicators of MS and I pray the results will come back negative! The previous tests they gave me, the doctors told me everything came out fine; we just have to wait and see when the labs for the MS test will come about, hopefully by today

As far as the rant to the trolls go... dammit... I was so busy being treated at the hospital, I forgot a good majority what I want to say. As soon as I get released (hopefully today), I'll write what I can remember on my next entry; I don't want this entry to be too long.

Also, happy Memorial Day to all my brothers and sisters that served and/or still serving our country!
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...I freaking can't stand trolls... disagreeing with someone and being polite and respectful about it is one thing but flat out trolling people's pages, plus harassing and bullying people is just stupid.

This has nothing to do with me... someone keeps trolling into someone's DA page because they don't agree with their interest. So freaking stupid I can't wrap my head around it.

Short rant, I know... I just woke up and I gotta get ready for work... I'll post a full rant when I'm wide awake.
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