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Night Like This Promotional Poster. by Marigretle Night Like This Promotional Poster. by Marigretle
It's finally happening folks!

Remember way back when I mentioned I was working on a comic based on a cute Pinkie Pie x Rainbow Dash ship I like? After such a struggle, I'm finally pulling through to work on my comic project as promised ;)

To those who haven't seen any of my work from earlier, the comic that I'll be doing is based on the erotica fanfiction Nights Like This By SanityLost. I've been working on this comic for over a year, but I didn't fully got around to finish (at least the sketching portion) due to real life complications and having one of the most awful case of artist blocks. It was a real nightmare. But thank heavens some good changes came around and now, I can finally get back to this project.

I was honestly going to use this picture as a comic cover but after thinking of a different design that I thought would be much cuter, I decided to make this picture a promotional picture. Hope you don't mind XD

I still have pages left to sketch before I finally finish the sketching portion but because I already have over 100 pages sketched and ready to Photoshop... and I'm having an artist block on what to do to finish them, I decided to get started on the Photoshopping. I hope to think of the panels for the finishing pages.

Other than the cloud vector from the lower right corner, to the moon vector, to the slim cloud vector underneath Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, the cloud on the lower left, and Rainbow Dash's cutie mark vector, everything you see here is made by me. Drawing Rainbow Dash in her Wonderbolt uniform was my favorite one to work on XD

Programs I used were Manga Studio Ex and Photoshop CC 2014. I also used the Intuos5 tablet Medium.

Credit for the moon vector goes to

Credit for the two cloud vectors go to

Nights Like This belongs to…

MLP is copyrighted to Hasbro and Lauren Faust
TheMoonRaven Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yaaayyyyy!! FINALLY! Tight Hug 
I'm so happy :'D I can't waiiiiittt!
And iv'e missed you so much :')
ShadowNinja976 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Not bad. Not bad at all.
VazquezG19 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cute! This is so awesome!! I can't wait!
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November 8, 2014
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