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Guiding Light Nightsky by Marigretle Guiding Light Nightsky by Marigretle

Yay! I finished this just yesterday XD I could have had this uploaded by then but sleep snuck up to me and I had to wake up early for work >_<  This took me quite some time to make. I originally started this back in earlier October, but my laptop caught a virus... so I had to stop my work restore the damn thing. The fucking virus completely fucked the work I did earlier, which sucked major balls. About a week later, I bought a new computer and had to restart from scratch. No worries, my laptop is fine; I decided to use my new computer instead of my laptop, because whenever I use my tablet plus Photoshop and Manga Studio Ex do art on my laptop, it would lag and slow down, and it completely disrupts everything. So meh.

Anyways, this is one of my military brony friend's lovely OCs, who goes by the name Guiding Light. She is a guide for all those who've lost their way, particularly sailors. She's wise and strong. She comes only at twilight, at the time between waking and sleeping.

Despite that I frown upon alicorn OCs, I had so much fun working on this. Also unlike most alicorn OCs that I've seen; this one, IMHO, has a very well written backstory, isn't ridiculously overpowerful, and she looks like a normal everyday pony. Basically, she's nowhere close to a Mary-Sue.

Now don't get me wrong. I know not all alicorn OCs are bad. Infact, I have personally seen some alicorn OCs that look normal, actually have a backstory, not retardedly overpowerful and last but not least, they have a purpose as alicorns. It's just most of the alicorn OCs I've seen are poorly written and annoyingly over-powered mighty of the Lord powerful god/goddess Mary-Sue/Gary-Stus. Basically one of those "I am the most powerful alicorn of Equestria, I am the alicorn of beauty LOTS OF POWER" crap.

Of all the work in the picture, the most painful part of this picture is vectoring the cutie mark... I literally spent all day vectoring the damn thing! x_x Everything you see in the pic is all done by me except for the background. However I did do the work on the ocean and add it to the background. I hope you like it!

Programs I used were Manga Studio Ex and Photoshop CC 2014. I also used the Intuos5 tablet Medium.

Credit for this background belongs to

Guiding Light belongs to my friend SeaBreeze Tide

MLP is copyrighted to Hasbro and Lauren Faust

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October 28, 2014
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