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Sailor Moon Time Key Tattoo

By MarieZombie
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Tattoo I got on my 20th birthday. Piece is of the Time Key Chibiusa receives in the manga version of Sailor Moon. She uses this key to time travel from the future to the past and present. It's one of my favorite pieces from the series and I thought it would be normal enough as just a key, and subtle because of the placement and flow of the design that to someone who doesn't recognize what it is, will just think it's a key, but to those that are familiar with the series, or cares to inquire will have found out it's true meaning.

nothing flashy, just a hint at my nerd-side xD


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It looks so beautiful.
BloodDiva's avatar
This is very unique and Original , I love Chibi Usa ^_^
chibi-neko03's avatar
this is great! I am a huge Sailor Moon san (and even have her in my own tattoo) but it took me a moment to notice this one D: oh the shame!! But this is beautiful :D
AngelSamui's avatar
I love that it's sort of a hidden fan choice. So cute!
SarahForde's avatar
what a cute idea! I love it!
MarieZombie's avatar
Thank you so much! <3
DoomyBunny's avatar
Im thinking of getting one too. but I want to change the design a bit. I feel like it would mean more to me if I drew it. this has definitely inspired me though :)
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I want a Time Key tattoo.
VampireMaidenMagik's avatar
I really like it its cute...^^
mangolious-kiwi's avatar
That is too awesome! =D
AWESOME!!! Soooo nice!!
This is ADORABLE!! It is almost like what I want to get for my sister and I on her 18th birthday... I'll have to show her this picture and see what she thinks
MarieZombie's avatar
oh please dont copy me! be original!
RavenSpiderwick's avatar
love this! i've been trying to think of a subtle hint at my nerd-side tattoo for sailor saturn. can't think of a darn thing. but, yours for pluto, i love!
MarieZombie's avatar
hahaha its actually for chibiusa, since she used it to travel to and from the future. as for saturn hmmm.. maybe her planetary symbol? or her brooch?
davethebeetle's avatar
i think this is so cute!
lil-miss-fox's avatar
this is really cool, I really wanna get a tattoo but its got to be the perfect one.
wow , i love this. my last name is key and ive been trying to find a good design & im loving this !!sailor moon is awesome!!
twilightlover's avatar
I love it!!! This total makes me want to go out and get a tattoo now. Would you mind if I used your tattoo design?
MarieZombie's avatar please don't.... i'd rather keep this for myself, as it means soooo much to me. i dont mind you taking the idea, i guess... just not the same design.
Wait, I'm confused. Why are you telling people not to get this design if the key was originally designed by Naoko Takeuchi? Or are you referring to design as a whole (this particular key on the ankle bracelet). Just wondering because I've seen quite a few other tattoos of this very same key. Although yours is super pretty, especially with the white highlighting. It really makes it pop! :)
MarieZombie's avatar
The design as a whole. Duh. I don't care if other people get the time key (manga or anime version) It would just be very disheartening to see someone steal my idea (i.e. tattoo idea) as i came up with it myself, and 'designed it' myself, (which is, i redrew naokos original image and tweaked it a bit, because hers wasnt very even/proportional) I just think people should be original in their tattoo design/ choices and not rip off someone elses' idea.
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I have three friends who actually did this. Except only one has the time key on her foot with an ankle chain--the other two have different symbols to represent their favorite scouts.
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