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Chapter 1: The Strangest Princess

   Phoenix was interesting mare.

    Not because she was the only daughter of Princess Celestia and Discord, she was,
just to put it bluntly, strange.She did not care much for the company of others, her subjects or family.
Her head was always far away, in her own little chaotic world.
She seemed more proud to rule that world then her actual kingdom.
That's when Celestia drew the line. She understood that her daughter treasured her privacy more than all
the royal riches, so when Phoenix so her Mother walk in unannounced it unnerved the younger mare.
"Yes, Mother? What bothers you tonight?"

    Celestia's amethyst eyes roamed over to her daughter, Celestia was able to read her oldest son, Illusion like
a book. Why not her daughter? She silently admired her daughter's appearence. She could defintely see the
Alicorn genes being more promient in her daughter than it was with her son. Her daughter's blazing red and orange golden mane,
was complimented by her white coat. her eyes where a blazing gold shining with a spark much older than her age.
For believe it or not she was only shy of 16 years of age.

    She saw the journal in Phoenix's hooves, her hair messily pulled up as if too only pull her hair out of her face.
Her half moon shaped reading glasses hanging slightly on the tip of her muzzle. She looked like an old librarian,
if anything. Celestia sighed as she sat down by her daughter on her expansive bed. She watched as her daughter furiously
scribbled into her journal the orange aura glowing around the quill that radiated from her horn.

   "So how was your day?"
Celestia said smiling trying to interact as best as she could with the young princess.

   "Boring." Phoenix replied as she closed her book with an unamused face then sending the boundment of parchment to
the bookcase with her magic.

   "Maybe it would be more entertaining if you, I don't know, actually left the castle."

  "Unlikely," The mare said taking the ribbon out of her hair, letting her curls cascade to the side of her neck.
She stood in front of her vanity as her mother used her magic to pick up a brush and gently comb her mane.

   "I remember when you were a filly you loved it when I brushed your mane." Celestia said, a twinge of sadness
adding a small weight to her voice. Phoenix gave a small smile as she closed her eyes, when she opened them she
saw the undeniable simlarities of her and her mother in the reflective glass before her.
The moment of happieness quickly disappeared as she turned
away from the mirror.

   " That's the problem." she mumured low enough so that it escaped past Celestia's ears. Celestia sat down
on the bed and looked at her daughter.

   "I need to talk to you." Celestia said as she rubbed her fore head with her hoof. Her daughter's ears perked
and her serious attentive eyes came in contact with her mother as she set down the book she had only previously
in the last few moments try to preoccupy her self with. She looked at her mother with concern.


   "I think it's time you start accompaning your brother with his trips to Ponyville" Celestia said trying to sound
as professional as she could her chin held high with authority.

   "B-But!" Phoenix eyes widened as if she was a small filly coming face to face with Nightmare Moon herself. She
explored her brain looking for an excuse. She thanked her lucky stars when she remembered something her mother
had said once, about a year ago.

   "You said I wasn't to go on business trips till I was 17!" She stated proudly, as if she was a prosecuter showing
the perfect evidence as if she had finally proven that her client's claim was correct.
   "This isn't about royal business."

    Phoenix's blood ran cold.
   "What is it for then?" The young mare laughed nervously, her mother just chuckled and continued her statement.
   "Oh Phoenix," Her mother sighed heavily "Being intelligent is important, and I am more than proud to know that
my daughter is absolutely brilliant...But...You don't know how how to interact with your ponies!" Her Mother said
in a very rushed blur.
   "I do too! I know how to be polite always nod before greeting and if someone is superior to you wait for them to ta-"

   "This is exactly what I mean Phoenix!" Celestia said raising her voice, she immediately regretted her desicion when she
saw her daughter's mouth clamp shut and her ears folded downwards. "I'm sorry for raising my voice, but you need to learn not
to handle everything like a negotiation!" Celestia walked to the giant window that gazed over canterlot near her daughter's study
area. "You need to learn what it means to have companionship, not a trade partner...I hadn't planned to tell you this because I expected
that you would handle this more maturely." She said turning around facing her daughter, who's guilt was growing by the moment. She sighed and
took a deep breath before speaking again.

    "Your staying with Aunt Twilight in ponyville and you will write me weekly reports about what you had learn about friendship."

    " WHAT!!!!" Phoenix yelled, eyes widening and shock which slowly turned into anger!

    "You can't!! I'm working on my thesis! I'm about to crack it!" Phoenix whined, This wasn't fair!, She thought angrily, Why do
I have to go to a place where I don't know any pony and stay there!
 She exhaled deeply and put on the best 'I'm a happy perky princess'
smile she could muster and talked again! "Thank you for informing me about my new assignment now, when shall me and my brother be leaving?"
she said almost a little too happy.

    "Tomorrow at noon, I hope you will enjoy your stay at ponyville!" Her mother said a way too cheery as if she was
getting revenge for her daughter's foul attitude, and she promptly left the room. Phoenix snorted in anger and was about
to start ranting to herself about her mother, but her attention was caught by her phoenix, Philosopher, cawing as if he was calling her
towards her.

    "Oh Phily? Why does not my mother see my lack of interesting," She paused to shudder, "Socializing?" The bird just simply
cawed and tilted his head. "I know, I know! She just wants me to be happy!" She agreed recluantly as she moved slowly to her bed.
"Maybe I should sleep it on it, who knows, maybe I will have changed my mind..."



    "I'VE NOT CHANGED MY MIND!" Phoenix yelled as she held a hoof on either side of the enterance to the train, the only thing keeping her out.

    "YOU HAVE TO GO!!!!" Illusion yelled trying to push his sister in with his head, a crowd gathering around them to see the fiasco.
"YOU MAKING A SCENE!" He said trying his best to quicken the process of her entering.

    "Says who?" she said smugly as she looked back at her brother who was clearly done with her antics. That's when
he had a epiphany.

    "Says the mare who wants her saddle bag filled with research!" He said deviously as he levitated the bag off of his
sibling and into the train. Phoenix took the bait and dove into the locomotive after it. Illusion ran in as fast as he could, then
the doors slammed behind them.

    "WHY YOU LITTLE-" she said her horn starting to glow when illusion simply put his hoof on it.
    "Tsk, tsk! Nix, you should control that temper of yours!" He said smirking, obviously aware that
he had won this battle of sibling war.

    "I told you stop calling me that, besides that was pure foul play!" She said snorting, as she levitated her saddle bag onto
her back.

    "The best kind of play I do!" He said smiling.


    Phoenix sat silently in the almost empty royal compartment of the train, while her brother kept singing/muttering this song about a little glass of water.
She thought about what her mother said about her not knowing how to interact with other ponies! She totally knew how to interact with ponies, or at least
she thought did. She felt the anxiety growing in her chest by the moment, her heart racing along with the wheels on the track. She leaned her head on the window.
She told her self she was just nervous about the assignment and forgetting the reports and everything else.

    She couldn't be afraid of meeting new ponies.

    She couldn't
 Next gen headcannon characters (all except Phoenix) (c)
Phoenix (c) marieskellington1022.deviantar…
All my little pony cannon characters (c) hasbro
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