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A Set of 8 Time Brushes

I have been fascinated with The REAL-TimeToy SCRIPT, 3D
by ~ulliroyal. I finally took a crack at using the ideas to create a set of Stamp Brushes that can be used in many ways.

I can see them as clock faces, but also as Compass frames or perhaps frames for portraits... You guys are artists after all... I am sure you can find a use for them.

If you do download them, please let me know how you use them.

I need to credit the Apo team and the mailing list folks who so willingly share their talents with us all.
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Thank you ! I love This !!
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I may end up using this on a Rovers logo. Not certain yet but thank you for making this! :)
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I used this [link] here; thank you so much!
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Used here: [link]

Thank you for this wonderful brush!=D~
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Very nicely done! Thanks for using it!
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I always enjoy seeing how my brushes are used.
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used here [link] thank you :heart:
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Hi! i used your resource here [link] Thanks
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Can this be used in a commercial artwork?
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Certainly. I would just appreciate a link to what you come up with. Good luck.
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Thank you. I'll send a link to you once it is finished.
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These are beautiful!

Used 'em here: [link]
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Thanks for sharing. Glad you are enjoying them! Nice work.
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No, thank you. I only got to download these because you uploaded them!

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I used your stock here, thanks a lot
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wow...these are so cool...just what I was looking for...thank you^_^
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Thanks... Glad you can find a use for them.
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They're pretty ! I'll probably use them somtime, I'll let you know if I do so =]
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