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REWARDS #14 December 2017 by MarieJaneWorks REWARDS #14 December 2017 by MarieJaneWorks… Star!
Thanks for the support Patrons! A successful month Thank you, supporters! Every bit helps and I hope this proves that your funds are going into my illustration business and dreams as promised! Spread the word!

Thank you soooo much to those who supported me this farrrrr my gosh! I throw love at you.  Please share the love with your friends and encourage them to help a girl on her journey! best of luck for the new year xox
I am really happy with the results. I have to say thank you, as usual, for those who are supporting me on Patreon AND for purchasing prints on my Etsy store. Both of these methods help me continue to work on all this and hopefully my funding can improve so I am able to make a living and move out of my parents house LOL. 
xox from MJ and happy thanks giving to my supporters in America!

Marie Jane, the young, talented and incredibly reliable freelance Illustrator.
Born in ’95, MJ has been creating art non-stop all her life, putting all that she’s learned into everything she does. She’s taught students, organized art shows, performed at the Art Gallery of Ontario, painted murals abroad and her talents were recognized by DC Comic Editor, Ellie Pyle.

[ Why Patreon? ]
To gain enough support funding from my patrons so that I am able to work on personal projects FULL TIME. These projects include a graphic novel series based around my character: Skylar Fox, the creation of hand made products, a trading card series, yearly published art books as well as yearly art shows, tutorials and other creative content on YouTube, hiring other artists and providing jobs, attending conventions and charity fund raisers abroad, creating more fan art, sculptures, and much, much more.

[ What do supporters get? ]
Patron rewards will grow as the support funding grows. For now, patrons are receiving all of my work early before it is posted anywhere else in high resolution, including work that I do not share on public social media. 
With time and more funding, I would like to offer the rewards listed on my patreon. 

[ How Does It Work? ]
When you become a patron, you choose a plan in which Patreon will charge you at the start of every month and will continue to do so until you cancel. You will receive your rewards after the first payment is made. I will submit the rewards randomly throughout the month with the exception of the raffle which I will do on the first day of every month.

[ Why You Should Support Me! ]
Other than the exclusive content and rewards that I offer, I am taking my career very seriously. I am dedicated talent and if you like what I do, help me reach my dreams! I will always be willing to listen to you if you reach out to me. But most of all, you should support me because I appreciate you, I am gifted and will surely impress you!
I Understand that money is valuable and that you work hard to make it. That's why even just the bronze patrons will mean everything. And I promise that every last cent that you contribute to my career will be put into hard work. I truly appreciate it.
Disclaimer: As Patrons, I am trusting you with my work. Please respect me as an artist and do not share that content anywhere outside of my patreon page.

If you are interested, just click "Become a patron"…




If you decide not to pledge, I would really appreciate your advice on how to gather more patrons and share this post! 

Thank You for all your favorites and comments <3
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