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Hey everyone. Here’s the big news you’ve all been waiting for. The future of Alley Chat.

(Lazy people can scroll to the bottom for the vital stuff, but I suggest reading through, it's quite important).

Here’s the thing. Webtoon hasn’t responded or reviewed anything yet, their customer service is appalling. All I was able to confirm was that it was a copyright claim after I got a threat via email by the person who made the claim. Long story's short: One of the writers got salty 'cause I fired them.

But you know what? Jokes on them. Because I’m not waiting for Webtoon to review the suspension. Look.
The suspension was THE BEST thing that ever happened to Alley Chat. I THANK them genuinely, because during the hiatus I had the time to do some serious thinking and thought that, the old story was pretty weak and over done anyway... it had its moments and all but I feel like I am capable of so much BETTER. It was a great experience for my first attempt at a webcomic but now I’m ready for something bigger.

So here’s something you guys are going to LOVE. It's been so hard keeping it quiet. Alley Chat never went out of production, I’ve been working on it this whole time! ||| But I’ve been writing a NEW story from complete scratch!!! Including art!! I can't stress that enough. The TRUE form of Alley Chat. ||| And the first episode releases this Friday and I promise, you will love it. The episode will also kick us off nicely because it's twice as long as my usual episodes.
I've been slaving away drawing it on full speed so you aren't waiting too long. I even took time off work. ('Cause u know, drawing takes 1000x longer than writing, don't let any fool tell you that it's not true.)

I'm really excited for the new story. According to Patrons, the old one doesn't compare. Actually, I had this one planned for a while but this whole disaster that happened just gave me the edge I needed to finally do it, and do it fast. I want to thank all of you guys for being so supportive during the shitfest that is the whole situation, some of you guys are the shinning stars in the darkness of the challenge I had (you know who u are < 3), but I learned so much and don't regret it one bit. Oh, yes. Many lessons learned. If this hadn't happened, I wouldn't have learned such lessons and Alley Chat wouldn't have existed. So I am joyous in how it all turned out because I'm wiser now.

I want to make clear that this post will be THE last time I address this and my "Alley Chat practice run" (ya we'll call it that) is to be buried and forgotten, ok? Say goodbye to it. I'm sick and tired of it all and just want to make great comics without anything weighing me down. So consider the past closed. Welcome to MJ's new chapter.

The true Alley Chat will be posted not only on Webtoon, but Tapas as well. Not only that, but (get ready)... there’s a new Webcomic platform currently under development by Thomas Astruc called Bay-Day, and I got permission from Thomas Astruc, the MLB creator HIMSELF, to post my series on it when the platform is ready. So not only will Alley Chat be on multiple platforms (you know in case Webtoon fucks up again), but it will also be protected from any bullshit copyright reports made against it on Bay-Day!
And to top it off with a cherry, it’s still going to be dubbed on YouTube by a very active, talented and quite popular YouTuber...who’s name reveal will be a surprise for later!

I TOLD you Alley Chat would make a come back stronger than ever. No one messes with my work. They're my babies, and I will always find a way to make lemon into lemonade. Alley Chat will still have the characters you looked forward to seeing and more! So now, here’s what you gotta do!

You guys gotta go look up Alley Chat on Webtoon and Tapas to subscribe (or find the links on my website's home page, because the cover art you know and love is already public as the first update with a story summary + Info  and the comic is already collecting your encouragement and subscriptions. BE SURE to subscribe on multiple platforms in case Webtoon or Tapas decides to shut it down and then get back to me never -.- . And when Bay-Day is ready, I'll let you guys know.

Then, if you are able to, you gotta weezle your way over to my patreon...because they've already been reading, for days now and will continue to be weeks ahead in the story...AND when I reach 100 patrons, I’ll make it my priority to update every week! And then lastly, tell your friends about it. Because the more support we have, the more comics I can make for you and then everyone’s happy. The only loss about this whole thing is the 9 months of work I lost and the 8000 subscribers I had. But I intend to get it all back with time, but your help in doing so would be absolutely amazing! So thank you again, and I look forward to blowing you away. xox MJ

Seatch "Alley Chat" or "Marie Jane Works" On Webtoon or Tapas
Go to my website (link in bio) . The Home page has links to both.


" Well, you almost had me fooled
Told me that I was nothing without you
Oh, but after everything you've done
I can thank you for how strong I have become

'Cause you brought the flames and you put me through hell
I had to learn how to fight for myself
And we both know all the truth I could tell
I'll just say this is "I wish you farewell""

My milestone is to turn this weekly, so please support the comic by supporting me on patreon!! 🏅 .

Thank You!!


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