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Lovely Complex: Sunset.

By MarieGrey
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© 2008 - 2021 MarieGrey
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This is beautiful <3 and super cute!
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I really love this!
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Oh, and this has been featured: [link]
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Omg this is the best piece of fanart for any anime or anything... EVER. It's heartwarming...and... I don't know, I'm speechless. It's just BEAUTIFUL.
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Thank you ^__^____^_____^_^
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You're welcome!
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:iconsomoeplz: :iconemociplz: :iconpukingrainbowsplz:

it`s beautiful¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
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This is such a heartwarming painting you made. Everytime I see it, my heart just melts away.. very inspiring also.
I really love the colours and the way you painted them, especially their peaceful expressions.. :heart:
So many feels for them, my fav. Shoujo anime of all times :aww:
I hope to see more of your anime art in the future!
I'd seriously put this one in my room if I could :)
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thank you alot for your words!
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You're very welcome! You deserve it ^^
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O-M-G!!!!!! SO CUTE~~!!!!! :love:
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This picture is so subtle... What a heartwarming scene <3
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OH DEAR GOD THIS IS THE MOST GORGEOUS AND PERFECT AND JUST SPOT ON FANART OF THESE TWO. JUST. WOW. BEST FANART I'VE SEEN. EVER. :iconblushplz: You've completely captured their love and friendship with such warm and appealing colors that fit both of them and in such anatomy and drawing technique I can't help but ask why does this not have a DD yet? JUST. PERFECT. SERIOUSLY. Amazing. :iconclapplz:
MarieGrey's avatar
Oh my! Thank you very much for such a kind words!:hug:
ohbeautifuldelilah's avatar
Don't mention it! :D You really deserve all of those and more for that wonderful piece of awesomeness. :hug:
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otani x) i.. i love you e.e
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i love this pic
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I looooooooove this~
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