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Cupcake charm tutorial

By mariedark
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idk why everyone obsesses so much about cupcakes,
but whatevs, might aswell make a tutorial on something people loves so much <3

if you use it, please link back <3
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could u plz send me a message on how to make liquid sculpey? PLEASE?
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as a substitute for liquid sculpey, add a few drops of water to Fimo ( only works for that brand ) for other brands, just add a little vegetable oil and mix and beat the clay until gooey. but i suggest you go buy liquid sculpey since the consistency is a lot better.
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They don't sell it here :(
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aww they dont sell liquid deko gel either? Nothing? :(( Umm maybe you can buy it online i guess :O Like on ebay with free shipping lol
cause for me it takes longer to bake until the oil mixture hardens :3
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I found it in a store the other day, but it was a huge bottle and costs 45 euro's. Which I'm not willing to pay for it. I've been looking online, but the only things I find are US based and shipping is kind of expensive.
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aww maybe theres a smaller bottle? I suggest you kinda look around your area and find all possible art stores :)
Yeah shipping from other countries are pretty expensive >.< I guess you could save up and invest in the tls if youre selling youc charms :) Or you could try using silicone (I havent tried that for one cupcake but its worth a shot :) )
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well liquid sculptey is something you buy in a little bottle?
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It's a bit difficult to read..but good tutorial!
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THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! i have been trying to make the TLS to be not liquidy, but wen i leave it out, it gets all dried up. paper soaks up the oil, WHO KNEW?
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Hey ^^ I have little question: Whan I can use instead of liguid sculpey? Because I live in Poland and in my country we don't have thing like Sculpey :(and sorry if you don't understand because my English is horrible ^^"
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hmm im not sure i guess like liquid fimo?
but rlly i don't know,
i guess you could try ordering it online or something.
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Thanks. =*
In Poland we have fimo (for lucky) ^^
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Awwww... Chibi lil' cupcakes~!:heart: *obsesses over petite objects*

Looking at this makes me want to get back into clay sculpting... (spelling?) Auugh, but my hands are so big and clumbsy! Not good for small detail... |<
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well i'm glad you like it though :)
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So well done!! I've been trying to get that perfect icing texture for the longest time...thank you so much.
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no problem, lol i'd been trying to get this trick for a long time too, i hate when pro's won't give out secrets :P
i'm so not pro, but i try to get good tricks.. lol
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Here's some mini cupcakes using your techniques:


Turned out wonderful!!
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omg they're so cute!!<33
thankyou so much!:heart:
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OMG i was wondering how to do the icing! this really helped alot!! :D thankz!
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no problem :) I'm glad you like<3
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Finally The Trick To Making Good Frosting!!!! W00T!!!! Thank you for fianlly putting this trick up. :worship:
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hahaha no prob, i'm glad you like :)
though i'm sure there are much simpler frosting tricks out there, this is the only one i've figured out :P
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thanks for this :) especially the bit about the icing. you have no idea how long i've been trying to find that tip out :) x
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