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-The.Untold. Part 2-
part 2:  Ghost Attack

     During lunch, Danny, Sam, and Tucker sat peacefully eating their meal. "Can't they change the menu for once" Danny complained. "Remember the last time you guys wanted something else for lunch....we don't want another Ghost lunch lady" Sam insisted.
     "There was a lot of meat, which was a good thing!" Tucker said gleefully. Danny rubbed his nose a bit and Tucker asked "Are you sure you okay?".
"Yea it wasn't that bad" He replied. "But it sure woke you up" Sam joked. Suddenly, screams where heard and people started  to run. All three teenagers turned around to see a huge mosquito ghost terrorizing everyone. Danny ran to a nearby bush as he yelled, "Going ghost!".
     He flew out of the bush, ready to kick some bug butt. The huge glowing bug chased Dash and for a moment Danny didn't want to bother
:iconart-princezz:art-princezz 6 0
Part 1:  ŤĤĚ ßĔĢĭŇŇĬŇĢ
Before all the risks he took.....
Before the whole world discovered his true identity ...
And before Phantom Planet...
There was an untold story that held a big part of his life that no one knew about....until now.
This is the story of 2 teenagers who are unaware of true love...until they meet one another...
                        This is the story of Danny Phantom in :
:iconart-princezz:art-princezz 8 10
Rajah by art-princezz Rajah :iconart-princezz:art-princezz 6 6 A Pleasant Surprise by art-princezz A Pleasant Surprise :iconart-princezz:art-princezz 10 16 What The.. by art-princezz What The.. :iconart-princezz:art-princezz 21 5 --ColorfulVersion-- by art-princezz --ColorfulVersion-- :iconart-princezz:art-princezz 7 4


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Danny and Star in their kaiju costumes
Hey, everybody!
Here's something I drew once again! This time it's Danny & Star in their Godzilla & Mothra costumes. I haven't seen the kaiju monster movies yet, but I'm planning to. Though so far thanks to DJ Rodriguez's crossover fanfics I'm getting more into monster movies and I even listen to their soundtracks from time to time. Mothra's theme song sang by the Twin Fairies got stuck in my head which makes me sometimes hum into its melody. 
Now about their costumes... it was quite a challenge for me, but it was worth a shot. At first I was afraid I wouldn't manage to draw Danny in his Godzilla costume, but surprisingly he doesn't look that bad, does he? In Star's case I wondered if I should draw her as one of the Twin Fairies or Mothra, but as the result I drew her cosplaying as Mothra. Unfortunately the oroginal pattern on her wings was too hard for me to draw, so I had to color them my own way, but close to one of the giant moth's incarnations.
I hope You guys enjoy this picture, because if You do, go ahead and fave & comment it! But if You don't, then please ignore it without rudely or vulgary comenting it! No hater, troll pr thief is welcome on my artwork! Thanks for Your attention and enjoy!

P. S.
I do NOT own Danny, Star or nwither of the kaijus they're cosplaying as because they belong to Butch Hartman and Toho Studio! However, the only thing I own is this drawing I made!
A late present for TheWhiteTitan
Hey, everyone!
I heard yesterday was TheWhiteTitan's birthday, but I didn't know about it. But being a little late with a gift like this doesn't hurt, right? Since I got fond of his DPxTT crossover fanfics, I was in dilema of whom to draw Danny with. I mean so far I like fanfics where Danny is paired up with Terra, Jinx, Starfire or even OC, but then I remembered 2 fanfics from the "Phantom Leader'' saga, so here is Danny with Starfire as You can see. If You're wondering why Starfire's clothes look different, it's because she's wearing her pj's I made for her.  
The scenario for this picture here goes like this: Danny was stargazing on TT's tower roof when Starfire joins him after having a nightmare or couldn't fall asleep. Danny comforts her and lets her join her at stargazing, After some talking they soon end up in a sweet, innocent embrace like this.
What happened afterwards, You guys can think of by Yourselves.;3
Now my words for TWT: I'm sorry I'm late with a present for You, but I hope You like it nonetheless. I wish You everything best for You. May all of Your dreams & passions come true! And remember this - You'll always have my support when it comes to fanfics, fanart and not only that. If You have requests or questions, go ahead and send them to me on PM on Fanfiction.Net or on a note here. This picture was specially draw fol all DannyxStarfire fans out there, but it dedicated for You. Thank You for giving me so much inspiration and passion for fanfics in general. You can do whatever You want with this picture, so go ahead and download it.

As for the rest of the viewers here, enjoy the picture! And remember  - no stealing, hating or trolling it! It's prohibited on my pictures! Don't like it, don't comment or view it! Thank You all for Your attention and enjoy!
I don't own Danny or Starfire because they belong to DC and Butch Hartman!
How Y' all doing? I'm doing fine, despite being busy with school, reading fanfics,practicing drawing  and still making my special collage set I'm working on for 2 years! I'm almost done with the last collages, but after this I'm gonna re-make 15 chosen episodes, so don't rush me and be patient. When I'm done, I'll upload it all on Tumblr.

Here's something for all the YouTubers who are both Disney/Non-Disney and "Sailor Moon'' fans and who are also on Fanfoction.Net.  You see, one friend and favorite author of mine owns a fantastic fanfic titled" "Sailor Disney Princess'', but now she uploaded an important poll on her profile which will show who should make another intros for her fanfic. Here's the link to her profile where You'll find everything:…. I'm only trying to help her!

Speaking of fanfics, I took another break from writing my "PPGZ'' and "DP'' fanfic, because I need to finish making the collage set first. I promise, I'll continue it all in the fiture! That's not all, though! I was wondering if I should write the one-shot fanfics on the Quotev, Wattpad or Fanfiction.Net. I have so many ideas for the chapters like: The adventures with clothing, species, eras, stuff like that. What do You think of this idea? If You have any interesting ideas or tips, I'd like to read them.

I have a surprise for every phan, too! It's true that today an option of watching and/or using the downloaded screencaps from our favorite movies, animes, etc, so here's a website decidated to "Danny Phantom'' episodes: dannyphantomscreencaps.weebly.…. Unfortunately, the 15th episode from season 1 isn't completed and it bothers me truly. Here's what I mean: dannyphantomscreencaps.weebly.…. I just hope the owner and creator of that site will complete it sooner or later. You can contact her not only on Weebly, but on Tumbrl, too: All we need right is a little patience.

And what else can I say/write here? Well, my scanner is still broken, but I'll try to fix it. When there's an occasion, I take photos of the various things and I'll upload them later, but not TOO late. I have one serious problem, while making characters on the games like this:…. How do You save the picture to later use it on e.g. Paint, Photoshop and things like it? I know, it sounds silly, but I'm serious. If You know how to do it, write a comment here. Thank You!

Everything is quite normal, but there's  always a place for art and adventure. ^u^ I think that's all for now. God bless You, guys!
  • Listening to: Various songs from the 2000's and 20th c.
  • Reading: Fanfics here and there
  • Watching: Animes and music videos
  • Playing: Dollmaker games online
  • Eating: Nothign unhealthy
  • Drinking: Water and tea with lemon, mint and honey


MarieAngel04's Profile Picture
Maria Magdalena Niewiadomska
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello, boys & girls!
I'm MarieAngel04, but my friends and family call me Maria?Marie, Mar Mary or Rie-Rie for short.
My birth date is the 3rd of April 1996.
I come from Poland, but in the future, I plan travel all over the world for amazing adventures and to visit all of my friends.
My dream is to be a voice actress and a singer. Though if it doesn't work, I can be a story writer and an artist instead. Maybe even the translator? We'll see. I also dream of marrying a guy who'll be one of a kind not only with the looks, but personality too. I'm aware it's hard to find Your soulmate these days, but You gotta try it anyway, still being careful though.

I love: nature, environment, animals, music, literature, theatre, filmography, art, video/computer/online games, cartoons, animes, books, fairy tales, voice acting, romance, mystery, comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, boys that are cute and nice, my family, friends, good people, electronics, technology, geography, history, ecology, school, English & Polish(also Japanese, though I don't speak it), every color in the world, boyish & girly things, swimming, cycling, walkng, hikes, basketball, bowling, golf, aerobics, love, justice, freedom, goodness, tolerance, equalism, happiness, undertsanding, cuisine, etc.

Why kind of art I put here on DA?
Depends, but it's mostly traditional fanart, collages and photos. I'm not sure f I should go back to using Photoshop again, but for now I don't mind the type of art I make these days. Besides I do all of this for fun and enterainment, because it's my hobby. I don't care about popularity anymore and I'm proud of that.

What do I want on DA and other sites?
- Make all of my dreams(and not only mine) come true
- Make true best friends forever and never loose them.
- Share all my passions, abilities, likes & dislikes with the world
- Make this world a better place by being on the right side and doing good deeds
- To always be myself
- To help everyone in need

If You have some questions , go ahead.

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