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Ask FNAF 52

By Marie-Mike
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I had to put it in the picture since some deviantart users didn't understand the box was closed.
let me explain something: I cant open it again until my compter is fixed,that means your questions
are not going in the box. sorry, this computer I have now cant collect the questions as the one I usually use.
so your questions you ask is not in the box.

anyway.... that's Perry.
Mangle Blinking 
Marco Is Amazed Emote they are so cute
countdown for the Fazbabies to grow up: 
Freddy 6 Chica 6 Bonnie 7
Mangle 5 Toy Chica 7 Teddy (toy Freddy) 6 toy Bonnie 7 BB 7 Marionette 6
Shadows 2
Foxy 12
springtrap 4
Golden 2

asked by: 

Five nights at Freddy's (c) Scott Cawthon 

drawing: me Foxy Emoticon Chasing - Five Nights at Freddy's 
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© 2015 - 2021 Marie-Mike
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OMG THAT IS SO ADORABLE!!! *head blows up from cuteness*
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Dear Freddy,
What do you think of your friends?
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Mangles purple for five questions
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Foxy & Bonnie: You Guys Are My Favorite!!!
(I Also Ship You Two :3) *Wink Wink*
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*poof* Foxy and Mangle aren't a baby's !! Now Foxy and Mangle can take care of rest fnaf gang
Foxy-a-good-fox's avatar
When Your computer will be repaired ??
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Bonnie and toy Bonnie can i get a hug?Bonnie huggles 
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oh my glob your all so cute! to puppet...who were your parents...infact alll of you. who are they
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POOF everyone is a fluffy cuddle person *at least 2 questions*
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okay foxy must stay with mangle until he is an adult (pls make it happen :D)
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toy bonnie: Can you meet baby bonnie plz
NeoXtriz2345's avatar
Toy chica do you like Goldie? sorry, my inglish is not good
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To the Animatronic. Hey every body I love y'all all hugs <3
Alexande23's avatar
For everybody how you feel if you were mass produced
PuffedMico's avatar
1.chica willu be my friend
2.foxy you like bonnie
.4 freddy your my least fav sos...
.5mangle I hate u idk why
thunderpup555's avatar
Foxy can you kiss bonnie
Foxy-the-plushe's avatar
Mangle: Poof Wizard Powers, I reconstructed you to your old Body ;) (Wink)
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for chica and foxy: how do u feel with me shipping u to :3?
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Bonbon: are you a girl but then you would be in ladies night but your not so...
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mangle. are you a boy? (cause phone guy told me you are a boy)
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Ask Fazbabies: Can we go shooping prety pleaseNOTICE ME SEMPAI (Rose Quartz Icon) Purple Guy Sad Icon 
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