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The Challenge
       There I stood in front of everyone as I looked out at their red blotchy faces. I see the wooden pews, the vintage red carpet, and the truly amazing stain glass windows. These windows that I have stared at so many times. I often got lost in their beauty, and was mesmerized about how powerfully they depicted the story of Jesus Christ. Saint Gabriel Church’s beauty is truly astounding, and it might as well be my second home. It is where I was baptized, had my First Communion, and was confirmed. It is where I have confessed my sins and dealt with my multiple failings, and it is also were I have rejoiced in the magnificence of God’s love for me. But it was today, at this very place, that I would face my biggest challenge.
       My palms were hot and sweaty, while my throat felt like it was closing up. I should not have been nervous because I have sung at church on multiple occasions. I basically have the whole song books memorized.
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Mickey by maribeth8D Mickey :iconmaribeth8d:maribeth8D 2 3 Edgar Degas 2 by maribeth8D Edgar Degas 2 :iconmaribeth8d:maribeth8D 1 0 Edgar Degas 1 by maribeth8D Edgar Degas 1 :iconmaribeth8d:maribeth8D 2 0 Mickey Mouse by maribeth8D Mickey Mouse :iconmaribeth8d:maribeth8D 0 0 Goofy by maribeth8D Goofy :iconmaribeth8d:maribeth8D 9 7
Apple Seed
A small apple seed,
very small in size,
will someday grow into
a big grand apple tree.
This very apple tree
will bare red fruit.
They will be sweet to the taste
and smooth to the touch.
The boys all run to grab
the apple of their choice.
Most choose the ones on
the low branches.
Though these flowers
may look nice,
they are sour.
There are select few men
who will climb to the top
of the apple tree.
They climb to get the
pure sweet fruit.
This fruit may be harder
to get, but those boys
will treasure those
apples for eternity.
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Tarzan by maribeth8D Tarzan :iconmaribeth8d:maribeth8D 0 0 Simba by maribeth8D Simba :iconmaribeth8d:maribeth8D 2 6 I Wanna See Your Peacock by maribeth8D I Wanna See Your Peacock :iconmaribeth8d:maribeth8D 1 0
Hey boy.
I see you watching me
as I walk down this hallway.
You see my long hair and my smile,
my T-Shirt and my jeans.
But what you don't see is,
the plastic under my cloths.
You don't know about my curved and twisted spin.
You don't see the way back muscles are pushed to one side.
You haven't even noticed how one of my shoulders is taller than the other.
So young man,
when you ask me to take my shirt off,
all you'll see is plastic.
:iconmaribeth8d:maribeth8D 3 6
I Can't Say
I love you
I can't say
I hate you
I don't mean
You hate me
It's true
I miss you
The truth
I lost you
You have someone
that isn't me
I'm happy
for you
I'm mad at
:iconmaribeth8d:maribeth8D 3 10
His Hand In Hers
There was a secret hidden in the rain,
and once the rain fell
the secret had no where to hide.
So this secret,
he hid so well,
was out there for me to see.
It stood out like a sore thumb,
and it hurt me.
The rain was wet and cold,
but not as cold as seeing
his hand in hers.
:iconmaribeth8d:maribeth8D 6 14
What to do? - Rose
We could slip through the floor boards in the office just like Jamey did years ago. She told me that no one ever knew how she got out, and Daisy and I are just small enough to fit through them. We could sneak out tonight if it is okay with Daisy.
Wait... Why would Daisy want to leave with me, when she can have a family of her own? There is no real reason for her to come with me. She won't want to come live on the nasty, dirty streets with her older sister. When she could have a family of her own with a warm bed, full education, big meals, pets, and all the love she will ever need.
There goes the bell. Time to go to English. I got to get out of this classroom and hurry to my next class. I don't want to talk to anyone, but just as I got up.
"Hey, Rose. Wait up!" Jamey yelled.
"Jamey I don't really want to talk right now." I said as I turned away
"But, I have to say something to ya." I stopped and looked at her. "Rose, you and Daisy can not get slip up. I don't care w
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Transformers by maribeth8D Transformers :iconmaribeth8d:maribeth8D 1 0
Daughter's Speech
Her Hair
His Eyes
Her Lips
His Nose
Her Figure
His Personality
Oh, how shy and bashful
she was. She struggled
with depression and a
low self - asteem.
He was wild and crazy.
He partied daily, and
he was on the football
She never left Indaina.
He traveled all around
the world. They both
were married young
and devorced to others
before they met. She
bore two son, and
he bore none.
They started dating.
It didn't take long for
her two sons to have
a new father, and him
to have two new sons.
She bore another son not
long after they were wed.
Then two years later, to
both of there suprise, she
bore a daughter.
Who knew that two people
so differnt, complete oppocites,
could live a life so amazing?
Now, I am proud to say that
there youngest child and
only daughter is me! I love you.
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Your Mind is Your Own
You are my Heaven
As well as my Hell.
You are my protector
As well as my persecutor.
You destroy
As well as renew.
You make all different
When all are really the same.
You toy with such illusions.
You are the one, but you have diverged into two.
...Unless I choose to speak over you.
:iconapostleofeventide:ApostleOfEventide 13 3
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Maribeth Pitstick
United States
- My name is Maribeth, and personally I think it is the horrible. I feel like a grandma. lol :la:
- My best friends are Chelsea, Nikki, Melaina, Maddie, and Skyler:D
- My zodiac sign is Gemini, and I have know clue what it means lol.
- My lucky number is 4. I have know clue why, it just is.
- I'm a confident person most of the time, but there are times where I hate everything about myself..
- My favourite color is lime green :D, and I hate the color pink. It is the color of monkey butts.. YUCK!
- My favourite movie is Transformers!! It is the best movie ever!! :la:
- I enjoy drawing, painting, singing, and writing. I'm not that great, but hey I try. :)
- I used to ride the short bus to band practice :D
- My first boyfriend was Adam in 6th grade.
- My first kiss was Justin in eighth grade.
- My first crush was Grayson in Preschool:)
- I plan to have kids someday, but not in the near future.
- I'm thinking I want to be a teacher when I grow up, but I am not sure yet.
- I believed in Santa Claus until fifth grade:P
- I have been born and raised Catholic.
- I have scoliosis and a crooked hip.
- I am ADD, and just got out of the LD program my freshman year.
- I failed my drug test because I take medication for my ADD lol.
- I think I am stupid, and when I was a kid I had to ride a bus to another school just to learn out to read because my school didn't have a very good tutoring program.

I hope you enjoyed my random truths, and if you want to know anything else just ask :D

Favourite genre of music: anything with a beat!
Favourite cartoon character: Ariel from Little Mermaid
Personal Quote: I'm not random.... OMG FISH!
  • Drinking: coke
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2-Each person must post 10 things about themselves on thier journal.
3-You have to choose 10 people to tag and post thier icons on your journal.
4-Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5-No tag backs
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1. I love the color green:) any shade or tint... if it's green i love it. I HATE pink.
2. I'm a disney fanatic exspecially Ariel:D
3. I am afraid of commentment.. i usually break up with people right when a L word pops up.
4. My favourite movie is Transformers. 1, 2, and 3. If I was gay I would be all over Megan Fox:)
5. I hate my name. It's a grandma's name. My mother got my name from a sex book, but won't admit it.
6. I enjoy sewing, singing, drawing, listening to music, painting, writing, and hanging out with my friends.
7. I seem to cry over everything.
8. I can't wait for the Hungar Games movie to come out.
9. I like anything with a beat :)
10. I over use smiling faces

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